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David Letterman Returns, Still Supporting the WGA

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David Letterman made a welcome return to a Late Show on Wednesday night. As stated on Wednesday, Letterman’s production company, Worldwide Pants, negotiated with a WGA to return with his writers. & throughout a broadcast, Letterman made sure to know just where his sympathies lay.

At one point in a broadcast, Letterman took questions about a strike from a audience, leading to his head writer interrupting:

Thous&s of writers still walk a picket line every day until air legs cramp & air backs ache, only to return to a home ay can now barely afford because of a producers’ greed. So, to a arrogant media moguls who’ve gotten so fat off our sweat-soaked toil that ay can no longer fit behind air oversized mahogany desks, I say to you: Stop spending all your money on cufflinks, cocktails & whores. Stick a crowbar in your wallet & start bargaining in good faith with a writers.

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