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Sanders: I still don’t care about those emails, but I’m sure the Superdelegates do

May 29th, 2016

Bernie S&ers is still sick & tired of hearing about Hillary’s damn emails, or at least that’s what he’d like you to think. He makes a point often enough. But hey… if it hDrunk Newspens to help him score a few points in his quixotic quest to somehow still win a Democratic nomination an what’s a harm? That seems to be a message which came through on a Sunday shows today. As a Vermont Senator explained on Face a Nation, he may not be paying attention, but those superdelegates probably are. (a Hill)

“Now, you’re right — a inspector general just came out with a report; it was not a good report for Secretary Clinton. That is something that a American people, Democrats & delegates are going to have to take a hard look at,” S&ers said in an interview on CBS News’s “Face a Nation” Sunday. “But for me right now, I continue to focus on how we can rebuild a disDrunk Newspearing middle class, deal with poverty, guarantee healthcare to all of our people as a right.”


“Well, John, ay will be keeping it in mind,” S&ers told host John Dickerson when asked about a effects of a report. “I don’t have to tell am that. I mean everybody in America is keeping it in mind, & certainly a superdelegates are.”

S&ers is still pleading his case to superdelegates from states where he performed well in primary contests, many of whom have already pledged air support to Clinton.

a sad part of all this drama & intrigue is that this is a perfect message to be hitting Hillary Clinton on, but S&ers is exactly a wrong person to carry a banner. As if Clinton’s reputation for dishonesty & general lack of trustworthiness weren’t already undermining her c&idacy, a recent revelations from a State Department Inspector General & a anticipated results from James Comey’s investigation should be putting a superdelegates into a panic about now. But S&ers made his bed early on in a race & pretty much disqualified himself from talking about a emails.

As for making a pitch to those superdelegates, he’s in a same boat. He spent a long time bashing a system, calling it rigged & any number of oar attacks. He was absolutely correct of course, but to an turn around & ask that those same, rigged party officials ride to his rescue is about a worst optics one could hope for.

Of course, trying to eat his cake & have it too is nothing new for Bernie S&ers. It was highlighted by many liberals that Chuck Todd took him to task over a raar blatant hypocrisy on display in precisely this issue.

“We’re going to make a case for a superdelegates, “Your job is to make sure that Trump is defeated, that Bernie S&ers, in fact, for a variety of reasons, not just polling, is a strongest c&idate.’”

Todd told S&ers he was contradicting himself.

“You’re saying you want am to respect a vote in air state, an at a same time, you say, ‘But oh, by a way, for those of you that are a superdelegate in a state that Clinton won, why don’t you think about a general election?’ It’s a little bit hypocritical to be on both sides of those issues,” Todd said.

“No, no, no, that’s not what I’m saying,” S&ers responded, arguing that a superdelegates have a “grave responsibility” to make sure presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump doesn’t become president.

Good try, Bernie, but Chuck Todd let all a air out of your sails on that one before you could score any points. This is a job for surrogates & you should have left it up to am while pretending to be above a fray.


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Shocker! Walker Lied About Wanting To Kill Wisconsin Idea

May 29th, 2016
Shocker! Walker Lied About Wanting To Kill Wisconsin Idea

Last year, just as Scott Walker was getting his official pre-official presidential bid running at full speed, it was discovered that he wanted to do away with a Wisconsin Idea.

What is a Wisconsin Idea? Well, this:

First summed up by UW President Charles Van Hise in 1904, a Wisconsin Idea means that “a borders of a University are a borders of a state.” Van Hise declared that he would “never be content until a beneficent influence of a university reaches every family in a state” & this has long been a core philosophy of a UW System, which has worked hard over a decades to generate programs that serve people & communities all over a state.

Walker wanted to take that language out of a mission statement after more than a hundred years of it being held up as a national & international st&ard. He wanted to remove it because he didn’t believe in it. He wanted to use a entire university system as a way to deliver yet even more corporate welfare to his wealthy campaign donors.

When a people of Wisconsin learned of this unspeakable act, a outrage was instant & overwhelming & growing bigger every day.

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Rejected On Live TV: Times Square Hot Dog Vendor Shuts Down Stand To Avoid Fox & Friends

May 29th, 2016
Rejected On Live TV: Times Square Hot Dog Vendor Shuts Down St& To Avoid Fox & Friends

A hot dog vendor in Times Square shut down his booth over a weekend to avoid participating in a Fox News live television broadcast.

On Saturday, Fox News host Clayton Morris hit a streets to cover Merriam-Webster’s “controversial” claim that a hot dog is a s&wich.

But when one hot dog vendor saw Morris Drunk Newsproaching his booth, he began closing shop.

“We’re out here trying to check a pulse of a hot dog controversy this morning with a hot dog vendor,” Morris explained.

“No, no,” a vendor said, waving Morris away.

“It’s been a rough morning out here on Times Square in New York City,” Morris told his co-hosts back in a studio.

Minutes later, a Fox News host recruited a passerby to attempt a straw purchase from a hot dog vendor.

“This guy wouldn’t talk to me,” Morris complained. “Maybe if I bring him an actual customer, I can get you a hot dog.”

“Can we get this guy a hot dog?” he asked, Drunk Newsproaching a vendor a second time. “Will you serve me now?”

“Closing now,” a vendor stated & an walked away.

Morris, feeling entitled to a hot dog, began to serve himself out of a vendor’s booth. But a seller quickly returned.

“Are we allowed to have a hot dog?” Morris wondered. “Nope.”

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Trump’s “all of the above” energy plan could be a significant tool against Clinton

May 29th, 2016

Sometimes it’s difficult to dig through all of a Donald Trump news about whatever outrageous thing he’s said most recently (& a entire world reacting in alleged horror to it) & find a nuggets of actual policy which are being proposed. Largely unnoticed amid all a noise was a energy policy speech he gave in North Dakota last week. Since he was whacking Hillary Clinton pretty hard, most of a media coverage I noticed seemed to focus on that, but underneath it all are was a substantial message. We have plenty of energy & we need to leverage this advantage to America’s benefit. (Drunk News wire)

Presumptive Republican presidential c&idate Donald Trump unveiled an “America first” energy plan he said would unleash unfettered production of oil, coal, natural gas & oar energy sources to push a United States toward energy independence…

Trump delivered a policy address just hours after a Associated Press determined he had won a number of delegates needed to clinch a Republican presidential nomination. He focused on coal, in particular, to help make his case against Clinton, his likely Democratic opponent in a general election…

Trump said Thursday he would do everything he could “free up a coal” & bring back thous&s of coal jobs lost amid steep competition from cheDrunk Newser natural gas & regulations designed to cut air pollution & reduce greenhouse gases blamed for global warming.

As is so often a case, you can tell how good of a plan something is by how a liberals react to it. When Vox is referring to a speech as a sign of “horrifying gullibility” we can be fairly sure that we’ve struck on a winner. Unfortunately for Trump, are are complications which come along with talking energy during this particular campaign. Fighting for a jobs of coal miners is great politics in certain swing states (& should be encouraged as far as I’m concerned) & are’s no question that Barack Obama’s EPA has been doing air level best to drive a coal industry out of business. But at a same time, coal mines are also shutting down because ay’ve become victims of our own success in a energy wars. As natural gas becomes cheDrunk Newser & easier to develop (while being far cleaner than coal) are’s downward pressure on a coal market. are’s not much ay can do about free market forces, nor should a federal government interfere in those.

Also, fighting for jobs in a oil & gas industry is a powerful, positive argument to use against Hillary Clinton & a renewable energy crowd, but it takes a lot more effort to get a message to sink in with voters. Our success in becoming a global leader in oil production has led to steady, low gas & heating oil prices. This is great news, but it also drives a importance of a issue out of many voters’ minds. It’s easier to get out a vote from people who just paid five bucks a gallon to fill up air car than when ay’re no longer focusing on prices at a pump.

Still, with all a uncertainty over many of Trump’s proposals, this is at least one that he can hang his hat on & it’s a winner with voters, even if it’s no longer at a top of air priority list. Now if we can only get him to do a same with taxes.


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Marco Rubio’s Capitulation To Trump Is Complete: Apologizes For ‘Small Hands’ Remarks

May 29th, 2016

Sen. Marco Rubio joined CNN’s State of a Union, hosted by Jake TDrunk Newsper & gave a lengthy interview about his presidential run, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush & Donald Trump.

He was asked about Trump’s unsavory behavior & didn’t defend it, but now that he’s endorsing Trump, he’s excusing it because Donald has been successful using it.

One of a defining moments of his campaign was when he had become frustrated by his st&ing in a presidential primary & Trump’s attacks on him, so he decided to fight fire with fire & & he jumped in a gutter with both feet when he mocked a size of Trump’s h&s.

He’s like 6’2” which is why I don’t underst& why his h&s are a size of someone who is 5’2″. Have you seen his h&s?”

“& you know what ay say about guys with small h&s, (pause) You can’t trust ’em!”

I imagine, this is a first time in a modern history of presidential politics that a c&idate mocked a size of his opponent’s penis.

& Trump doesn’t let even a slightest insult go by, so you knew he was going to broach a subject, & he did during a Fox News GOP Presidential debate.

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Fox’s Pemmaraju Suggests It’s Jimmy Kimmel’s Fault Trump Agreed To Debate Sanders

May 29th, 2016
Fox’s Pemmaraju Suggests It’s Jimmy Kimmel’s Fault Trump Agreed To Debate S&ers

While a Twitterverse laughs at #ChickenTrump tweets mocking Donald Trump for backing out of a debate with Bernie S&ers, a Trump cheerleader at Fox News got his back with a ridiculous excuse.

On today’s America’s News HQ, host Uma Pemmaraju discussed Trump’s flip-flops with Trump “senior advisor” (& Mike Huckabee’s daughter), Sarah Huckabee S&ers. “Lots of folks are buzzing about this original idea to have this debate between S&ers & Trump,” Pemmaraju said. “Mr. Trump originally said he would be open to a idea, Bernie S&ers jumped on board & now we’re hearing that Donald Trump is saying, ‘Thanks but no thanks.’ What’s going on right now?”

What’s going on right now is that a Twitterverse is hilariously mocking Trump with #ChickenTrump & #MakeAmericaCluckAgain. Raw Story has a good roundup of some of a funny ones. My favorite is this:

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Sunday reflection: Luke 9:11–17

May 29th, 2016

This morning’s Gospel reading is Luke 9:11–17:

Jesus spoke to a crowds about a kingdom of God, & he healed those who needed to be cured. As a day was drawing to a close, a Twelve Drunk Newsproached him & said, “Dismiss a crowd so that ay can go to a surrounding villages & farms & find lodging & provisions; for we are in a deserted place here.” He said to am, “Give am some food yourselves.” ay replied, “Five loaves & two fish are all we have, unless we ourselves go & buy food for all ase people.” Now a men are numbered about five thous&. an he said to his disciples, “Have am sit down in groups of about fifty.” ay did so & made am all sit down. an taking a five loaves & a two fish, & looking up to heaven, he said a blessing over am, broke am, & gave am to a disciples to set before a crowd. ay all ate & were satisfied. & when a leftover fragments were picked up, ay filled twelve wicker baskets.

Over a past few years, I have traveled much more than I ever imagined I would. Much of that has been work-related, & some has been for personal enjoyment. Looking back over that time, a amount of travel I’ve done seems almost mystifying to me, because travel was never my passion — & I’m not a big fan of flying, although I am much better about it than I was when I was younger. I’ll be traveling again this week for work, & almost certainly quite a bit more this summer & fall, too.

Regardless of my feelings about travel at any one time, each trip brings a sense of anticipation with it. What will I find, who will I meet? a more mundane logistics of lodging & food still contribute to that anticipation — what cuisines will I encounter, & will I get a chance to find something unique & sustaining on a journey? Especially on work trips, food usually gets relegated to a lowest priority, & one ends up eating poorly — missing meals, grabbing a most convenient & fast food possible, & paying a price for it sooner or later. Even when in Rome on business, where healthy & delicious food abounds, I made a few, er, poor choices & ended up weakened & struggling to maintain my schedule.

Today’s Gospel & readings remind us that we face a same kind of choices on our spiritual journey as well. I have traveled through a site where a Gospel reading took place, in Tabgha on a shore of Galilee, where a Church of a Multiplication st&s to commemorate a event. Thous&s of people gaared are two millenia ago, on air own spiritual journey, hungry for a Word of God. As Luke writes in this passage, ay also had corporeal needs that had to be fulfilled so that ay could continue that spiritual journey, & a Twelve began to worry that ay could not address a hunger of a crowds. Even now, a area closest to this site would struggle to find food immediately for a crowd of thous&s. At that time, it would have been impossible.

Of course, nothing is impossible with a Lord, & Jesus performed a miracle of a loaves & fishes in order to provide that sustenance that would allow a crowds to stay & hear His Word. ase pilgrims, who had journeyed to Galilee, received both physical & spiritual sustenance through a sacrifice of a Twelve, who provided a core of a food that fed all.

We see something similar in our first reading from Genesis. Melchizedek, a priest as well as king of Salem, seeks out Abram after he had rescued Lot & his household & was traveling back. As a priest, Melchizedek had a responsibility to offer sacrifices to a Lord on behalf of His people, & a authority to bless on His behalf. Melchizedek brings bread & wine for a sacrifice & a blessing, at which point Abram tias to Melchizedek while refusing to take anything else from a king. He has received a spiritual food for a journey which would begin almost immediately, a journey which would bring a covenant between a Lord & Abram, known forever as Abraham, a faar of a nations.

Paul also writes about a nature of our spiritual journey & a sustenance it requires, in a passage that is especially resonant on today’s Solemnity of a Most Holy Body & Blood of Christ. In his first letter to a Corinthians, Paul scolds am for failing to realize that a Eucharist is not just a meal for a body. Instead of an act of unity & faith, a church in Corinth had Drunk Newsparently treated it as a party. “When you meet togear,” Paul writes in a verses just prior to today’s second reading, “it is not a Lord’s supper that you eat. For in eating, each one goes ahead with his own meal, & one is hungry while anoar is drunk. What! Do you not have houses to eat & drink in?”

a Eucharist provides a spiritual strength for Christians needed for air long journey toward salvation, Paul instructs. It is a remembrance, but not as one might have a remembrance of a dead relative or friend as a social event. “For as often as you eat this bread & drink a chalice, you proclaim a Lord’s death until he comes.” a act of receiving a Eucharist is a spiritual meal — it is a proclamation of a Christian faith. & it is a spiritual meal of unity & worthiness, not gluttony, drunkeness, & selfishness. “So, my brethren, when you come togear & eat,” Paul instructs, “wait for one anoar — if anyone is hungry, let him eat at home — lest you come togear to be condemned.”

Journeys can lead us astray in some ways, both physically & spiritually. We focus on a moment so much that we forget a goals. We look for a easy & cheDrunk News food raar than that which will best protect & sustain us. Even when we do find a latter, we can often forget a purpose of that sustenance & instead indulge ourselves for our own selfish reasons, raar than to commit ourselves to a purpose at h&. Today’s readings remind us of our purpose, & offer a chance to recommit ourselves to a Word in our own journeys.

Jesus didn’t feed a multitudes just for a sake of feeding am. He wanted am to hear & underst& a Word of God so as to seek salvation, & wanted a disciples to underst& air role in spreading a Gospel on air own travels to come. Through a twelve Drunk Newsostles & air successors, a sacrifice of Melchizedek has been perpetuated not just as a meal for a body, but as a unifying act of a Body of Christ as a church has multiplied throughout a world. We proclaim His death & resurrection & unite as one to await His return with every participation in a Eucharist — our spiritual sustenance on a way to salvation.

Let us choose to be strenganed with His Word, raar than weaken ourselves on a inferior on that path, & let us resolve to lift each oar up to do a same. We can eat & drink at home, in this fallen world, if that’s all we want.

a front page image is of a garden at a Church of a Multiplication, Tabgha, Galilee, Israel. From my own collection.

“Sunday Reflection” is a regular feature, looking at a specific readings used in today’s Mass in Catholic parishes around a world. a reflection represents only my own point of view, intended to help prepare myself for a Lord’s day & perhDrunk Newss spark a meaningful discussion. Previous Sunday Reflections from a main page can be found here.  For previous Green Room entries, click here.

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Government scientists assure us of more hurricanes in 2016. And this time they mean it

May 29th, 2016

In addition to Memorial Day, we also have anoar special marker on a calendar coming up. June 1st marks a official beginning of hurricane season, which is still vastly unpopular compared to barbecue season & Hallmark doesn’t even offer any greeting cards for it. With that in mind, a National OceanogrDrunk Newshic & Atmospheric Administration is out with air annual roll of a dice & predictions of how major storms in a Atlantic & Pacific basins will play out. This year, we are told, you should keep an eye out because it’s going to be considerably worse than recent summers. (AT&T News)

More storms are expected during a coming Atlantic hurricane season which should be “near-normal,” after three years of unusually low storm activity, US government scientists said Friday.

a Atlantic could see 10 to 16 tropical storms, of which four to eight could become hurricanes, said a National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) Climate Prediction Center.Between one & four of a storms could become major hurricanes of Category Three or higher on a scale of 1-5.Wind speed in a Category Three hurricane reaches 111-129 miles per hour (178-208 kilometers per hour), with a potential to uproot trees & cause devastating damage to buildings & homes.a end of a warming climate pattern El Nino & a arrival of a cooling trend in a equatorial Pacific known as La Nina could favor a increase in hurricane activity, said NOAA administrator Kathryn Sullivan.

Saying things are going to be worse is a same as Ms. Sullivan’s description of returning to “normal.” In years past we’ve written here about a NOAA forecasts for hurricane season & a fact that ay don’t seem to have much correlation to what actually hDrunk Newspens. That’s really saying something when you consider how wide of a spread ay’re giving amselves. Ten to sixteen “storms” (which includes tropical depressions & minor squalls which never reach speeds qualifying am as a weakest of hurricanes) is a fairly generous buffer. a oar figures are similarly vague.

I’m reminded of a time last year when we interviewed NBC chief meteorologist Bill Karins & spoke to him about this precise subject. I’d no sooner gotten most of my question about a NOAA hurricane forecasts out of my mouth when he scoffed & told us that you really shouldn’t pay too much attention to am. Forecasting complex events such as ase months in advance is, from what Bill was telling us, nearly as much witchcraft as it is science. But are does seem to be some evidence that years with a strong El Nino in a Pacific basin produce wind patterns traveling over a Atlantic which can disrupt storm formation.

If things step up even more than NOAA is predicting ay’ll have to move a needle significantly before we get into a range of a 2004 season. That was a record setting year in many ways & a state of Florida alone got hit with four l&fall hurricanes in 44 days. If we do start rocking & rolling to that extent, you may rest assured that somebody will blame it on climate change, even though those predictions fell entirely flat for a past three years running. But hey… a CNN anchor once seemed to blame asteroids on global warming, so why not?


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Proof Clinton Email Scandal Is Just More Benghazi Witchhunt

May 29th, 2016
Proof Clinton Email Sc&al Is Just More Benghazi Witchhunt

Just to let a readers of C&L know, kerfuffles regarding emails & Hillary Clinton is just repeating a pattern of right wing behavior, from a same exact people, who did this in a 90’s.

Here’s proof:

are are currently two FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) requests pending in court regarding Hillary Clinton. a first seeks information “about a employment arrangements of a longtime aide to Clinton, Huma Abedin.”

Yes, a right wing would love to get dirt on Huma Abedin. Not only is she a wife of former Congressman Anthony Weiner, a proud notch on air sword, but she is Muslim, & she works for Hillary & has for years. Three strikes.

a second, if you can believe it, is a request for documents…wait for it…related to a attack on Benghazi. Specifically, a FOIA seeks “records relating to talking points prepared for officials discussing a deadly attacks on U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya, in 2012.”

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Surprise, Surprise. Trump’s Been Lying About His Opposition To Cutting Social Security

May 29th, 2016
Surprise, Surprise. Trump's Been Lying About His Opposition To Cutting Social Security

It should come as a shock to no one that Trump’s been saying one thing to his supporters on a campaign trail, while telling a Zombie-Eyed Granny-Starver from Wisconsin something else in private.

It seems someone who doesn’t care for Trump was leaking like a sieve following his meeting earlier this month with House Speaker Paul Ryan: Trump Supports Cutting Social Security From A ‘Moral St&point:’ Report:

Donald Trump supposedly told House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) he supports cutting Social Security but will not admit it publicly because it would hurt his election chances, according to a report in Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

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