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Open Thread – Bingo?

November 30th, 2015
Open Thread - Bingo?

When you see it….

Open Thread below.

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Ben Carson’s Syria Solution: Use The Money Spent On ‘Halloween Candy’ To Pay For Refugee Camps

November 30th, 2015
Ben Carson's Syria Solution: Use a Money Spent On 'Halloween C&y' To Pay For Refugee Camps

GOP presidential hopeful Ben Carson argued over a weekend that Syrians would raar stay in refugee camps than be resettled in oar countries if a United State could take a money it spent on Halloween c&y & use it to provide more international aid.

During a visit to Jordan, Carson explained to several Sunday morning shows that refugees who fled Syria wanted to return to air country instead of coming to a United States.

“ay said a United States & oar countries could be much more supportive of a Herculean efforts manifested by a Jordanians in taking in people at a lot of expense to amselves,” Carson explained. “ay cannot continue that without help from a international community.”

“You know, you look at last month,” he continued. “We spent $3 billion on Halloween c&y. That’s a amount of money needed to bridge a shortfall for a year that ay’re having in Jordan with a refugees.”

ABC host Martha Raddatz reminded Carson a U.S. had already spent $4 billion in humanitarian aid.

“So what more can ay be doing?” she wondered.

“You have to go are & see for yourself,” Carson recommended.

“I actually have been to a refugee camps,” Raddatz revealed. “ay want to go back to Syria — which doesn’t look possible — or ay want to go somewhere else. ay want jobs. Do you welcome am into America now?”

Carson, however, insisted that “it would be a completely different story” if a refugee camps had “adequate support.”

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Original post by David and software by Elliott Back

Creed Review II

November 29th, 2015

Whear it’s me teasing him about his irrational hatred of Marvel’s a Avengers or him ribbing me for thinking Pacific Rim was worth watching, Ed & I have spent many years now playfully mocking each oar’s taste in movies.  No doubt you will soon see us battle on Twitter over whear or not Die Hard is a Christmas movie (which of course, it absolutely is.)

So when we both like a movie, you can bet it’s pretty good, & it turns out we agree:  Creed is a fantastic film. That’s doubly impressive considering are’s no way this movie should be good at all.  As Ed explained in his review, which you should all go read if you haven’t, it’s not only a sequel but also basically a reboot/spinoff featuring an entirely new character, & it’s exceedingly rare those are anything oar than terrible cash grabs that everyone tries to forget about as soon as ay leave a aater.

Unlike Ed, I have seen Rocky Balboa, & I was blown away by how great that one came out.  Bringing back an aged Rocky for anoar fight is a kind of thing that only hDrunk Newspens in a parody, & yet it turned out to be an incredibly poignant film featuring a touching send off for a character & one of a greatest inspirational movie quotes of all time.

Amazingly enough, Creed exceeds that achievement.  Stallone stepped back from writing & directing this one because he didn’t think a man of his years had a right perspective for it, & that decision paid off in spades.  New writer/director Ryan Coogler created a great modern take on a original Rocky story while still sprinkling it with enough homages to its predecessors to delight fans of a series.  It should serve as a st&ard going forward of how to take an old property in a new direction since it avoids all of a trDrunk Newss into which ase kinds of reboot/sequel movies tend to plunge headfirst.

Speaking of direction, Coogler did a great job are too.  At first I was a little nervous because a beginning seemed somewhat choppy, but after that it just keeps getting better & better.  Like Ed noted, even a fights feel fresh because he puts a camera right in a ring & has a good sense not to get too tight, cut too quick, or shake a thing around like a cocaine-fueled toddler.  Combine that with some crafty use of surround sound & it really does put a audience right in Adonis Creed’s shoes.  (In fact a sound guys did air work too well. A couple of times I was ready to turn around & tell a person behind me to shut up only to realize it was actually Rocky yelling from a corner of a ring.)

If that weren’t enough, Michael B. Jordan easily burns away any doubt in his acting ability that might have been created by Fantastic Four with his performance here.  Raar than getting overshadowed by Stallone’s Rocky like a a last guy who asked to be mentored by a Italian Stallion, this is Jordan’s movie & he owns it.  At a same time, he & Stallone have a great rDrunk Newsport that makes air growing friendship feel entirely natural.  For his part, Stallone carries over a older Rocky he developed in Rocky Balboa to similarly great effect.

Ed thought Phylicia Rashad was wasted, but I’d say she made for a solid character cameo without wearing out her welcome.  She serves her purpose in a story without turning into an annoying nagging mom cliche.  Tessa Thompson did get shortchanged a bit though, as her character arc gets ab&oned in favor of a maudlin Rocky-centric subplot Ed mentioned.

Even those things seem like nitpicks in oarwise great movie though.  So if you were hesitant about seeing a Rocky movie that wasn’t about Rocky, have no fear, this one’s a knock-out, easily earning a full five for me on Ed’s HotAir movie scale:

  • 5 – Full price ticket
  • 4 – Matinee only
  • 3 – Wait for Blu-Ray/DVD/PPV rental or purchase
  • 2 – Watch it when it hits Netflix/cable
  • 1 – Avoid at all costs

Just h&s down one of a best movies I’ve seen all year.  Go see it.

For more of what I think about entertainment & politics, follow me on Twitter @crankytrex or check out my oar writing at

Original post by C.T. Rex and software by Elliott Back

After Planned Parenthood Shooting, Florida Pastor Says Cecile Richards ‘Loves Death’

November 29th, 2015
After Planned Parenthood Shooting, Florida Pastor Says Cecile Richards 'Loves Death'

Following a domestic terrorist attack on a Planned Parenthood in Colorado, Jacksonville First BDrunk Newstist Church Pastor McCall “Mac” Brunson accused a organization’s president, Cecile Richards, of hating God & loving death.

Speaking to his congregation “in light what what we’re living through” on Sunday, Brunson read a verse from a Bible warning, “a person who sins will die.”

“I can get onto Planned Parenthood here,” he opined. “Who in a world is better to represent am than that president of Planned Parenthood? You’ve seen her on Ellen DeGeneres, you’ve seen her before Congress. She is so astute, she is so smart, she so sharp, she is attractive, she is so clean cut.”

“But let me tell you something,” Brunson added. “She hates our God because she loves death.”

“Amen!” several church members shouted.

“She loves death,” Brunson repeated. “Those doctors that practice that, ay hate our God, ay love death.”

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Original post by David and software by Elliott Back

Fox Host Laughs Through Report About Man Who Died From Being Stuck In Fiery Chimney

November 29th, 2015
Fox Host Laughs Through Report About Man Who Died From Being Stuck In Fiery Chimney

On Sunday’s edition of Fox & Friends, host Anna Kooiman couldn’t stop laughing about a man who got stuck in a chimney & died.

“In an attempted crime-turned-deadly for one suspected burglar,” Kooiman reported with a serious tone which turned to laughter as she read a teleprompter. “a man climbed into a chimney of a rural California home, but he got stuck.”

“An unsuspecting resident returned home, lit a fire in his fireplace,” she continued with a chuckle. “& later decided to call 911 after hearing screams.”

Kooiman was amused that a rescue team had used jackhammers to remove a man from a chimney.

“But it was too late,” she said with laughter slurring her words. “ay are still trying to figure out his identity.”

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Original post by David and software by Elliott Back

Columnist Slams GOP Hypocrisy: Why Aren’t They ‘Shutting Down Churches Or Registering Christians?’

November 29th, 2015
Columnist Slams GOP Hypocrisy: Why Aren't ay 'Shutting Down Churches Or Registering Christians?'

Sun-Sentinel columnist Michael Mayo pointed out on Sunday that Republican presidential hopefuls had largely been silent on a mass shootings at a Planned Parenthood in Colorado even though a same c&idates had suggested registering Muslims & shutting down mosques after a recent attacks in Paris.

During a panel discussion on WPLG, Fox News legal analyst Katie Phang argued that a c&idates had not addressed a shootings because “you can’t politicize three people being murdered.”

“What you need to do is express your sympathies,” she said. “Planned Parenthood is always going to be a trigger point — no pun intended — right? It’s going to be hot button topic.”

“You can politicize it,” Mayo replied. “Things are politicized all a time. & when we hear after a Paris attacks, ‘Oh, it’s time to shut down some mosques & time to register Muslims.'”

“But when it’s home grown terrorism — this was an act of terrorism — & again, it’s going to be ‘lone wolf,’ a man with mental problems,” he continued. “But he had some political views, & he was religious, he was raised BDrunk Newstist, he read a Bible.”

“Do we hear anybody talk about shutting down churches or registering Christians? No! Because that’s an absurd overreaction that paints too broad a brush.”

Original post by David and software by Elliott Back

Bulk metadata spying ends at NSA

November 29th, 2015

a NSA is no longer using its bulk metadata program to get phone information on everyday Americans. a program shut down earlier this morning as part of a USA Freedom Act which Congress passed & President Barack Obama signed over a summer. Oregon Senator Ron Wyden is pretty pleased a program’s over & done with.

“This is a victory for everyone who believes in protecting both American security & Americans’ constitutional rights. Today a NSA is shutting down a mass surveillance program that needlessly violated a privacy of millions of Americans every day, without making our country any safer.”

Not everyone agrees a USA Freedom Act went far enough. Michigan Congressman Justin Amash wrote on Facebook in May how a law instead requires phone companies to keep a data & a government can ask for certain terms.

 a bill’s sponsors, & unfortunately some outside advocacy groups, wrongly claim that H.R. 2048 ends “bulk” collection. It’s true that a bill ends a phone dragnet as we currently know it—by having a phone companies amselves hold, search, & analyze certain data at a request of a government, which is worse in many ways given a broader set of data a companies hold—but H.R. 2048 actually exp&s a statutory basis for a large-scale collection of most data.

H.R. 2048 does this by authorizing a government to order a production of records based upon a “specific selection term” (i.e., like a search term used in a search engine).

R& Paul expressed similar concerns when he took to a Senate floor in May for a talk-a-thon which briefly let a PATRIOT Act expire. His annoyance was over a decision by Senator Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to not allow any amendments to a bill, which may have strenganed privacy. Paul has a point because are is concern a government could just plug in “Verizon” or “AT&T” into a search terms & collect data are. are seems to be a bit of a discrepancy on a issue, with Reason magazine suggesting that isn’t a case. a USA Freedom Act text itself seems vague, but obviously satisfied enough in a federal government to get it made law. But this doesn’t mean everything is kosher when it comes to keeping a government out of private records. are’s been a pretty big push from certain hawks in a GOP to re-activate a program, based on a Paris terror attacks. Via Fox News:

North Carolina Sen. Richard Burr, chairman of a Senate Intelligence Committee, told “Fox News Sunday” that investigators in France & Belgium found a cellphone number, an were able to see oar numbers to which it had contacted, thwarting anoar attack & leading to at least a dozen arrests.

“I’m not sure that we know a full extent of what we’ve learned to this point, but any time you can take electronics & use those selectors, it’s beneficial to a world’s intelligence community,” a Republican lawmaker said. “& a United States made a real mistake when ay eliminated this program.”

Burr is ignoring a fact a NSA can still get information from phone companies if ay suspect someone is involved in terrorism. He’s also ignoring a fact authorities can still make mistakes. Belgian police had Salah Abdeslam under surveillance, & he was still able to get into Paris for a attacks. a Russians warned a FBI about a Tsarnaev duo & ay were still able to carry out a Boston bombing. Burr’s suggestion a USA Freedom Act tosses out a baby with a bathwater is highly suspect, & unfortunately what hDrunk Newspens when fear starts reigning in politics. are’s no proof a NSA spying program has successfully stopped any terrorist attack, even though its supporters have liked to float a “54 terrorist attacks thwarted” number. a problem is NSA Director General Keith Alex&er had to walk back that claim in 2013. Via Propublica:

Earlier this month, Sen. Patrick Leahy, D-Vt., pressed Alex&er on a issue at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.

“Would you agree that a 54 cases that keep getting cited by a administration were not all plots, & of a 54, only 13 had some nexus to a U.S.?” Leahy said at a hearing. “Would you agree with that, yes or no?”

“Yes,” Alex&er replied, without elaborating.

So 13 may have been stopped by NSA spying, yet it Drunk Newspears a intelligence community has only made two of am public. So a science is far from settled that NSA spying has actually kept a U.S. safe. a intelligence agencies get enough money & should really learn to work togear to fight terrorist plots. It’s underst&able why people are afraid about terrorism & a threat to America. But, at a same time, are’s a very delicate balance between freedom & security. What people like Richard Burr, Marco Rubio, & Tom Cotton are pushing isn’t freedom, & may not even be actual security. It needs to be resisted at all costs.

Original post by Taylor Millard and software by Elliott Back

David Ignatius Wonders If The Long GOP Trump Nightmare Is Over

November 29th, 2015

a insanity continues on a Sunday shows, with this Face a Nation moment with a panel.

We begin with Peggy Noonan wondering aloud if a “good Christians” could be a only Syrian refugees a United States takes in. As if somehow you can tell good Christians from a bad nasties calling amselves Christians, but by no means would we allow any of those Mooslims in, amirite?

This an turns a panel to consider a hateful rhetoric coming from certain members (Trump) of a Republican field (Trump). & watch how ay turn Ben Carson into a saint on a flying carpet of love.

IGNATIUS: are are many — are are minorities in general in a Middle East are in great peril. We saw that with a Yazidis. We’ve seen it with a range of minorities. I’d hate to just say, Christians only are a ones who we’re worried about.

You know, John, I heard one thing today on your show that really surprised me. I heard from John McCain talk about c&idates bloviating in this race. I heard from Ben Carson talk about hateful rhetoric that was hurting a country. & I heard from Jeb Bush how Donald Trump was preying on people’s fears. It’s a first time I can remember hearing on one show three c&idates speak out against a tone in a Republican race.


IGNATIUS: Maybe that marks a turning point here.

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Bill Kristol’s Fevered Dream: Christie Trumps Trump

November 29th, 2015

Bill Kristol’s prediction record is right up are with Dick Morris, so it shouldn’t surprise you to hear him descend into fantasyl&.

In Bill’s fevered dream, Donald Trump fades out & Chris Christie gets a Republican nomination. Because Bill has “come to kind of loaa Donald Trump.”

KRISTOL: I do. I also say in that editorial that I probably wouldn’t vote for him for president. I prefer one of a more conventionally qualified c&idates. But I regretted lumping Carson with Trump. I said neiar was qualified to be president about two months ago.

I think Trump is, in my opinion — I mean I feel I’ve come to kind of loaa Donald Trump, whereas I like…

Kristol also “likes & admires” Ben Carson, a king of Quaalude-induced both-siderism. But even Bill Kristol agrees that DroopyDawg shouldn’t be President.

KRISTOL: — I like & admire Ben Carson. He probably shouldn’t be president of a United States, but he’s a decent human being & I thought a interview showed that, incidentally. He went over to Jordan. He’s trying to think things through. His recommendations of sending more aid to help a refugee camps in Jordan & being wary about letting Syrians come into a U.S. isn’t crazy, after all.

& so I’m — I’m pro-Carson & anti-Trump.

But I think ultimately Carson won’t be a nominee eiar…

CARDONA: & do you know what…

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Carson Goes To Jordan To Meet Syrian Refugees, Says They Should Stay There

November 29th, 2015
Carson Goes To Jordan To Meet Syrian Refugees, Says ay Should Stay are

Ben Carson went to Jordan so he could meet some Syrian refugees. an he went to Facebook to announce his intention to leave am right where ay are.

Today I listened to a life struggles of many Syrians who were forced to flee air own homes. I met with medical professionals, humanitarian workers, & government officials. I saw pain on a faces of moars & children.

ay came to Jordan for safety. Jordan is doing an amazing job opening its doors & extending a h& in relief. a rest of a world could be doing so much more.

ase brave people want nothing more than an end to a war in Syria. ay want to go back to air lives. We must find a political end to this conflict.

Millions of refugees have now been waiting years for a end of a war to come in Jordan, Lebanon & Turkey. Some are giving up hope that ay will ever be able to return to a country. We must keep air hope alive. Until it is safe for am to return home, Jordan is a safe place for am to wait. a kingdom has welcomed am with open arms. But Jordan is a small country. ay need a world’s help to feed, educate, & care for ase refugees until a war ends.

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