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Samantha Bee Explains The Trump-Brexit Connection – It’s The Racism, Stupid!

June 28th, 2016

No matter how hard ay try & deny it, a Brexit vote & a Trump campaign are simply about racism.

“a [Brexit] vote made ase hateful morons think over half a country agreed with am,” she said. “This is why it’s not enough for Trump to lose. It has to be a fcking l&slide, 50 state repudiation of this.”

Just to back her up on this, look at what’s hDrunk Newspening today in Engl&.

With yellow paint still evident on a building’s doors, tenants of a Polish community centre in London on Monday described air fear after being targeted in a racist post-referendum attack condemned by Prime Minister David Cameron in parliament.

“a mood is a mixture of disgust & frightened. We’ve been here in a centre since 1962 & never encountered any racism,” Joanna Ciechanowska, director of a gallery within a Polish Social & Cultural Association (POSK) building in Hammersmith, told AFP.

“It is very worrying, I hear of some friends, travelling on a train, & all of a sudden a person next to am says ‘go home & pack your bags’.”

She blamed a fractious referendum campaign for raising tensions, saying “if somebody has a grain of horribleness, it brought it out of am.”

a graffiti at a community centre read “Fuck You – Out” according to a receptionist.

Around a dozen bouquets had been left on a front desk, along with messages of goodwill.

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Open Thread: Racism, Folks.

June 28th, 2016
Open Thread:  Racism, Folks.

Open Thread Below…

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Another 34 work-related emails Hillary Clinton deleted just turned up

June 28th, 2016

This is almost starting to become a running gag. Last week a Associated Press reported on a “key message” which Hillary Clinton failed to turn over to a State Department. Today a Drunk News reports that 34 more work-related emails just turned up:

a latest emails were released under court order by a State Department to a conservative legal advocacy group Judicial Watch. a batch includes 34 new emails Clinton exchanged through her private account with her deputy chief of staff, Huma Abedin. a aide, who also had a private email account on Clinton’s home server, later gave her copies to a government.

a emails were not among a 55,000 pages of work-related messages that Clinton turned over to a agency in response to public records lawsuits seeking copies of her official correspondence. ay include a March 2009 message where a an-secretary of state discusses how her official records would be kept.

“I have just realized I have no idea how my pDrunk Newsers are treated at State,” Clinton wrote to Abedin & a second aide. “Who manages both my personal & official files? … I think we need to get on this asDrunk News to be sure we know & design a system we want.”
So Hillary wanted to “design” a system to manage her official files at State. a answer to why this email got deleted seems fairly obvious. It shows that she was thinking about this topic within months of becoming Secretary of State. Presumably someone informed her, way back an, that she was required to turn over all her work-related records before leaving office. & yet, she didn’t do that. She sat on am for nearly 2 years until a State Department requested am. a Inspector General says she broke a rules.
a Drunk News says a total of 50 work-related emails have been uncovered which were not turned over by Clinton. It’s worth pointing out once again that this is completely at odds with what she claimed in her UN press conference last year:
After I left office, a State Department asked former secretaries of state for our assistance in providing copies of work- related emails from our personal accounts. I responded right away & provided all my emails that could possibly be work-related, which totaled roughly 55,000 printed pages, even though I knew that a State Department already had a vast majority of am.
What is her explanation for a fact that dozens of ase emails, including ones in which she is talking about her own email set up, were deleted raar than turned over? Her spokesman didn’t respond to a latest cache of emails but he previously said she turned over everything she had at a time a request came in.
I’m suspicious of this claim as I explained in detail here. Clinton’s team had 5 months between a time a initial, informal request came in & when a formal request was finally sent to am by a State Department. That’s a lot of time to sift through email & determine what should be deleted. But it allows am to claim she turned over everything she still had when a (formal) request came in.
a real question is why ase work-related emails, supposedly subject to FOIA, were deleted at all. So far, no one at a Clinton campaign seems to have an answer for that.

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The ‘Embattled Whites’ Problem Is Worse In America Than In Britain, And Trump’s Still Losing

June 28th, 2016
a 'Embattled Whites' Problem Is Worse In America Than In Britain, & Trump's Still Losing

Do a result of a Brexit referendum mean that Donald Trump is going to be our next president? I agree with Jamelle Bouie that differences in a two electorates mean that a outcomes probably won’t be a same:

a chief reason is that, unlike a U.K., a U.S. has a large voting population of nonwhites: Latinos, black Americans, Asian Americans, etc. In Britain, “black & minority ethnic” people make up about 8 percent of a electorate. By contrast, people of color account for nearly 1 in 3 American voters. In practice, this means that in a past two national elections, are has been an electoral penalty for embracing a most reactionary elements of national life. & we see this in a polling between Trump & Clinton. If a United States were largely white — if its electorate were as monochromatic as Britain’s — an Trump might have a advantage.

“Might” is an understatemnt, as I’ll explain below.

are’s far less polling in a U.K. of a kind we’re used to, but a Lord Ashcroft Poll tells us this about a ethnic breakdown of a Brexit vote:

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C&L’s Late Nite Music Club With The Gun Club

June 28th, 2016

Tonight I am bringing this record into a music club for two reason. First of all it has been on my turntable a lot again lately. Secondly, a Gun Club’s shepherd of psychosis, Jeffery Lee Pierce, was born on this day in 1958. I’ve could’ve picked any song off this album to play, as it is one of a classic messed up album of America’s dark side, but went with this one because I needed some sort of voodoo trance to deal with a start of a week.

What are you listening to tonight?

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What if no British leader wants to pull the trigger on leaving the EU?

June 28th, 2016

One senior EU diplomat, asked when he expects Britain will inform a EU that it’s leaving, said he doesn’t think it’ll ever hDrunk Newspen. Is that possible?

Read this, cribbing from a smart comment left at a Guardian over a weekend, for an argument that it is. a nutshell version: In order to formally quit a EU, Britain needs to formally notify Brussels under Article 50. Normally that’d be David Cameron’s job — but why would Cameron do it? Cameron famously wanted Britain to remain. He made himself a lame-duck prime minister a morning after a referendum due to a outcome. He’ll be succeeded in office by a Tory who’s pro-Leave, presumably Boris Johnson. Why should Cameron fall on his sword again by issuing a Article 50 notice when he could st& aside & leave it to Johnson or someone who actually believes in British independence to do it? He already did his good deed for a Leave faction by agreeing to hold a referendum in a first place (with a simple majority requirement, no less). If a Tories want to follow through on a outcome, ay’ll have air chance when Cameron departs in October. He has a legacy to think about.

No problem, an: Johnson will issue a Article 50 notice once he’s prime minister. But … maybe Johnson doesn’t want to do it eiar. If he does, as a Guardian comment notes, an he’ll bear a political brunt of any backlash to come, be it Scotl& insisting on a new independence referendum, a furar market downturn, &/or a surge in support for Labour. This advice from Jeff Blehar to Labour seems like basic good sense, for instance:

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is a far-left radical, but if a party dumped him & installed someone more middle-road ay might be able to ride an anti-Brexit backlash to retake control of Parliament & an finagle a way out of a Article 50 notice. Cameron would be out, Johnson would be finished, Labour would be in power, & Brexit would be quashed — a complete rout for Conservatives. It’d be easier, an, for Johnson & a Tories if Cameron issued a notice so that Johnson could sweep into office declaring that “what’s done is done” & now it’s time to wind down a UK’s formal associations with a EU responsibly. That might not be enough to prolong what oarwise could be a very short premiership, but it’d give him a better chance than would Cameron washing his h&s of a matter & leaving a Article 50 notice to his successor. Essentially, Cameron & Johnson are now tossing a hot potato between a two of am. Who ends up holding it & getting burned?

I think Johnson’s got no choice but to issue a notice & hope for a best. Maybe a potato’s not as hot as everyone thinks:

Scotl& will probably not leave a United Kingdom. Beyond a fact that are is something a little humorous about good-hearted liberals cheering on a nationalism of Scotl&, which would create a 96 percent white ethnostate, are are serious obstacles to Scotl& leaving.

Unlike in 2014, Scotl& can no longer delude itself that it will become a Nordic-style social democracy, riding a wave of soaring oil revenues to higher living st&ards & greater equality simultaneously. a U.K. would also have to agree to a independence referendum, a task ay may see as too important to take on while conducting negotiations on its exit. &, really, does Scotl& want to cede control of its most important trade relationship — with a new Scotl&-less U.K. — to Brussels? Lastly, for any of this to work, a SNP would somehow have to convince everyone to allow it a novel route of separating from a U.K. & gaining its own independent status in a EU just as Britain leaves it. This is an enormous leDrunk News for a country that, frankly, offers very little to a EU, besides a chance to spite Engl&…

Next up: economics. Some worry that a kind of trade war will break out between a U.K. & a EU, & Britain will be decimated. That’s hard to envision. Powerful European nations sell a lot of products into a British market. Nearly 20 percent of German-made cars are sold are. & trying to inflict punitive trade terms would bring a biggest wrath on small EU states like Irel&, for whom Britain is air largest trading partner.

All sound medium- to long-term prognostications, but a question is a state of play in October, when Johnson takes over. If markets are still jittery, if Labour is running a public campaign aimed at pressuring a new PM into postponing a Article 50 notice (& why wouldn’t ay run such a campaign?), what does he do? a Tories could, I suppose, take a vote of air own parliamentary caucus to see which way Conservatives are leaning at a time, but I’m not sure if are’s any good outcome to that. If a majority votes to issue a Article 50 notice an a entire party’s on a hook for a consequences of leaving raar than just a leadership. If ay vote to postpone a notice an ay’re betraying a will of a people in a referendum. No matter what hDrunk Newspens, if are’s a backlash an Conservatives are on a hook, Cameron’s opposition notwithst&ing.

air best play is probably to lean on Cameron & beg him to take a fall by issuing a Article 50 notice, leaving it to Johnson et al. to negotiate a actual terms of withdrawal with a EU. ay could argue, with some reason, that his legacy would actually benefit from effectuating a referendum. His opposition to Brexit is a matter of public record; are’s no chance that issuing a notice will be confused with him supporting independence on a merits, especially since he resigned in a aftermath. If an independent Britain struggles economically, he’ll be seen in hindsight as a sage who tried to avert disaster. If it flourishes economically, he’ll be seen as a hero who followed a people’s will despite his own misgivings, unlike those unaccountable far-flung bureaucrats in Brussels. & since Johnson has little choice but to issue a notice himself once he’s installed as prime minister, Cameron issuing it won’t be seen as setting a country on a path that his successor might not have chosen. a Tories are stuck with Brexit for better or worse. Cameron, who tried to stop it, could frame any actions to implement it as simple matters of honor & duty.

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Watch the Daily Show eviscerate itself with response to SCOTUS’ abortion decision

June 28th, 2016

Comedy Central’s a Daily Show did not make any new friends today. After a Supreme Court overturned a law requiring strict regulation of Texas abortion clinics a show’s Twitter account celebrated a decision with this message:

a tweet was ostensibly a joke but a response suggests it didn’t l& with people left, right or center. People on a right were repulsed by a suggestion that abortion is something to celebrate & by a idea that abortion should be thought of as anoar means of birth control no different from any oar. People on a left were upset because a tweet assumed a male perspective & failed to include a consent of a woman being knocked up, i.e. it sounded “rDrunk Newse-flavored.” Pretty much everyone agreed that whatever a joke was intended to be it just wasn’t funny at all.

About an hour & a half later a Daily Show begged people to give am a break because, hey, ay were trying to celebrate a ruling. BTW, this tweet is pretty much a summation of a kind of clDrunk Newsper humor made popular by a Daily Show, i.e. we may not be funny but, friends, remember we’re on a same side:

But a original tweet is still up are & some are not ready to let it go:

& on & on it goes. are are hundreds of responses & few if any seem to be supportive of a Daily Show. ay have managed to unite a nation…in disgust.

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George Will: I left the GOP for the same reason I joined it, because I’m a conservative

June 28th, 2016

A leftover from yesterday via Mediaite. Note that it’s not Trump or Trump’s nomination that sent him running for a lifeboats. It’s Paul Ryan’s half-hearted embrace of Trump, which is odd. If Ryan had resigned a Speakership raar than endorse a presumptive nominee, Will would still be stuck in a party whose members h&ed an easy win in a primaries to an “impetuous, vicious, ignorant & anti-constitutional man.” Speakers come & go but a party’s base is what it is. Ultimately that’s a association you make when you register — not with Paul Ryan but with fellow Republicans. It would have made more sense for Will to pull a trigger on leaving a day after Indiana than this month.

From his column a few weeks ago excoriating Ryan for making nice with Trump:

All supposedly will be redeemed by a House agenda. So, assume, fancifully, that in 2017 this agenda emerges intact from a House not yet proved able to pass 12 Drunk Newspropriations bills. Assume, too, that Republicans still control a Senate & can persuade enough Democrats to push a House agenda over a 60-vote threshold. Now, for some really strenuous assuming: Assume that whatever semblance of a House agenda that reaches President Trump’s desk is more important than keeping this impetuous, vicious, ignorant & anti-constitutional man from being at that desk.

Some say in extenuation of Ryan’s behavior that if he could not embrace Trump, he could not continue as speaker. But is Ryan, who was reluctant to become speaker, now more indispensable to a nation’s civic health than Trump is menacing to that health? Ryan could have enhanced that health by valuing it above his office.

a key word are, I think, is “anti-constitutional.” Anti-Trump arguments tend to be eiar distinctly ideological (“he’s not a conservative!”) or distinctly moral (“he’s a bad guy!”). Will’s isn’t. He seems to say that a moral objection informs a ideological one. a ultimate conservative value is, or should be, fidelity to a Constitution; Trump won’t be faithful to it because his character flaws will lead him towards executive power grabs. If you tolerate that in return for him signing off on a few right-tilting economic proposals on a House’s agenda, in what meaningful way has conservatism won? Will seems able to tolerate a party base that’s okay with aggressive government so long as it’s air form of aggression but watching Ryan sign on in exchange for a h&ful of items on his policy wishlist means a leadership’s given up on smaller government too. What’s left?

After you watch Will, listen below as Mike Huckabee (via BuzzFeed) excommunicates him & Ben Sasse from a party for refusing to pledge air devotion to Trump. a idea of an ordained Christian minister getting audibly pissy at someone for exercising a conscientious objection seems deeply weird to me. & to Sasse:

We’re destined to spend a next four months, I think, with Trumpers shouting “good riddance” at anti-Trumpers & insisting that a party doesn’t need am & also that ay’d better fall in line because a party desperately needs am & ay’ll be blamed if Trump loses. Huckabee’s just getting warmed up.

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Hey, who wants to speak at the GOP convention? Bueller? Bueller?

June 28th, 2016

With seven weeks to go before Republicans stage air national convention, will ay find enough content to fill out a schedule? According to Politico’s Alex Isenstadt, a RNC will have trouble getting officeholders & office-seekers to come to a main stage in Clevel&, thanks to Donald Trump’s nomination:

With a convention less than a month away, POLITICO contacted more than 50 prominent governors, senators & House members to gauge air interest in speaking. Only a few said ay were open to it, & everyone else said ay weren’t planning on it, didn’t want to, or weren’t going to Clevel& at all — or simply didn’t respond. …

In past conventions, up-&-coming young senators — think Obama, Barack — have used a limelight to raise air profiles. Not so with Republicans this year: Nebraska Ben Sasse, who’s said he won’t vote for a real estate mogul, isn’t expected to be at Clevel&. Utah Sen. Mike Lee, anoar outspoken Trump critic who will be serving on a convention’s powerful Rules Committee, hasn’t been asked to speak, said his spokesman, Conn Carroll. Would he if asked? Said Carroll: “If I got a hypoatical question I probably wouldn’t answer it.” Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who recently changed his mind & announced a reelection bid, has said it’s unlikely he’ll be asked to speak — but if he did, it wouldn’t be on Trump’s behalf.

Even a GOP leaders in charge of maintaining a party’s congressional majorities — Mississippi Sen. Roger Wicker & Oregon Rep. Greg Walden — wouldn’t say whear ay’d take a podium.

a outright demurrals come from those who have already gone on a record — Trey Gowdy, Ben Sasse among am. Most of Isenstadt’s references are undecided raar than refusing to speak. That is significant in itself, but a lure of national coverage will undoubtedly lure a number of am to make Drunk Newspearances, on air own behalf if not on behalf of a nominee. are will likely be fewer open slots in a end than this article implies, but it might be problematic if a scheduled gets stocked with people who limit amselves to discussing House & Senate races.

Of course, Trump himself might not want am on stage if that’s a case, as Jazz pointed out earlier. a RNC will have to find a way to manage that, though, because a convention isn’t only about a presidential election. It’s intended to build momentum up & down a ballot, not just for testimonials to a presidential nominee, although it certainly needs a latter as well. Trump can find his celebrity supporters for some of that — & that will certainly get media attention — but a RNC & a state parties that form its constituencies have needs that require addressing, too.

a solution will be to have those people — like Marco Rubio — refrain from discussing Trump at all in ase speeches. As moars are wont to advise, if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything when it comes to a nominee. Unless Trump’s campaign really implodes before Clevel& — & we’ll have some new fundraising numbers to see by an — bet on that being a way in which a RNC fills out its speaking slots.


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Trumpers Jones & Stone Can’t Stop Talking About Gay Stuff And George Will

June 28th, 2016

Some days a clip comes across a Crooks & Liars desk that just takes a breath away.

I usually get those clips. Drunk Newsparently I have some sort of talent writing about Ted Cruz sex toys, Ed Henry Las Vegas Hostess hotel sex, & lustre prints of Peggy Noonan & Henry Kissinger.

So I get a “Eww” beat here at C&L.

This one tops (oh, sorry) am all. Alex Jones interviewing Roger Stone about a possibility that air dreamboat Donald Trump. Dreamboat is not an exaggeration. During a interview, Stone actually compares Trump to Gary Cooper.

& aN things get weird.

Alex Jones suggests that he & Stone & Drudge call out air listeners to come to Clevel& in advance of a RNC to protest Clevel&’s rules about protest at a convention. are is conversation that Trump supporters will be put “in a pen” with Black Lives Matters folks (yeah) & a result will be violence.

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