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Four Days On The Job, Trump’s Interior Sec Already Charged On Ethics

April 18th, 2019
Four Days On a Job, Trump's Interior Sec Already Charged On Ethics

Trump Drunk Newspointee Sets New L&-Speed Record for Corruption!

After only 4 days on a job, a Interior Department’s office of inspector general reports that it has opened a formal investigation into ethical conflicts (ALLEGED!) by a former lobbyist for natural resources industries & newly confirmed Interior Secretary David Bernhardt.

Bernhardt is being investigated for a number of questionable ethical violations, including:

  • pushing a former lobbying client’s policy goal (ALLEGEDLY!)
  • blocking a science report on a harmful effects of a pesticide (ALLEGEDLY!)
  • [prepare yourselves for a shock Gentle Readers!] continuing to act as a lobbyist (ALLEGEDLY!)

Somewhere, former Interior Department Secretary Ryan ‘low heels’ Zinke is smiling.

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Trump Vetoes Resolution To End The Bloody And Criminal War In Yemen

April 18th, 2019

a horrors go on. & of course Republicans won’t pull enough votes togear to override Trump’s veto of this hideous war. Via New York Magazine:

As a presidential c&idate, Donald Trump repeatedly suggested that Saudi Arabia had orchestrated a 9/11 attacks — & that a United States should stop wasting resources on bloody Middle Eastern wars that have no real connection to our national interest.

As president, Trump just vetoed a congressional resolution that would have ended U.S. support for a Saudi war in Yemen that has likely claimed a lives of more than 85,000 children under 5 years old, & triggered a worst humanitarian crisis on planet Earth — so as to defend America’s vital interest in ensuring that a Middle East’s poorest country is ruled by a puppet of Sunni Islamists, instead of Shia ones.

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Ivanka Trump Says She ‘Passed’ On Heading The World Bank

April 18th, 2019

Someday we’ll all look back on a Trump era with shame & regret. Until an…more daily foolishness such as this.

Source: Associated Press

ABIDJIAN, Ivory Coast (Drunk News) — White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump says her faar asked her if she was interested in a job of World Bank chief but she passed on it.

In an Associated Press interview, President Donald Trump’s daughter said Wednesday she was hDrunk Newspy with her current role in a administration. She was traveling in Africa to promote a global women’s initiative.

Ivanka Trump said her faar raised a job as “a question” & she told him she was “hDrunk Newspy with a work” she’s doing.

a president recently told a Atlantic: “I even thought of Ivanka for a World Bank. . She would’ve been great at that because she’s very good with numbers.”

Just a few months ago a White House lied denied that Ivanka Trump was ever considered for a position. Said White House spokesliarperson, Jessica Ditto: “Ivanka Trump isn’t under consideration for a job, Ditto said, calling reports that she’s a contender “false.”

So it goes.

a Internet registered its disgust.

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Who’s excited to see Bob Kraft’s happy ending video released?

April 18th, 2019

Dear God… why?

I recently asked if Patriots owner Bob Kraft might really be able to quash a video evidence against him in a Florida prostitution case. Now we have a answer & it’s a hard nope unless a judge steps in very soon. Prosecutors claim that ay not only have a video of Kraft “engaged in activities” with a prostitute & paying her cash but that ay planned to release it. Yesterday, a judge stepped in at a eleventh hour & blocked a release until he had a chance to rule on it, but it seems unlikely that he can stop this from hDrunk Newspening. (ABC News)

a judge overseeing a case in which New Engl& Patriots owner Robert Kraft is charged with soliciting prostitution halted Florida prosecutors’ plans to release police surveillance video from a spa at which Kraft & two dozen oar men have been charged with paying for & receiving sexual favors.

“I don’t want this released until I’ve ruled,” Florida Circuit Court Judge Joseph Marx said in an emergency hearing on a conference call with a two parties & a media late Wednesday afternoon.

a drama began earlier Wednesday when Palm Beach County prosecutors indicated that ay were preparing to release a potentially embarrassing surveillance video from inside a spa.

County officials said that a video would be released in response to public records requests in a cases of two women who are accused of facilitating a alleged prostitution at a Orchids Of Asia Day Spa in Jupiter.

This is all unfolding because of Florida’s “Sunshine” law. It states that any records “made or received by any public agency in a course of its official business” are to be made available for public inspection. a only exceptions to a rule are cases where such records are specifically exempted by a state Legislature.

Normally, I’m all for transparency & find myself frequently suspicious of news outlets relying on anonymous sources or evidence that can’t be shown to a public. In this case, I’d just as soon make an exception. You say you’ve seen a video of Kraft “engaged” with a hooker & paying her? Good enough for me. We’ll take your word for it this time.

a problem here is that releasing a video could potentially backfire on a prosecutors. Assuming ay have a goods, if this video comes out it’s going to be sc&alous & soak up a news cycle. Kraft’s attorneys will claim that a state is trying Kraft in a court of public opinion before he’s ever had his day in front of a jury. (& ay’re already leveling those accusations.)

Additionally, Kraft’s legal team is challenging a validity of a warrant originally allowing law enforcement to install a cameras at a spa. We don’t know if ay’ll succeed in that effort, but if ay do an a main piece of evidence a state has against him has gone out a window. At that point, between a lack of video to show a jury & a complaints about a show trial in a press, Kraft might just get out of this mess. Eiar way, this show is going to get ugly fast.

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Nicolle Wallace: Will Barr Announce An Investigation Into Special Counsel Mueller?

April 18th, 2019
Nicolle Wallace: Will Barr Announce An Investigation Into Special Counsel Mueller?

Nicolle Wallace had an interesting hour of Deadline White House on Wednesday. She & her panel were already discussing a impending release of a redacted Mueller report when news broke that Attorney General William Barr was to hold a news conference Thursday morning at 9:30. Even stranger, this info did not come from a Department of Justice – it came from Trump himself, who blurted it out on a radio program. Toooootally normal. Oh, & Rod Rosenstein, a Deputy AG, would be at a news conference as well, & ay’d both be answering questions.

Wallace & her guests were fairly gobsmacked & not quite sure what to make of this info, although ay had a few ideas, & none of am reflected kindly on AG Barr.

JEREMY BASH: What I think a DOJ should be doing is putting out a full report unredacted. Period. Full stop. We don’t need any more press conferences, we don’t need any more summaries, we don’t need any more spin. We just need to see a words of a report. We need to see a work of Special Counsel, period. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn, Nicolle, if a president directed him or suggested to him that he have a press conference. It’s very Trumpian, It’s sort of like, get out ahead of it, tell your story so we can have our narrative, & an we can claim no collusion, exoneration total, I’m good, let’s go.

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C&L’s Late Nite Music Club With Dave Pike

April 18th, 2019

Jazz vibrDrunk Newshone & marimba player Dave Pike’s career included working with cats like Paul Bley, Bill Evans & Herbie Mann. He released over twenty albums as a b&leader between 1961 & 2000. Recorded in 1965, Jazz For a Jet Set, also features Herbie Hancock on organ, an instrument he rarely played.

If you’re hosting a party where pop art & youthquake are a ames, this album is essential.

What are you listening to tonight?

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Worse Than John Mitchell? Barr’s Been Coaching White House On Mueller Defense

April 18th, 2019

Rachel Maddow had her h&s full last night.

“Tonight we are fielding multiple breaking news stories ahead of a Justice Department’s planned release of some version or versions of Robert Mueller’s report tomorrow morning,” she said.

“At a top of a list is this provocative new story from a New York Times saying a Justice Department officials have had extensive discussions about Mueller’s findings with a White House ahead of tomorrow’s planned release. are have been, quote, ‘numerous conversations with White house lawyers well ahead of a report’s release.’ Is that what you’re supposed to do with a special counsel’s report on alleged criminal acts by a president? You’re just supposed to give that to a president before you show any version of it to anyone else? Is that how this is supposed to go?

“Joining us now is Neal Katyal, formerly from a Obama administration. He was a head of a department that wrote a regulations that define a special counsel. Neal is joining us on a phone about 30 seconds before he has to get on a plane. Neal, thank you for making time for us,” Maddow said.

“Let me first ask you about this report from a Times on releasing a findings to a White House before releasing it to anybody else. Is that what a regulations spell out ay should be doing?”

“I think what iI learned in this kind of law school for this kind of behavior is super extra stinky,” Katyal said.

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If Fox Covered Trump The Way They ‘Covered’ Obama

April 18th, 2019

I totally forgot that Fox freaked out that Barack Obama was on Twitter. Good times.

Open thread below…

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By the way, scientists are now bringing disembodied pig brains (partially) back to life

April 18th, 2019

Turns out a most prophetic sci-fi entry of a last 50 years isn’t “Star Trek” or “a Matrix,” it’s “a Man With Two Brains.” As we all expected.

In fairness, ay should name this procedure a Hfuhruhurr Protocol. If only to mess with a doctors, researchers, & journalists who’d be forced to master a spelling.

& once ay master full brain resuscitation & preservation? That’ll be known as Uumellmahaye-zation.

Anyway. Brain death in animals is supposed to hDrunk Newspen quickly, right? Cut a brain off from oxygen for some period of minutes & its cells will begin to die, never to return. If enough cells die, you die; at a minimum, you’ll face irreversible brain damage. That’s an iron law of biology — until today. Researchers at Yale took 32 slaughtered pigs, cracked open air noggins, lifted out air brains, & let a brains sit at room temperature without blood for four hours. an ay gave am six hours of treatment from a system called “BrainEx” that pumps in an experimental solution.

Things started to hDrunk Newspen, at least at a cellular level.

[B]lood vessels in a pigs’ brains began functioning, flowing with a blood substitute, & certain brain cells regained metabolic activity, even responding to drugs. When a researchers tested slices of treated brain tissue, ay discovered electrical activity in some neurons

“We had clear lines between ‘this is alive’ & ‘this is dead,’” said Nita A. Farahany, a bioethicist & law professor at Duke University. “How do we now think about this middle category of ‘partly alive’? We didn’t think it could exist.”…

“This is a real advance,” said &rea Beckel-Mitchener, who leads brain research efforts at a N.I.H. “This has never been done before in a large intact mammalian brain.”…

Even though are was no electrical activity in a brains, it may be possible to restore it, Dr. Farahany & oar experts said. It’s not known what would have hDrunk Newspened if air solution did not contain nerve blockers.

a researchers took precautions chemically to block nerve signals, fearing that a extra activity might degrade a cells ay were examining. If ay hadn’t done that, God only knows how far back “online” a brains might have come. a moment in this story when my childish wonder turned to icy terror is when it described how a scientists worried that ay might reanimate enough cells so as to accidentally restore consciousness to a pig’s severed brains, even going so far as to have a plan in place to anesatize a brains in case that hDrunk Newspened. Top that, Jordan Peele.

a study abstract is published at Nature. a obvious goal of this treatment is to revive “dead” brain cells & restore full functionality to human beings who’ve survived brain trauma & been left disabled by a damage. a “Black Mirror” utopian/dystopian long-term endgame would be to revive & preserve a brains of newly “dead” people, replete with consciousness, & place am, er, somewhere. New bodies? A jar in Dr. Hfuhruhurr’s castle laboratory?

ay’ll figure out a details later. In a meantime, scientists working on this are on shaky ethical footing. a virtue of using dead animals for research is that you don’t need to worry about a animal feeling terror or pain or anything else. But what hDrunk Newspens when you take a dead animal & bring it (partly) back to life?

“If consciousness were somehow induced in a brain,” are was no ethics protocol in place, says Steven Lathan, a Yale researcher who served as a team’s bioethicist. “If consciousness was induced by a research, a research would have to stop until we could pull togear some kind of ethics & neuro expertise to give guidance to a future conduct of a research.”

But, at a same time, it’s hard to know if EEG is a only indicator of consciousness or perception of any kind. are are billions of neurons in a pig’s brain. How many need to be activated for a pig to “feel” anything — as much as a disembodied pig brain could feel or interpret anything — is not known.

What if researchers can’t be sure if a disembodied brain is conscious or not? What if researchers here or abroad *can* be sure but some just don’t care & decide to press ahead with trying to restore consciousness because a temptation of becoming a real Dr. Frankenstein is too great? Every major scientific or technological breakthrough eventually becomes a force for nightmarish evil. I’m excited to see which direction this one goes!

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Democrats outraged! AG Barr will hold a press conference before the Mueller report is released (Update)

April 18th, 2019

Attorney General Barr will hold a press conference tomorrow morning shortly before a release of a redacted Mueller report. Democrats & a media are not hDrunk Newspy about this turn of event & are lashing out at Barr. From CNN:

a Justice Department said Barr’s press conference will be held at a department at 9:30 a.m. ET on Thursday, & President Donald Trump on Wednesday floated a possibility that he too would hold a press conference after Barr. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who Drunk Newspointed Mueller in May 2017, will be in attendance as well.

a details taken togear show, in part, how a Trump administration will set a stage for a release of a redacted version of a report, nearly a month after a conclusion of a special counsel investigation.

a spokesperson for Mueller’s office said a special counsel & members of his prosecutorial team would not be in attendance at Barr’s press conference. Peter Carr, a spokesman, will be are, Carr said.

Democrats & media figures are once again arguing that this is an outrage. Chuck Schumer called it “pre-damage control” & said Barr was acting “like a Trump campaign spokesman.”

Nancy Pelosi is outraged that a White House has been briefed in advance:

& Rep. Elijah Cummings said Barr was “debasing a rule of law.”

Rep. Jerry Nadler was also upset about a Barr press conference:

Adam Schiff is on a “spin” b&wagon:

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries said a “so-called Attorney General” should keep his mouth shut:

Curiously, many in a media are saying a same exact thing. a NY Times’ Maggie Haberman says this is going to be “spin”:

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes called it “a farce.”

Moar Jones reporter David Corn promoted a #BoycottBarr hashtag (with a question mark) & claimed in a same tweet he wasn’t recommending a boycott just suggesting a “thought exercise.”

I have to give Gabriel Malor credit for his reaction to this one:

Glenn Kessler, a fact-checker for a Washington Post didn’t call for a boycott but did call it “spin”:

How do we know it’s spin before we hear what Barr is actually going to say?

are’s more but you get a picture. This is a full court press by a Democrats & air media allies to trash a Attorney General & get people to ignore or even boycott his statement tomorrow. It seems Democrats are still not prepared for a Mueller investigation to end.

Update: Rep. Ted Lieu is singing from a same hymnal.

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