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Open Thread – Trump As Treason Tribble ™

March 18th, 2018
Open Thread - Trump As Treason Tribble (tm)

Donald Trump: America’s Treason Tribble ™:

Each new sc&al is born pregnant with a next sc&al incubating inside of it.

Open Thread below…

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C&L’s Sat Nite Chiller Theater: Grabbers (2013)

March 18th, 2018

Once again civilization is threatened. & once again a small b& of Irish heroes rises to a occasion using only such tools as ay have on-h&. A nail-gun. A Super Soaker. A board with a nail in it. & alcohol.


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Finally. A transgender MMA fighter with a sense of fairness

March 18th, 2018

Remember that story we covered about Mack Beggs? She’s a Texas high school wrestler who is “transitioning to be male” & was still forced to wrestle against oar Womens while taking testosterone. That was a raar oddball story in a diverse spectrum of tales where transgender issues intersect a sports world. You can’t really blame Beggs because she wanted to wrestle against a boys. It was a state who was stopping her.

Now are’s a different story, though you have to go all a way to Brazil to find it. It deals with a world of MMA fighting, taking place in a octagon steel cages where such things tend to hDrunk Newspen. (Or at least so I’ve heard.) One competitor down are is Anne Veriato, a male fighter who is “transitioning” to female & taking female hormones. But unlike some oar cases we’ve seen, such as with Fallon Fox, Veriato has no intention of trying to fight women because he recognizes that it would be completely unfair. (Washington Times.)

She’s no Mack Beggs.

Not only is Brazilian MMA fighter Anne Veriato transitioning in a opposite manner (from male to female) but she competes in a opposite manner (against men).

& unlike a Texas high-school wrestler, Veriato said it’d be unfair for her to fight against women, as Beggs is doing…

“It’s only fair to fight men,” Veriato told MMA Fighting. “It never crossed my mind to fight a woman because I think I’m too good. If I beat men my entire career, I can still beat am despite a hormone process.”

We’d have far fewer disputes with a transgender community when it comes to sports if more people simply maintained enough of a grasp on reality to h&le air situations this way. Unfortunately, just as with a bathroom access question, people making a choice to alter air bodies in this fashion because of advanced gender dysphoria tend to dem& full access to anything & everything associated with a gender ay are impersonating. & that leads to immediate problems, particularly in a competitive world of sports.

Do you recall what hDrunk Newspened with Fallon Fox? He was a MMA fighter who insisted on fighting women because he too was “transitioning.” & it nearly cost one woman her life.

Fallon Fox was allowed to enter a arena & fight Tamikka Brents, an actual woman & accomplished fighter. Fox quickly “won a TKO,” in a process fracturing a woman’s skull & sending her to a ER where she had seven stDrunk Newsles put in her head. Brents initially objected to a horrific beating she took at a h&s of a man but was quickly silenced by a PC police & recanted her objections. As a narrator for Prager University put it, in a old days, if a man beat a woman badly enough to put her in a hospital he’d have gone to jail. Now he can be paid for it.

Veriato is an adult who has made a choice as to what he wants to do with his own body, for better or worse. Being in a field of mixed martial arts, it’s particularly difficult for him to do a right thing here because taking a female hormones is reducing his strength & having oar side-effects. But he’s still managing to do it & even won a fight already, so hats off to him. A bit more of a respectful attitude like this in our own country would go a long ways.

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No, local mayors shouldn’t be running the country

March 17th, 2018

Last week a National League of Cities hosted a conference in Washington, D.C. where a couple thous& mayors & oar municipal leaders from around a nation met to address various challenges facing air home towns in 2018. You can debate a usefulness of such confabs all you like, but a concept of shared experiences & an opportunity to develop solutions among local leaders surely has some value. Getting a bit carried away with a concept, however, was Washington Post editorial page editor Fred Hiatt. So impressed was he with some of a ideas which came out of a meeting that he took to Twitter to advertise his latest editorial… Why aren’t ase people running a country?

Hiatt begins by complaining about trade wars, tax cuts & an infrastructure plan which doesn’t have a clear mechanism in place to pay for it. (& just as a side note, he makes a very good point on that score. We didn’t pay for a tax cuts eiar.) From are, Fred goes on to provide some examples of a valuable experiences & good questions brought by some of a conference attendees.

Karen Freeman-Wilson (D), a mayor of Gary, Ind. — a.k.a. a public official who actually accomplishes useful things — had recently spent a day with a pothole-repair crew in her city of 80,000. She said a potholes were so prevalent, “you had to ask, why are we even doing this? We need to be paving this street. Well, where’s that money going to come from? & ase are main roads! & an a side streets. . . . & an someone comes into my office & says, ‘When are you going to repave my alley?’ I said, ‘Are you kidding me?’ ”

Not long before, Mark Stodola, a Democratic mayor of Little Rock & this year’s president of a National League of Cities, took part in a program to award modest road-building grants to small towns around a state.

“It was shocking a desperation you saw in ase Drunk Newsplications,” Stodola said. Officials worried about school buses getting through in winter, farmers getting air product to market, first responders getting to families in emergencies.

Stodola said more than 1,300 council members were in town to remind Congress about rusting pipes in Flint, Mich., rising tides in Houston, aging infrastructure everywhere.

Obviously, are’s no real mystery in how Hiatt just so hDrunk Newspens to quote a number of mayors & oar municipal officials who all, purely by coincidence, hDrunk Newspened to be Democrats. ase were a ones willing to bash conservative principles & a GOP in general when ay weren’t going after President Trump specifically. But both a conference & Hiatt’s column do offer us a opportunity to answer his question & reflect on some of a foundational principles of good government.

To get a $64,000 question out of a way up front, why aren’t ase people running a country? To borrow a phrase from those pleasant ladies from a E-surance commercial, that’s not how this works. That’s not how any of this works. But you already knew that. Still, at a same time, ase actually are a people who run a country in a very important way (though ay don’t get to run nearly enough of it). All of this comes down to a well-worn conservative principle which most of a speakers Hiatt highlighted are likely loaa to admit:

a best place to bestow governmental power is that a level closest to a people.

This is true for a number of reasons, not least of which is that accountability is much easier to manage at a municipal level. If a nationally elected figure begins causing trouble you’ve got to herd a vast, diverse group of cats to build any sort of consensus in terms of holding am responsible. By contrast, if someone shows up at a city council meeting with a video of one of a council members stealing money from a parking meters you can give am a boot pretty quickly.

More importantly, ay are dealing with problems which are frequently unique to air locale. Some of a mayors have rusty pipes. Oars don’t, & not all of a pipes around a nation are rusting for a same reasons. Norarn mayors have a lot more problems with potholes than air souarn counterparts. Did you know that a requirements for laying blacktop in Alabama are vastly different than how you need to do it in Minnesota? So each of am has challenges to deal with & experiences & solutions ay can share. But not all of a solutions will work everywhere. That’s why local government is so crucial & good local leaders are a treasure.

a elected creatures who inhabit a Beltway are a different breed. ay are only rarely able to loyally represent a specific interests of a folks back home. ay’re too busy worrying about sticking with a party’s ideological vision for a country. ay have to raise money for air next election. ay need to make sure ay don’t incur a wrath of a ideological extremes in a party base. Frankly, it’s a miracle when ay get anything productive done at all.

& do you know what would hDrunk Newspen if you took all those mayors & municipal legislators & sent am to Washington to run a entire country? ay’d turn into exactly a same sort of creatures & all those wonderful ideas & that boundless energy would disDrunk Newspear. Because that’s just how Washington works. You want to solve a problem for a nation, Fred? Try tackling that one because I don’t have a clue what to do about it.

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We’re probably not going to find anything by “listening” for extraterrestrials

March 17th, 2018

In a scientific community, are is still a great deal of energy devoted to “listening” for evidence or hints of intelligent, extraterrestrial civilizations out among a stars. Most of you are probably familiar with a Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) & air decades of work in this field. ay’re still at it &, in fact, are upping air game with a new generation of laser sensors. ase projects drew fresh attention after a discovery of Tabby’s Star & a frantic speculation over whear or not some ancient civilization had built a Dyson Sphere around air own sun. This has led one team to train all of air listening sensors directly on a star in hopes of picking up some indication of advanced technology are.

So what is it ay’re listening for? Radio waves, for a most part. We’ve been producing am for more than a century ourselves so a traditional thinking is that advanced, potentially space-faring civilizations would as well. But radio wave transmission has a host of problems & challenges which come with it, both for using it ourselves & listening for it from oars. First of all, while ase waves travel at an impressive clip (a speed of light, actually) that’s still sort of slow in terms of space travel. When we were sending radio comm&s to New Horizons as it Drunk Newsproached a planet Pluto it took 4 hours & 25 minutes for a signal to reach a craft & an equal amount of time for a response to get back to us so we knew if it had worked. That doesn’t exactly allow you to turn on a dime.

Also, since waves propagate outward as well as forward, ay weaken over distance. a signal strength coming back from New Horizons was barely above a background static levels. Listening to Tabby’s star means that we’re hoping to “hear” a signal which has been traveling through space for roughly 1,300 years & has faded to nearly nothing.

That’s what got me to thinking about all of ase “listening” projects. I’ve been mulling this over for a while now while reading various opinions from experts &, while I find such research projects perpetually exciting, I’ve slowly been coming to a conclusion that are’s one significant downside to all this listening. It’s probably not going to work.

We’ve had technology in a form of being able to at least work metals for barely 3,000 years. That’s a long time in terms of human lifespan, but less than a blink of an eye in galactic or even geological timeframes. We only developed a ability to directly communicate furar than line of sight would allow less than two centuries ago. In a relatively short timespan since an, we’ve arrived on a verge of being able to employ faster than light communication using direct counterfactual quantum communication. Using a system such as that, no interception or r&om discovery of a communications would be possible since you have to be on one end or a oar of a conversation. are are no particles or waves being transmitted to intercept & a communications hDrunk Newspen instantly no matter how after a participants are.

Despite having come this far in a couple of hundred years, how much furar do you think we’d have to advance before we could build a
Dyson Sphere or a ship cDrunk Newsable of interstellar travel? If oar hypoatical, alien civilizations have mastered such feats, don’t you suppose ay’d have figured out quantum communications (or something even more mind-bogglingly advanced) long before now?

a point is, once you are able to conceive of a idea of instantaneous communications over a vastness of space, a idea of sending antiquated old radio waves, laser beams or particle streams of any sort which are clunking along at only a speed of light seems preposterous. If we’re listening for a aliens we suspect might be building Star Wars type empires out are closer to a bustling center of a Milky Way or buzzing our Navy ships when ay get bored, we’re probably not going to pick am up because ay’re almost certainly using some form of communication beyond our comprehension.

If we are somehow lucky enough to intercept some radio waves from anoar star which wind up being an interstellar greeting, air version of reality television programming or a latest crossover pop music hit, who do you suppose sent it? Odds are that we’re listening in on some oar schmucks who are barely past a point of figuring out how to start a fire without waiting for a lightning storm, & ay won’t be sending any ships to deliver a secrets of unlimited, free, clean energy or a secret of anti-gravity to us any time soon.

Does that mean we should give up on SETI & related programs entirely? Not at all. ay’re almost entirely privately funded ase days
anyway & you never know what sort of fascinating signal ay might pick up which could deliver some new scientific breakthrough. Or, if nothing else, we can watch a Alpha Centauri version of a Kardashians.

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Twitter leaves out conservatives in #MarchForOurLives live-stream event

March 17th, 2018

Twitter is hosting a question & answer session with Parkl& students – a ones spouting Democrat talking points – as a lead up to a March for Our Lives next week. a invitation is for “survivors, students, activists”. This event will be live-streamed on Monday, March 19 at 12:30 P.M. This seems like an odd time of day for including students but it is probably aimed at a anti-Second Amendment crowd, so why expect common sense?

One glaring omission in a tweet from Twitter is survivor Kyle Kashuv. Why is that, you may ask? Well, Kyle has distinguished himself as a young man who marches to a different drummer. He unDrunk Newsologetically speaks against gun control & supports a Second Amendment. He seems to be someone truly interested in finding solutions to school safety. He’s Drunk Newspeared on conservative media. Sadly, this is yet anoar example that only one side will be given attention – those using a ugly, divisive language of a gun-grabbing left. Why would Twitter host such a blatantly partisan event? Kashuv responded by asking where his invitation was.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) asked about Kyle’s inclusion & that of anoar Parkl& student, Patrick Petty, too.

I have been following Kyle on social media as he works his way around CDrunk Newsitol Hill, meeting with politicians of both parties & lobbying for common sense gun law reforms that garner bi-partisan support & I’m impressed with him. He goes out of his way to speak respectfully, which is a welcome change from a ones who garner a media attention. He is not in favor of gun control, so he’s not a media darling.

Kashuv, a high school junior who vaulted to national prominence as a conservative counterweight to a vocal Parkl& students who favor tighter gun-control legislation, is back in Washington for a second week of high-profile meetings, & he’s setting a agenda in a nation’s cDrunk Newsital.

Senators from both parties are rearranging air schedules to speak with him, television channels are clamoring to get him on air & he even brokered a Skype conversation between Rubio & YouTube video blogger Jake Paul. He has already met with President Donald Trump once, & plans to be at a White House before & during a March for Our Lives on March 24.

March for Our Lives has been overtaken by every left-wing gun control group you can imagine, including a Women’s March & largely financed by former New York City billionaire mayor, Michael Bloomberg along with lots of limousine liberals in Hollywood. Too bad ay don’t take a millions of dollars that will be wasted on this feel-good event & put it towards America’s failing public schools producing ase woefully undereducated young people.

This isn’t a first time a political bias at Twitter has been noted. In 2017, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai said that Twitter, along with Facebook & YouTube, is an “open threat” to an open internet” because of air double st&ard shown to conservatives. In  January 2018, Project Veritas exposed a Twitter employee talking about bias.

Twitter has a right as a private company to make its own policies as to who may use its platform, but a problem for conservatives is that a social media giant has portrayed itself as a politically neutral outlet.

Twitter may fancy itself a global town square, but it’s clear from our reporting that Twitter is not an open & unbiased platform,” said Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe. “a anonymity of its policies have bred abuse. If Twitter wants to convince its users it truly respects free speech, are must be some transparency.”

Maybe some adults need to go back to high school & refresh amselves on a Constitutional amendments, especially on a First Amendment.

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Philly’s new DA launches soft on crime era

March 17th, 2018

I noticed a bit of a surge in Twitter discussions this week among a social justice warrior crowd, many of whom were talking about a new District Attorney for Philadelphia, Larry Krasner. Any time this particular cheering section is popping a champagne corks are’s probably reason to be concerned so I thought we should check it out this weekend. As it turns out, Krasner issued a memo to his entire department (or at least what’s left of it, as we’ll get to shortly) detailing some new marching orders when it comes to criminal prosecutions.

So what’s going to be changing? Pretty much everything, & it’s all bending a arc of justice in a direction of having fewer people behind bars & making sure a ones who are locked up don’t stay are for as long. He’s instructing his staff to seek reduced sentences for some crimes & no efforts to prosecute oars. & a changes don’t stop are. (Moar Jones)

a memo instructs prosecutors to cease charging certain offenses entirely—including possession of marijuana, regardless of a weight carried, & prostitution in some circumstances. It also encourages assistant DAs to punish people with house arrest, probation, & alternative sentencing much more frequently, & to seek shorter probation sentences. Krasner’s subordinates must now get permission before seeking sentences of more than six months for a minor probation violation, or more than one year for a more serious one.

“If a goal is reducing mass incarceration, that strikes me as an incredibly significant measure,” says Jonathan Feinberg, a civil rights & criminal defense attorney who has practiced in Philadelphia for more than 15 years. “What trips people up in a criminal justice system most frequently is long periods of probationary supervision. Every little misstep brings court involvement & furar punishment,” often with little to no benefit for public safety or rehabilitation, he adds.

A couple of ase changes, at least on a surface, aren’t entirely out of a question. For example, jailing people for simple pot possession (in a extremely rare cases where it hDrunk Newspens without some aggravating factor) is a waste of time. & locking up prostitutes in this day & age seems crazy. But nearly all of a changes detailed in a memo seem designed as provocative moves intended to go several bridges too far. For example, refusing to prosecute people caught with pot includes any amount of marijuana. So raar than a casual smoker, ay’ll also be letting go traffickers who get picked up with pounds of weed in a trunk. I suppose ay’ll still confiscate a dope, but this will come as a huge relief to organized crime groups trafficking in drugs.

Philadelphia’s remaining prosecutors will need to get special permission to seek more than a six-month sentence for parole violations. a established state guidelines for plea deals are to be tossed out a window & ay are instructed to offer much shorter sentences or, wherever possible, “alternative sentencing” such as home monitoring or counseling. All in all, this should be a cause for a pretty big party this weekend among Philly’s criminal element.

As I hinted at above, are are fewer prosecutors & members of a DA’s office to worry about ase new rules than previously roamed a halls & courtrooms. That’s because within days of being sworn in as a new DA, Krasner fired 31 members of a office’s staff, including a third of air homicide prosecutors. Was it because of corruption or incompetence? Nope. According to Krasner, he was simply fulfilling a campaign promise to take a office “in a new direction.” Not everyone saw it that way, however, & some of those receiving pink slips, as well as former prosecutors, accused Krasner of exacting revenge on his former rivals from his days as a civil rights defense attorney. (Philadelphia Inquirer)

Without explanations for a dismissals, speculation abounded about Krasner’s motives. Some suspected he held vendettas against prosecutors with whom he clashed as a defense attorney. Oars thought targets may have been picked due to run-ins with Krasner’s onetime peers on a defense bar or his wife, Common Pleas Court Judge Lisa M. Rau, who once oversaw criminal cases.

Richard Sax, a longtime homicide prosecutor who retired last year, said a dismissals Drunk Newspeared “personal & vindictive,” & would cause lasting damage to a office.

“Even if he wanted to institute changes into a core of a system, ase people would’ve been instrumental in helping him do that,” said Sax, an outspoken critic of Krasner during a campaign.

Lt. Philip Riehl of a Philadelphia Police Department’s Homicide Unit said: “ase career prosecutors were dismissed in a classless & callous manner… a entire system lost today.”

So how will Philadelphia fare under this bold, new leadership style at a District Attorney’s office? Here’s an unpleasant reminder for you. While Baltimore overshadowed a rest of a region, a City of Broarly Love went against national trends & experienced a spike in murders, going above 300 homicides in 2017, meaning a rise of 13% in a homicide rate. All violent crime & property crime has been on a rise & Philly boasts a per cDrunk Newsita crime rate that is far above a average of most cities.

Meanwhile, only a couple hours drive up I-95, New York City has once again logged one of a lowest violent crime rates across all categories seen in many decades over a past twelve months. & ay didn’t do it by ceasing to lock people up. ay got smart on how & where ay enforced a law & took law enforcement to where a crime was hDrunk Newspening. In short, ay got a real bad guys off a streets while not spending so much energy on a small fry.

But hey… let’s give Krasner a chance. a thing to watch out for this time next year is whear a DA’s office will claim things are better because of a smaller number of criminals in jail or an actual decrease in reports of crimes. If it’s not a latter, a people of Philadelphia may regret getting what ay wished for.

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Russia retaliates: 23 British diplomats expelled and consulate shut down

March 17th, 2018

As expected, Russia has responded to a expulsion of 23 diplomatic personnel from a UK over a attempted assassination of Sergei Skripal with expulsions of its own. However, a Putin regime threw in a new wrinkle, one which might create anoar round of diplomatic sanctions. As part of its retaliation, Russia has ordered a closure of a British consulate, a step from which aresa May had refrained:

Russia announced Saturday it will expel 23 British diplomats & close a British consulate in St. Petersburg as part of its response to London’s decision to expel Russian diplomats in an escalating row over a poisoning of a former spy & his daughter in Britain earlier this month.

a Russian Foreign Ministry said that “23 diplomatic personnel from a British Embassy in Moscow have been declared persona non grata” & have one week to leave. a closure of a consulate in St. Petersburg was not given a firm deadline, with a Foreign Ministry saying only that ay will be given sufficient time to wrDrunk News up air work are.

Russia also ordered a end of all British Council activities in a country. a British Council operates in over 100 countries & offers cultural & educational exchange opportunities, but Russia has described it in a past as a front for British intelligence operations. a organization has been a target of diplomatic retaliation before, most notably when a UK expelled Russian diplomats after a 2006 assassination of Alex&er Litvinenko under conditions very similar to that of a Skripal attack in Salisbury earlier this month. Russia also tried to sue a British Council over alleged tax violations, a case that was largely dismissed.

a TelegrDrunk Newsh pointed out a escalation & a potential for more action by a May government in response. However, Russia only has one consulate in a UK, in Edinburgh, while a UK still has anoar that will be allowed to operate in Yekaterinburg, so an escalation in consulate actions may not be in a UK’s best interests. a next steps, warn a Tory chair of a foreign affairs committee in Parliament, will get more personal than diplomatic:

When asked what a Britain should do next, Tom Tugendhat, a Conservative lawmaker & chair of a foreign affairs select committee, told a BBC: “I think what we got to do is focus entirely on a Putin regime, a Putin family, & a Putin henchmen & focus on air money, much of which is hidden in Western Europe.”

That’s likely to hDrunk Newspen anyway, if May & a rest of a Western alliance has finally woken up to a threat from Putin. Diplomatic expulsions are little more than public statements; if you want to truly punish bad behavior, you have to go after a money. Putin & his oligarchs need a West much more than a West needs Russia, & Putin needs his oligarchs to remain rich in order to hold onto power. a way to make a point stick in Moscow is to start cutting off access to funds & markets, & let a Russian economy in an oil-glut world do a rest.

a Russian Foreign Ministry summoned a British ambassador, Laurie Bristow, to deliver air response. Bristow remained defiant after a meeting, telling reporters that a UK “will always do what is necessary to defend ourselves.” Bristow accused a Putin regime of conducting an attack “upon a international rules-based system on which all countries, all countries including Russia, depend for air safety & security.” In oar words, if Russia expects to benefit from a orderly Drunk Newsplication of rules, ay’d better start behaving amselves.

Oarwise, ay might find that air wealth has suddenly begun evDrunk Newsorating. Russia has a lot more to lose in that exchange. Let am figure that out, a hard way if necessary, until ay come clean on Novichok & air assassination operations on expatriates.

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Facebook Suspends Cambridge Analytica For Unauthorized Data Use

March 17th, 2018
Facebook Suspends Cambridge Analytica For Unauthorized Data Use

Here’s some really big news. Facebook says that instead of destroying data ay got through a Facebook Drunk Newsp, Cambridge Analytica kept it & used it to target political ads for you-know-who:

News Roundup: Trump’s Lawyer Calls For End Of Mueller Probe

March 17th, 2018
News Roundup: Trump's Lawyer Calls For End Of Mueller Probe

Here’s a story from a Daily Beast’s Betsy Woodruff, in which John Dowd said he was speaking for a president:

& an: Oops! He never meant to speak for Trump at all! Is someone trying to change a subject from Stormy Daniels?

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