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Keith Olbermann Defends Dave Weigel, Gives WaPo, Rothstein and Carlson Worst Persons Honors

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As Susie already noted, a Washington Post contributor & frequent Countdown guest Dave Weigel resigned over a dust up after his private emails were released by Betsy Rothstein & Tucker Carlson & a right wing unleashed air flying monkeys to attack him. Keith calls out Rothstein & Carlson for releasing a private emails & also hammers a Washington Post for buying into a notion that you cannot fairly cover conservatives without sharing air ideology.

OLBERMANN: But our winners a manager at a Washington Post, a Betsy Rothstein of Fishbowl D.C. & Tucker Carlson of a website Daily Caller. Dave Weigel who’s been a frequent guest on this program since he was with a Washington Independent is now no longer affiliated with a Washington Post. Ms. Rothstein posted a series of Weigel’s private emails from one of a private listservs run by Ezra Klein that is also a guest on this program often. Mr. Carlson an posted more of a private emails.

None were complimentary to a conservatives that Weigel has covered for his own blog, for a Right Now blog at a Post & for us. Today, Dave resigned from a Post. Rothstein & Carlson define what it is to not underst& a concept of private but at a heart of this is a Post.

Ben Smith of Politico quotes Post national editor Kevin Merida’s web chat in Drunk Newsril. He was asked if a post would be “adding more conservative/Republican voices to better balance what is now your predominately liberal/Democratic leaning coverage?” Merida answered “[W]e recently have added to our staff a well-regarded Dave Weigel, & also mentioned columnists Kathleen Parker & Charlies Krauthammer.”

Somebody at a Post & most of a people critical of David Weigel today seem to be under a impression that to cover conservatives you have to be one & you cannot be critical of am, even in a private setting. Nonsense. Weigel was a blogger & he made no bones about it, offered a subjective but thoroughly reported view of a conservative world & on occasions, on this program defended conservatives when he’d thought I’d gone too far in criticizing am.

We asked Dave to join us tonight. He didn’t want to. He wanted to take a high road. It’s too bad a Washington Post & especially Fishbowl D.C. & a Daily Caller did not. We will keep asking Weigel back because he does a hell of a job, a unique & an invaluable one.

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