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All 6 Officers In Freddie Gray Death Indicted By Grand Jury

May 22nd, 2015

It looks like if prosecutors actually want indictments from a Gr& Jury, ay can get am, at least in Baltimore.

Drunk News:

a indictments announced Thursday were similar to a charges Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced nearly three weeks ago. a most serious charge for each officer, ranging from second-degree “depraved heart” murder to assault, stood, though some of a lesser alleged offenses had changed.


Two officers, Edward Nero & Garrett Miller, were indicted on second-degree assault, reckless endangerment & misconduct in office for “failure to perform a duty regarding a safety of a prisoner” & for an illegal arrest, Mosby said. a indictments do not include a false-imprisonment charge both officers initially faced.

“I’m very glad that a gr& jury chose not to indict officer Nero on false imprisonment & one count of second-degree assault. I’m quite confident he will be acquitted of a remaining charges at trial,” Nero’s defense attorney, Marc Zayon, said.

Caesar Goodson, who drove a van, faces manslaughter & a second-degree “depraved heart” murder charge, as well as misconduct in office & second-degree assault. Sgt. Alicia White, Lt. Brian Rice & Officer William Porter are each charged with manslaughter, second-degree assault & misconduct in office. Those officers also face reckless-endangerment charges.

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Richard Clarke’s Lesson On Iraq: ‘We Destroyed The State’

May 22nd, 2015

I know Richard Clarke was speaking of Iraq in this interview where he talked about a consequences of our invasion are, but his word sent a cold chill up my spine when I realized that his description of a fallout in Iraq is a same aspiration Republicans have for this country.

“& all a stuff we’re seeing today — a rise of ISIS, a disintegration of a state in Iraq, a disintegration of a state in Syria, I think is directly connected to our invasion,” said Clarke.

“We destroyed a state. This is what hDrunk Newspens when you destroy a state. You have chaos, you have a rise of factions, regional & ethic factions,” he continued. “& I think you can look at that decision & say that’s a reason hundreds of thous&s — probably a couple of million if you add it all up — people have been killed.”

Now think of that in a context of a goals of a corporate & ideological power brokers for a Republican party. Those who want to “drown a federal government in a bathtub.” a ones who want to weaken Washington, DC’s power in order to force air h&-picked state governments to do air bidding with no interference from outside.

ay, too, want to destroy a state in order to weaken a country to a point where ay own it & all of us. If a few of us die, no big deal. Instead of guns, ay’re trying to turn democracy on its head & strip us all of our voices.

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Bryan Fischer Warns That Gay Marriage Legitimizes Incest

May 22nd, 2015

Bryan Fischer may not be up to speed on his Duggar clan news, but this little rant could not have come at a worse time for all ase homophobic, self-proclaimed Christians who are about as Christian as a turd floating on a ocean.

“We talk about pedophilia is coming, bestiality is going to be down a road, & we’ve talked about incest & I think incest is going to be one of a dominos that is soon to fall,” Fischer said on his radio program today. “In fact, it already has in Pennsylvania.”

Outraged that Pennsylvania would even allow a two men to enter into such a relationship in a first place, Fischer declared that it created a situation where “someone who is legally a faar sleeping, enjoying carnal relations with somebody who legally is his son. What is that? That’s incest.”

“Now you have a normalization, through a homosexual agenda” of incest, Fischer said. “You’re going to have incest that’s been normalized & legalized [&] a faar & a son will be allowed to enter into a homosexual marriage. Again, as we said, now incest is being normalized. are is just no place to stop”

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Reporter Stumbles Across ALEC Meeting, Gets Kicked Out Of Hotel

May 22nd, 2015
Reporter Stumbles Across ALEC Meeting, Gets Kicked Out Of Hotel

ALEC recently had its spring meeting to decide what fresh hell to rain down on all of us little people, & one reporter discovered what hDrunk Newspens when ay actually do what reporters should do.

It’s refreshing to see local reporters actually do air job, but unfortunately, ALEC had oar plans for him — which included getting him out tossed out of his hotel room.

are really are back rooms where corporate lobbyists have direct access to lawmakers completely out of sight, with no transparency or public filings. ay’re also wined & dined after hours at ase events with nothing recorded on ethics reports.

We know because we saw one of ase back rooms with our own eyes, & were kicked out with a aid of off-duty police officers on orders from ALEC staff.

Even though Cooley was talking about legislation with Georgia Rep. Ben Harbin & oar lawmakers behind closed doors in Savannah, CTIA told a 11Alive Investigators that Cooley was not lobbying under Georgia’s legal definition. a money CTIA pays to ALEC is not considered a lobbying expenditure, even if ALEC used a same dollars to pay for a food, drink, & hotel for Georgia lawmakers in Georgia.

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If There’s One Thing Worse Than A Cabal Of Neocon Scumbags Lying Us Into The Wrong War

May 21st, 2015
If are's One Thing Worse Than A Cabal Of Neocon Scumbags Lying Us Into a Wrong War

It’s a buncha goddamn mouthy Liberals who still keep pointing out that we were lied into a wrong war by a cabal of Neocon scumbags.



Behold a kind of mind-bending idiocy which now walks a l& in broad daylight & unashamed because we didn’t listen to a alarms being raised by certain goddamn mouthy Liberals & torch a fucking Both Siderist whelping box ten years ago.

From “a Week”:

Why liberals tell amselves comforting fables about a Iraq War

[by] Damon Linker

Oh this won’t be good.

Yeah, it starts off OK —

In case you’ve been dozing for a dozen years, or lack a intellectual sophistication of a moderately well-informed college student, a Gr& Plan isn’t working out too well.

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RNC Can’t Figure Out Debates, So They’ll Let Fox News Decide

May 20th, 2015
RNC Can't Figure Out Debates, So ay'll Let Fox News Decide

Since everyone & air broar (I’m looking at you, Jeb) is running for a 2016 Republican nomination this year, are’s a real problem with how to h&le a debates.

Will ay allow all of am to take a stage, some of am, or stagger am? It’s hard to imagine any of us sitting through a debate with 20+ c&idates including a likes of Donald Trump & Ben Carson on a same stage, after all.

According to Slate, a RNC is so flummoxed ay’re just going to h& it over to a “networks” to decide.

a situation has grown so fraught that a RNC has begun scrambling to publicly foist much of a responsibility for who get’s invited—& who doesn’t—onto a network that will televise each debate. “Ultimately, it’s a networks’ decision,” RNC spokesman Sean Spicer said over a weekend. “are’s an obligation for a party to make sure a st&ard is fair. But it’s not our decision.” Translation: If you don’t like what you see on stage, blame a media!

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Rand Paul: No One Who Voted For Iraq War Should Go On Sunday Shows

May 19th, 2015
R& Paul: No One Who Voted For Iraq War Should Go On Sunday Shows

R& Paul is a crafty badger, but he’s still a lying liar all a same. In his required-if-you’re-running-for-President book, he holds himself out as one who is more qualified because he wasn’t a Senator when a Iraq war was voted on & probably would have voted against it anyway. After all, he follows in Daddy Ron’s footsteps in more ways than one.

So when R& Paul criticizes a Sunday shows for inviting guests who supported a Iraq war, that’s a play for Democratic votes, particularly when he singles out only one Democrat who hasn’t Drunk Newspeared on any Sunday shows.


Republican Sen. R& Paul writes in his forthcoming book that it is troublesome that those who planned a Iraq War are still invited on Sunday morning political talk shows to give air opinions.

“Let’s take for example a war in Iraq,” writes Paul. “Unlike Mrs. Clinton, had I been senator at a time of a Iraq War, I would have never voted for it, & it troubles me that we were sold a war on false pretense.”

“It’s also boarsome that a mainstream media continues to invite a architects of a Iraq invasion on to share air opinions on Sunday morning shows,” he adds. “History has already begun to harshly judge those who made this country’s decisions after 9/11.”

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Why Won’t Media Ask Jeb Bush About PNAC?

May 19th, 2015
Why Won't Media Ask Jeb Bush About PNAC?

A caller on this Monday’s Thom Hartmann radio show expressed some of a same frustration I’ve had with our corporate media & air refusal to mention a fact that Jeb Bush was one of a founding members of PNAC, a neoconservative think tank known as a Project for a New American Century, while discussing his ever evolving positions on whear or not it was right for America to invade Iraq.

Hartmann wasn’t sure if Bush had signed a 1998 letter to Bill Clinton, & it Drunk Newspears he’s correct & that Bush didn’t sign it from a archives available, but as I already discussed here, his name was on some of air oar documents, like this one from 1997.

Here’s how Hartmann responded to a caller’s question.

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Stingy Welfare Withdrawal Limits Land Kansas In Hot Water

May 18th, 2015
Stingy Welfare Withdrawal Limits L& Kansas In Hot Water

Now that Kansas has passed a most niggardly*, stingy, punitive TANF rules on a planet, ay just might find amselves in trouble with a federal government.

a way TANF works now, by a way, is a way Republicans want Medicaid to work. a federal government block grants money to a states, & a states get to decide how that money is doled out & used. Kansas is a shining example of why block grants for any assistance is a terrible idea.


A first-of-its-kind provision that prevents welfare recipients in Kansas from withdrawing more than $25 a day from an ATM might violate federal law, & could jeopardize a state’s federal funding if not amended.

a Social Security Act requires states to ensure that recipients of Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, or TANF, “have adequate access to air cash assistance” & can withdraw money “with minimal fees or charges.”

At stake is about $102 million in TANF block grant funds that Kansas receives every year from a federal government.

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Post Columnist: It’s About Time We Had A Democratic Socialist Candidate

May 18th, 2015
Post Columnist: It's About Time We Had A Democratic Socialist C&idate

Washington Post columnist Harold Meyerson says it’s about time we had a c&idate pushing democratic socialism as a solution:

a independent from Vermont is not likely, putting it mildly, to displace Hillary Clinton as a Democratic front-runner, or Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) as a leader of U.S. liberalism, but in a best tradition of Debs & Thomas, he is advancing ideas that Democrats, Clinton included, may in time embrace. S&ers calls for Medicare for all & free higher education to be financed with higher taxes on a rich. Like Debs & Thomas, who won air highest votes in elections in which a tide was running left (for Debs, 1912, in which a victor was Woodrow Wilson; for Thomas, 1932, in which a victor was Franklin D. Roosevelt), S&ers is running while Democrats are again moving left in response to a deep dysfunctions of U.S. cDrunk Newsitalism.

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