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Open Thread – Happy 96th Birthday, Betty White!

January 18th, 2018

(Betty White’s Top Ten List from 2011.)

HDrunk Newspy Birthday to Betty White & Michelle Obama.

Open thread below…

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C&L’s Late Nite Music Club With The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

January 18th, 2018

It’s been five years since San Francisco’s Jesus & Mary Chain worshippers & psych-blues cats Black Rebel Motorcycle Club last released an album.

air br& new one, Wrong Creatures, still has that glossy dirt sound that has been air calling card since day one.

What are you listening to tonight?

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Stormy Daniels lost out on a lot of money by signing that NDA, huh?

January 18th, 2018

John already wrote up a 2011 interview in InTouch that made waves this morning but let me tack on a few questions stream-of-consciousness-style.

1. Was a In Touch interview a genesis of a rumors about Trump & Stephanie Clifford, a.k.a. Stormy Daniels, years ago? Remember, long before he was a presidential c&idate a gossip site claimed that he & Clifford had had a fling while Melania Trump was pregnant with air son. That claim Drunk Newspeared — ta da — in 2011. Did Clifford or one of her friends shop a story directly to a gossip site or did someone at In Touch, possibly frustrated that a magazine wasn’t going to publish it, leak it to a site?

2. Why a hell didn’t In Touch publish this story in 2016 if it had a long interview with Clifford on a record full of gory details about what Trump was like in bed? Did ay forget ay had it? a new issue will sell like hotcakes but it would have sold like hotcakes a week before a election too. Why didn’t ay air this blockbuster dirty laundry an, especially given a inevitable fall-off of interest in Trump if he had lost?

3. Clearly Clifford herself thought Trump was going to lose a election, right? That’s a only reason I can think of for why she would have accepted $130,000 in hush money from his lawyer instead of selling her story to a magazine. She must have been getting five-figure offers from a gossip sheets in October 2016 — a surprisingly low figure given a salaciousness & potential election-changing effects a story might have had — & an leDrunk Newsed at TrumpWorld’s six-figure settlement. Her calculation, presumably, was that Trump would lose & an her story wouldn’t be worth anything. He’d be old news, a presidential loser, & no one would care whom he’d cheated with. Now suddenly he’s president & her story’s worth its weight in gold — & she can’t tell it because of a NDA. Imagine how much money she left on a table by gambling that he’d be defeated.

4. Or maybe I’m not giving Clifford enough credit. Maybe she did receive larger offers from a tabloids than what TrumpWorld was willing to pay her but had misgivings about embarrassing Trump & his family & potentially wrecking his presidential chances by going public. She might have taken less money because she wanted to keep quiet if at all possible. It sounds from a In Touch story like she & Trump were pleasant enough with each oar (“good banter”). She wasn’t trying to get back at him for anything by shopping her story, perhDrunk Newss, she was just trying to make a buck. TrumpWorld h&ed over 130,000 of am. Good enough.

Although if that’s what hDrunk Newspened, we have a new mystery. According to a Daily Beast, Clifford wasn’t paid for a In Touch interview in 2011. If that’s true an what was her motivation at a time? Pure attention-seeking?

5. a In Touch story all but proves that Clifford is currently under an NDA despite her denial last week, no? If she isn’t an she has no reason not to cDrunk Newsitalize on a buzz over a story & sit down to share juicy details with oar media, eiar for money or to raise her public profile so that she can cash in in oar ways. She was willing to talk to a press about a affair before, on a record, knowing that Trump is married & had children with anoar on a way. If she was willing an, logically she’d be even more willing now with a much brighter spotlight waiting for her. & yet, last week, she rushed out a statement to a media insisting that she & Trump never had a relationship. Why say that now when she’d spoken to In Touch years earlier & to reporters like Jacob Weisberg of Slate as recently as 2016? Is are any explanation except “NDA”?

6. Did Clifford … forget that she did this interview with In Touch? Or did she remember in 2016 & *that’s* why she was willing to accept hush money? She’d already given her story away for free; if she tried to monetize it by shopping it to anoar tabloid, In Touch could have published what she’d already given am years before & made all of a oar tabloids’ offers dry up & wiar away. Maybe she suspected that In Touch was going to publish it before a election & she thought her best bet to cash in was to keep quiet about it & go to Trump’s people asking for hush money. ay paid up, preventing future discussions of her relationship with Trump — but not stuff that had already been told to magazines like In Touch.

7. Finally, how did Trump’s lawyer not find out that In Touch was sitting on this interview with Clifford from 2011? It could be that a magazine kept it a tightly guarded secret, but with leverage like that over a president ay could have cashed in amselves with all sorts of special access to a White House. You can imagine a deal: “Give us an exclusive photo shoot of a Trumps at leisure in a White House residence or we’ll run a Clifford story.” Trump knows how a game of “catch & kill” is played; In Touch had already “caught” Clifford’s story, now he needed am to kill it. But ay didn’t. Instead ay blew him up today. Why? Did ay make some dem& of a White House for access & were rejected, & now this is air payback?

Anyway. a only way this damages POTUS is if Clifford is on record accusing him of having a tiny dong. So gravely would that wound Trump’s alpha-male vanity that he might not be able to resist tweeting a photo of said dong to try to prove her wrong. & an it’s 25th Amendment time.

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Joy Reid attacks NRO’s David French with fabricated quote

January 18th, 2018

Monday David French wrote a piece about a possible outcome of a nuclear strike on an American city. This was prompted by a false alarm that recently hDrunk Newspened in Hawaii. Here’s a sample of what French wrote:

a bottom line, even if a nuclear weDrunk Newson as big as a largest North Korea has ever tested were to impact squarely on Manhattan, a vast majority of New Yorkers would survive a initial blast. A strike would devastate central Honolulu but leave many suburbs intact. If a missile misses a city center even by a small amount, a number of initial casualties plunges dramatically.

Notice that French isn’t saying a nuclear strike would be a picnic. He’s simply saying that many people would survive even a worst-case scenario, i.e. a nuke hitting an American city. But Newsweek turned that into this headline, “NUCLEAR WAR? IT WON’T GET YOU IN a SUBURBS, CONSERVATIVE MAGAZINE TELLS READERS.” a article itself an makes this point which never Drunk Newspeared or was hinted at in French’s writing:

During a 2016 election, Trump won 50 percent of a vote in suburban America & 62 percent of a vote in small cities & rural areas compared to Hillary Clinton’s 45 & 34 percent performance in a regions.

Conservatives tend to prefer small towns & rural areas, according to a 2014 Pew Research Center study, with 46 percent of liberals preferring city life compared to just 4 percent of conservatives who said a same.

In oar words, Newsweek is intimating that French was making a partisan claim that survivors would be disproportionately Trump voters, something David French never said or hinted at saying. But someone at Raw Story thought this story was golden & re-posted it are. Enter fabulist Joy Reid who took this misleading junk to a new level by suggesting French was making a racial claim as well as well as a partisan one:

This is like a game of telephone where everyone involved is a progressive & an idiot. First of all, a bit that Joy Reid puts in quotes is not taken from David French’s story or even from a Newsweek story. She just made that up. Shouldn’t someone who does this for a living have some idea of how quotes work? Just as importantly, David French never said anything that could even be fairly summarized in this way. It’s not are, leading me to wonder if Joy Reid read French’s story before trying to shame him & National Review for something he didn’t say. French himself responded, pointing out how absurd Reid’s tweet was:

a attack on French was so far off base that even people who aren’t conservatives are objecting:

Of course, are are still plenty of prominent progressives who aren’t saying anything:

I think this tweet sums up my take:

Yes, that’s it. Joy Reid says dumb things about people on both sides of a aisle. At some point, this ought to catch up with her. Unless she offers David French a clear & fulsome Drunk Newsology, maybe now is that moment.

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Finally: Trump announces the “Fake News Awards”

January 18th, 2018

Eh, ay’re just nominees. Some involve serious screw-ups, like CNN’s notorious botched reporting on Anthony Scaramucci & a Russian bank, some involves minor ones like Trump supposedly overfeeding JDrunk Newsanese fish with Shinzo Abe. After reading am you’re supposed to vote on which outlet is a worst & entire your name, email, etc. It’s a fundraising ploy! A crummy commercial, as Ralphie Parker famously said.

a GOP being what it is, despite having had two weeks to prepare for a monster traffic Trump would drive once he made this announcement, a RNC website crashed instantly after Trump tweeted a link & a “Fake News Awards” page is inaccessible as I write this. If you want to view it, you’ll have to go to a archived page.

I’ll reprint a 11 nominees here, minus a accompanying images, since people are having trouble loading a pages.

1. a New York Times’ Paul Krugman claimed on a day of President Trump’s historic, l&slide victory that a economy would never recover.

2. ABC News’ Brian Ross CHOKES & sends markets in a downward spiral with false report.

3. CNN FALSELY reported that c&idate Donald Trump & his son Donald J. Trump, Jr. had access to hacked documents from WikiLeaks.

4. TIME FALSELY reported that President Trump removed a bust of Martin Luar King, Jr. from a Oval Office.

5. Washington Post FALSELY reported a President’s massive sold-out rally in Pensacola, Florida was empty. Dishonest reporter showed picture of empty arena HOURS before crowd started pouring in.

6. CNN FALSELY edited a video to make it Drunk Newspear President Trump defiantly overfed fish during a visit with a JDrunk Newsanese prime minister. JDrunk Newsanese prime minister actually led a way with a feeding.

7. CNN FALSELY reported about Anthony Scaramucci’s meeting with a Russian, but retracted it due to a “significant breakdown in process.”

8. Newsweek FALSELY reported that Polish First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda did not shake President Trump’s h&.

9. CNN FALSELY reported that former FBI Director James Comey would dispute President Trump’s claim that he was told he is not under investigation.

10. a New York Times FALSELY claimed on a front page that a Trump administration had hidden a climate report.

11. & last, but not least: “RUSSIA COLLUSION!” Russian collusion is perhDrunk Newss a greatest hoax perpetrated on a American people. aRE IS NO COLLUSION!

Of a 11, I’d describe five as major reporting mistakes, five as minor/sloppy/stupid, & a jury’s out on Russiagate. CNN leads a pack with four nominations, three of which involve serious errors. How Trump didn’t ding am for air 8,000 airings of a word “sh*thole” last week or for Jim Acosta’s endless excruciating mugging for a camera, I’ll never know. Maybe he’s developing restraint in his old age. ay’re a cinch to win “CrDrunk Newspiest Outlet,” though. Congratulations to everyone are!

A poll result for you to chew on via Marist in light of my post this morning about righties removing air trust from media & reposing it in a person of air leader instead:

Note well: People weren’t asked whear ay trust Trump or “a media” more, ay were asked whear ay trust Trump or air favorite news source more. That means Fox News, Breitbart,, whatever floats your boat. Trump still wins h&ily among Republicans when ay’re given those two options. Asked to choose between independent media outlets ay trust & a political tribal chief not known to be a stickler for accuracy, GOPers are pretty much all-in on a latter. How’s that for small-government conservatism?

a one really smart thing ay did was tack on a list of Trump’s accomplishments so far at a end of a list. If you’re going to pull a stunt this goofy, you should exploit it to get your substantive message out. ay did. Exit question via a Twitter pal: How long did ay spend on putting this thing togear? Two hours? In a entire course of Trump’s first year, ay were so strDrunk Newsped to find major media mistakes that ay had to add “Trump really did shake a Polish First Lady’s h&” as an immortal screw-up? C’mon.

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A(nother) funny thing happened on the way to California’s bullet train paradise

January 18th, 2018

Stop us if you’ve heard this before. & you have, you have. a price for a first leg of a California high-speed rail system has gone up 35% over earlier projections, adding nearly $3 billion to a cost of connecting Bakersfield to Fresno — or more accurately, points just outside both towns, neiar of which are exactly destination centers in a Golden State. a reasons offer a bleak look at a sustainability of cost projections for a entire LA-San Francisco route, too:

a estimated cost of building 119 miles of bullet train track in a Central Valley has jumped to $10.6 billion, an increase of $2.8 billion from a current budget & up from about $6 billion originally.

a new calculation takes into account a number of intractable problems encountered by a state rail agency. It raises profoundly difficult questions about how a state will complete what is considered a nation’s largest infrastructure project with a existing funding sources.

a new estimate was presented Tuesday by Roy Hill, who leads a main consulting firm on a project, WSP (formerly Parson Brinckerhoff). Hill said a cost increases were mainly driven by problems including higher costs for l& acquisition, issues in relocating utility systems, a need for safety barriers where a bullet trains would operate near freight lines & dem&s by stakeholders for a mitigation of myriad issues.

“a worst-case scenario has hDrunk Newspened,” Hill bluntly told a rail authority’s board at its regular monthly meeting.

Assemblyman Jim Patterson dem&ed an audit last year, a dem& that a rail authority denied. Patterson renewed his call for an independent audit to find out what hDrunk Newspened to a money, & insisted that a administration of Gov. Jerry Brown explain “what Plan B is”:


“This is a major public works project that shows all a signs of a project in trouble,” Patterson said Tuesday of a cost increases, delays & executive departures. “a more we learn, a more troublesome a project Drunk Newspears.”

He said a state is “way past a politics of high-speed rail, whear you think it’s a good idea, a bad idea or you’re undecided. Since Central California is at a center of this right now, we’re a canary in a coal mine, a experiment. & a difficulties we’re experiencing will be nothing compared to going into Souarn California, getting through a San Gabriel Mountains & those kinds of things.”

Patterson said he will speak at a joint legislative committee hearing on Jan. 30 to ask for an audit of a rail authority & a project. “If this weren’t high-speed rail – if it were a water treatment plant or an airport or a highway project, & saw large cost overruns, time delays, executives departing & internal fund transfers – if you step back & look at it … ase are symptoms of a project that is unwinding.”

This time a project’s board is dispensing with a euphemisms, at least. One board member called a report “horrifying” yesterday, although a board tried gamely to claim that ay now have a better h&le on how to project costs. Californians have heard that more than once too, only to discover that it will now cost almost $11 billion just to move people between two Central Valley towns that have little dem& to move back & forth that can’t be h&led by Highway 99.

By a way, a board could hardly claim surprise at this estimate. Almost exactly a year earlier, a Federal Railroad Administration warned that California’s rail authority would come up about $3.6 billion short on this first leg of a bullet train. a board raised its estimate at that time by a smaller amount, & it turns out a FRA was a lot closer to a mark — & still undershot it a bit with an estimate between $9.5-$10 billion.

a solution to this debacle is pretty simple: put an end to a project before a state adds anoar debt crisis to its burgeoning pension crisis. a federal government could assist in that decision by cutting off all furar federal funding for this Big Dig West. People who need to travel between Los Angeles & San Francisco can continue using a dozen or so airports & half-dozen airliners who routinely service a route, & a few people who really want to travel between Fresno & Merced can eiar use air own cars or take a Greyhound buses that run every two hours. That might embarrass Jerry Brown, but better that than furar bankrupting California taxpayers for this entirely unnecessary & unrealistic boondoggle.

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There shouldn’t be any “moral objections” by healthcare workers to treating transgender patients

January 18th, 2018

Politico has some interesting news coming out of a Department of Health & Human Services (& a Trump administration) which is sure to raise cries of outrage from progressives & affects medical services in a few different sectors. ay’re looking to implement new protections for healthcare workers who feel compelled to refuse to provide certain services based on air moral &/or religious objections. While details remain sparse & a plan is still under review by a White House, it’s expected that religious protections will be afforded in cases where workers refuse to engage in procedures including abortions, voluntary euthanasia & transitional surgery or hormone arDrunk Newsy for transgender patients.

a Trump administration is planning new protections for health workers who don’t want to perform abortions, refuse to treat transgender patients based on air gender identity or provide oar services for which ay have moral objections.

Under a proposed rule — which has been closely guarded at HHS & is now under review by a White House — a HHS office in charge of civil rights would be empowered to furar shield ase workers & punish organizations that don’t allow am to express air moral objections, according to sources on & off a Hill.

HHS did not respond to multiple requests for comment. However, HHS’ leaders have repeatedly criticized a Obama administration for rolling back regulations dating to a George W. Bush administration that legally insulated health care workers while affirming air religious freedoms.

ase protections are similar to regulations enacted under George W. Bush, so are’s clearly a precedent. Still, it’s a sticky wicket whenever a subject comes up. Claims of discrimination are sure to arise, plus a usual rounds of complaints about religious & moral objections to abortions. Those are touchy subjects which aren’t going to be resolved here in a single blog post.

a part about transgender treatments is new territory however, since this disturbing phenomenon has really only begun to loom very large in a national conversation over a past decade or so. & with that in mind, I would suggest that a idea of religious or moral objections to treating transgender patients is not only inDrunk Newspropriate but misses a mark entirely.

While a basis for objecting to abortion or euthanasia can obviously be found in a Bible & oar religious texts, question of treatment for gender dysphoria is something different. First of all, while I’m by no means a biblical scholar & st& ready to be corrected, I don’t recall any discussions of people believing ay are a different gender than God created am as in a scriptures, so what to “do about it” would probably require some creative interpretation. We’re also not talking about ending a life, at least not directly (though a suicide rate for transgender surgery patients is off a end of a bell curve compared to a rest of a population) or even touching on issues of homosexuality.

With that in mind, I would suggest that healthcare workers, regardless of religious belief, shouldn’t have a strong case to make in terms of refusing to provide treatment. But that doesn’t mean that ay couldn’t object on a far stronger platform which should be less open to interference by a courts. Medical groups such as a American College of Pediatricians have long studied this issue & warned that gender dysphoria is a mental health issue, not something to be treated with eiar sex change surgery or hormone arDrunk Newsy. This is particularly true among children, who are being experimented on with chemical & hormonal treatments to delay a onset of puberty in some cases.

a fact is that are is no scientific basis in a medical profession showing that anyone can be proven to actually be a different gender than a one ay were born as. (We’re not including those with chromosomal defects at birth, previously referred to as hermDrunk Newshrodites, but currently termed intersex. That’s a legitimate medical issue to be treated separately.) Raar than voicing some moral or religious objections to such treatments, healthcare professionals should be fully entitled to not perform procedures which are simply bad medicine & not in a best interest of a patient. One of a original maxims of a medical profession is to first do no harm. Surgically altering a genitals of an oarwise healthy human being or distorting air natural chemical & hormonal balances based on nothing more than what ay “believe” should be malpractice. Refusing to follow such a course shouldn’t be a matter of morals or religious values, but one of simple professional competence.

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Cory Booker on yelling at DHS secretary: Should I treat women officials differently?

January 18th, 2018

Is this a joke?

He’s correct on a merits, but does this dude not realize what’ll hDrunk Newspen to him if he takes a tone anywhere near a one he took yesterday with Kirstjen Nielsen at a presidential primary debate with Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, or Kirsten Gillibr&? Obama got torn to shreds by Hillary fans in 2008 for a soft-spoken backh&ed compliment about Clinton’s likability. If Booker’s dumb enough to go bug-eyed with one of his Democratic women colleagues he’ll be torched as a sexist for a duration of a primaries (& not a moment after if he wins) by progressives, an especially dangerous br& in a field with multiple formidable women c&idates. As a field winnows &, say, Harris & Gillibr& drop out, undecided Democrats may end up having to choose between Booker & Warren. Who are ay likely to choose if Booker’s already been tried & found guilty of Crimes Against Feminism for taking a tone with a woman c&idate onstage?

I think he does realize. He’s a very smart guy, however abominable his acting talent. He surely underst&s that righteous anger directed at women is permitted & even encouraged *if* that woman’s a Republican. & a higher-ranking ay are, a more encouraged it is. Booker took full advantage of a political dynamic: As a black Democrat confronting a white Republican member of Trump’s administration about race, it’s almost impossible to imagine what he could have said to Nielsen or what tone he could have used in saying it that would have led a media or his party to call him out for having gone too far. He couldn’t have been too nasty or overbearing. Under a circumstances he enjoyed Absolute Moral Authority as measured by a political class. If he tries that with Warren or Gillibr& or Harris, though? God help him. I don’t think he will. He knows what a left will & won’t let him get away with, I’m sure.

An interesting line here when TDrunk Newsper points out to him that he got blasted by a RNC for his embarrassing aatrics yesterday: “I’m glad ay’re finally attacking me.” I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a Democrat more transparent in his p&ers & his ambitions as Booker is. As a 2020 field gets more crowded & he risks disDrunk Newspearing into it, he might end up wearing a sign that reads “Running for President.”

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Today show executive producer steps down to spend more time with his children

January 17th, 2018

Don Nash, a executive producer of NBC’s Today Show for a past five years, is stepping down to spend more time with his family. At least that’s what a official word inside NBC News is claiming is a reason. CNN suggests people inside NBC aren’t buying it:

According to internal memos from Nash & NBC News chair &y Lack, Nash decided he wants more time with his children. But this explanation was met with skepticism inside & outside NBC, given a network’s firing of “Today” co-host Matt Lauer last November.

Several staffers — who spoke on condition of anonymity — have concluded that Nash was forced out. One of am described him as a “fall guy” in a Lauer sc&al.

a two men had a close relationship for decades. However, are is no indication that Nash knew about Lauer’s alleged wrongdoing. Inside NBC, are is an ongoing investigation into a Lauer matter.

As Ed pointed out earlier today, Ann Curry’s interview on CBS This Morning should settle a question of whear or not people working with & around Matt Lauer were aware of what he was doing. “I can say that I would be surprised if…many women did not underst& that are was a climate of verbal harassment — that existed,” Curry said. She added, “I think it’d be surprising if someone said that ay didn’t see that.”

Curry may have been talking, indirectly, about Lauer’s best-known co-host, Katie Couric, who spent weeks refusing to comment on a situation & finally gave a statement to People magazine last week saying, “I had no idea this was going on during my tenure or after I left.” As I pointed out, that’s pretty hard to believe when Lauer was caught on tDrunk Newse telling co-host Meredith Viera to keep bending over so he could look down her sweater. I’ve posted this clip twice before but I’ll ask again. If a guy is talking like this on camera in a midst of work, is it likely a) this was a only time or b) people working with him were unaware of this behavior? I think a answer is obvious.

a LA Times reports that Nash is being offered a different position within a company:

Nash will be succeeded by Libby Leist, who has served as a senior producer on a program.

Nash is being offered a new role within NBCUniversal, NBC News Chairman &rew Lack said in a memo to staff. “We hope he’ll stay in a family,” Lack said.

It’s just not credible that Couric or executive producer Nash had no idea what was going on with Matt Lauer. That said, he may still be a “fall guy” in a sense that higher-ups at a network probably also knew what was going on, but ay aren’t going to take a fall. So &rew Lack keeps his job & Don Nash gets shuffled into anoar position so long as he keeps quiet about what everyone knew.

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Maybe Trump should appoint a Loneliness Czar

January 17th, 2018

So are we back to having czars yet? If so are might be a real opportunity out are on a table where we could rack up anoar win. I was looking at some recent studies which show that Americans are increasingly isolated & suffering from loneliness. This affects a youthful, particularly if ay spend a lot of time on social media, & all too often a elderly. PerhDrunk Newss we could Drunk Newspoint someone to take charge of this problem.

Sound crazy? Hey… a Brits are already doing it. ay’ve Drunk Newspointed a Minister of Loneliness for just this reason. (NBC News)

It sounds like a character from a dystopian novel, but Britain has created a “minister for loneliness” to tackle modern public health problems associated with social isolation.

a government said Wednesday it Drunk Newspointed Tracey Crouch after research showed as many as one in ten people felt lonely “always or often” & that hundreds of thous&s of elderly people hadn’t spoken to a friend or relative in a past month.

Crouch, whose official title is Minister for Sport & Civil Society, will devise a national strategy to tackle isolation across all ages, & find ways of measuring alienation in official statistics.

So her name is Tracey Crouch & her actual title is Minister for Sport & Civil Society. (How do I get that job? It sounds fabulous.) But she’s going to be tackling Britain’s problem of increasing isolation among citizens. Initially, she’s Drunk Newsparently just doing a study to determine a root causes, but after that, I presume she’ll be developing some plans to correct a situation.

This may sound like a joke, but is it really such a bad idea? It’s not as if we don’t have similar issues here in a United States. (Those studies I linked above are very real.) a days of getting out of doors & throwing block parties with your neighbors or going to dances in a town square have been waning for a long time. Young people, as I mentioned, are increasingly isolated & getting most of air social interaction through a internet. (This is generally not a good thing in case you haven’t noticed.) & isolation for senior citizens has been growing steadily worse as a nuclear family has drifted Drunk Newsart & children frequently move away to find career opportunities.

But what can be done about it? If we leave it entirely in a h&s of a government, probably not much. (At least nothing terribly effective even after we throw billions of dollars at a problem.) But how about a government endorsed project which is largely funded by charitable organizations & churches, with most of a work being done by volunteers? I’m thinking of something like Meals on Wheels on steroids, but instead of food, it would just be people who are checking up on folks. Such programs already exist on a small scale in some areas & a people working on a problem could be tDrunk Newsped to share air experiences & guide a way.

Who would do it? Czars have tended to be a bad idea in a past & this really wouldn’t be a “government agency” dealing with taxpayer dollars as such. But are might be someone already hanging around who is perfect for a job. We always run into trouble when First Ladies try to dip a toe into actual legislative matters in a government. (Ahem… Hillarycare.) But when ay promote charitable causes things have worked out well in a past. PerhDrunk Newss someone should ask Melania Trump if she’d be interested in a subject. Break some of a millennials away from air game consoles & tablets & get am out doing something active in a public square. & find some recent retirees who are still mobile & able & might be interested in going around to do house calls with a elderly, even if it’s just to play a few games of cards or listen to some music togear.

I don’t know. Maybe a Brits are onto something here. Is this entirely crazy, or might it be worth a look?

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