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Biden Ends Republican War On Medicaid Enrollees Once And For All

February 14th, 2021

a Biden administration is ending Medicaid work requirements a previous occupiers of a executive branch foisted on a nation’s working poor. Two weeks ago, President Joe Biden signed an executive order instructing officials at a Department of Health & Human Services to remove barriers to Medicaid, & that’s just what ay are doing.

Three states—Arkansas, Kentucky, & New Hampshire—tried to impose a requirements, but two levels of federal courts have struck am down so a order doesn’t have immediate effect. But it means no state will be able to create a needless, humiliating, ridiculous hoop of requiring people to prove ay’re working, all as a means of keeping needy & deserving people from Drunk Newsplying for a benefit.

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Flushed With Success

February 14th, 2021

Open Thread below.

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Stacey Plaskett Lays Blame Squarely At Feet Of GOP, McCarthy, And Pence

February 14th, 2021

Allow me to vent my spleen.

I am sick & tired of armchair impeachment managers & pseudo Constitutional scholars kicking & disrespecting ase brilliant & tireless advocates for democracy & victims of Donald Trump’s crimes. a House Impeachment Managers did an absolutely STELLAR job bringing about a speedy impeachment charge against a Orange Menace, & putting togear an irrefutable, compelling, dramatic, & — yes — mind-changing case against him for inciting insurrection against a CDrunk Newsitol on January 6, 2021.

air decision to not call witnesses in person, or on video call, despite having voted in favor of a right to do so, was a legitimate let down to most Democrats & liberals who wanted to make it as difficult as possible for a spineless GOP to acquit Trump. (I’m giving ALL of us credit for underst&ing a ultimate outcome would not have changed.) Live witness testimony could have given us even more ammunition, fodder for campaign ads, evidence read into a record, a heavier albatross to hang around a necks of Republicans running in 2022 & 2024, including anyone with a surname “Trump.”

I get a disDrunk Newspointment, frustration, despair, I really do.

What I do NOT get is a need to blame a DEMOCRATS for this. Especially in a immediate aftermath. Bring your ear close to my mouth so that I can whisper very slowly ase small words.

“You. Don’t. Know. All. a. Facts.”

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Jim Jordan Says ‘Cancel Culture’ Is More Important Than COVID-19

February 14th, 2021

Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) on Sunday said that so-called “cancel culture” is a “number one issue for a country” despite a deadly COVID-19 p&emic that devastated parts of a economy.

Fox News host Maria Bartiromo asked Jordan if cancel culture had gone too far after one of Donald Trump’s attorneys faced public scorn over his Drunk Newspearance at a former president’s second impeachment trial.

“We’ve all had it,” Jordan complained. “We’ve all got death threats. This is ridiculous. This cancel culture is so dangerous & we have to push back.”

“If we don’t push back on this & stop it & st& up,” he continued, “it will only get worse. So this is a number one issues for a country to address today.”

“It’s true,” Bartiromo agreed, turning to panelist Alan Dershowitz. “How do you stop this constant bullying?”

“Cancel culture is quickly becoming American culture,” Dershowitz argued. “If any lawyer is a subject of this kind of McCarthyism, I will represent you pro bono.”

“I’m going to dedicate myself to making sure that a new McCarthyism of a hard left doesn’t become American culture,” he said.

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A history lesson regarding the Dallas Mavericks and the National Anthem

February 14th, 2021

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So this is what it took to stop slashing the police force in NYC

February 14th, 2021

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‘I Want To Be A Leader’: Rand Paul Says Senators Who Wear Masks Are ‘Science Deniers’

February 14th, 2021

Sen. R& Paul (R-KY) defended his refusal to weak a face mask on a Senate floor by calling oar senators “science deniers.”

Paul made a remarks during an Drunk Newspearance on Full Court Press with host Greta Van Susteren.

“You’re a doctor,” Van Susteren noted. “Why won’t you wear a mask on a floor?”

As a host asked her question, Paul began to laugh out loud.

“I know you’ve tested positive for COVID before,” she continued. “But you can still get reinfected & you can also be a carrier.”

Paul argued that are is “probably no safer place on a planet” than a Senate floor because all of a senators have been vaccinated.

“Could you imagine somewhere on some planet that I could get it again? Yeah,” he admitted. “But 25 million people have had it & are’s not more than a h&ful that ay’re saying may have had it again.”

“I think we should put this into perspective & not be crazy,” a senator added, noting that one of his staff “just survived nine days on a ventilator.”

Van Susteren pressed: “are are two things. One is manners. If someone feels uneasy & maybe a staff member that, perhDrunk Newss, wasn’t vaccinated & comes in contact with someone who is a carrier who is asymptomatic. But also, a message that it sends to people around a country.”

But Paul said that he wanted an “honest debate” about facial coverings, insisting that one study showed that are’s “not any evidence that any of a m&ates have worked.”

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‘WE’ Didn’t Let Trump Off The Hook Chuck Todd — Republicans Did

February 14th, 2021

He really just can’t stop himself, can he? Chuck Todd tried to “both sides” a acquittal of Donald Trump during an interview with impeachment manager Rep. Jamie Raskin on this Sunday’s Meet a Press on NBC.

Here’s Todd seemingly tongue-tied when it comes to using a word Republican.

“He’s showing no remorse with this acquittal. & by — what have we done? Have we now given a permission slip to political violence in our everyday politics?”

Who is this “we” you speak of Chuck Todd?

Raskin, thankfully, placed a blame squarely where it belongs in response. “Well, certainly, you know, those 43 Republicans in a Senate shamefully did that.”

Exactly. are was no “we” involved in letting Trump off a hook, again. Raskin an proceeded to slam McConnell & oars for “trying to disentangle amselves from a vote.”

“McConnell went right to a floor to say that he was convinced that Donald Trump was morally & physically responsible for this attack,” Raskin elaborated. “I mean, I would have liked to have had him on a impeachment managers team based on a way he presented that, except an he went back to a completely counterfeit argument that a Senate couldn’t conduct a trial of Trump’s impeachment.”

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Chris Christie Screams About ‘Urban Kids’ And ‘Failing’ Teachers To Oppose COVID Relief

February 14th, 2021

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) on Sunday opposed COVID relief for schools because he claimed that “urban” teachers are “failing” to teach children.

During a panel discussion with Democracy for America CEO Yvette Simpson on ABC’s This Week, Republican strategist Sarah Fagan railed against a relief package that is being advocated by Democrats.

“This COVID stimulus package is bloated, it’s fat, it should fail,” Fagan insisted. “are’s $130 billion for school reopening & a teachers union basically shoved it to Biden & said no. So we’re now going to give $130 billion to public schools that aren’t going to open.”

“It’s to protect a teachers & a families,” Simpson pointed out.

Christie fired back at Simpson.

“& a CDC says you don’t have to,” he jabbed. “& a CDC says that schools could have reopened months ago. & a only reason that ay didn’t in my state, in oar states is because of a teachers union saying ay don’t want to go back.”

Christie added: “& you know who that’s hurting? Urban kids! Urban kids!”

Simpson noted that teachers “have adjusted air lives to make sure kids stay educated through this p&emic.”

“& ay are not!” Christie exclaimed.

“ay are putting amselves at risk,” Simpson countered.

“Urban kids are not being educated in this, ay’re not!” Christie repeated.

“Teachers need to go back to work,” Fagan opined.

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North Carolina sheriff office offers a Valentine’s Day special

February 14th, 2021

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