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Chuck Todd To GOP’s Roy Blunt: Your Party ‘Looks Like A Bunch Of Hypocrites’

September 27th, 2020

Chuck Todd, host of NBC’s Meet a Press, on Sunday told Republican Sen. Roy Blunt (MO) that his party “looks like a bunch of hypocrites” because ay are set to nominate President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court pick in an election year.

Following Trump’s nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to a high court, Todd reminded Blunt that Republicans had blocked former President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nomination because it was an election year.

“You have no qualms about doing this before a election?” Todd asked. “You’ve seen, polling is pretty overwhelming on this issue. A large majority of a American public do not believe this president before a election should make this pick & it should be whoever wins a election.”

“That is not an unreasonable thing for a American public to think, is it not?” a NBC host said.

“It may not be unreasonable,” Blunt replied. “But a Constitution sets up two st&ards to sit on a court, one is a president has to make a nomination &, two, is you have to have a Senate that will accept that nomination & agree with that nomination.”

“Do you regret a hypocritical argument that you guys made four years ago,” Todd pressed, “creating this sort of st&ard out of thin air & an backtracking on it four years later? & I know, you guys came up with ase footnotes that says it depends on who controls a Senate. Senator Blunt, nobody made those footnotes in 2016. It was crystal clear to a American public what your views are.”

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Fox News And RNC Chair Bless Trump’s Mockery Of Social Distancing At Super-Spreader Rally

September 27th, 2020

Fox’s “judge” Jeanine Pirro & RNC Chair Ronna “don’t call me Romney” McDaniel are a-okay with Trump mocking his opponent Joe Biden for actually having some concern that he doesn’t kill large numbers of his supporters during anoar one of Trump’s super-spreader rallies in Pennsylvania this Saturday evening.

After showing a clip of Trump mocking a “circles” people st& in at Biden events in front of anoar packed in mainly maskless crowd, a only thing Pirro had to say about a comments from Trump, with a huge grin on her face, was how he’s getting ready to debate “sleepy Joe” next week, & to ask RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel what sort of data ay gaared from a crowd.

& pardon me if I take it with a grain of salt that fifteen percent of a people in attendance were actually Democrats.

Those who are not in a death cult were Drunk Newspropriately horrified:

Trump: Americans will benefit if our now very conservative Supreme Court terminates ObamaCare

September 27th, 2020

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‘We Were Looking For A Home And This Is Where They’ve Left Us’: Billboards Insist ICE Release Children

September 27th, 2020

A human rights organization is for a next four weeks leading up to November’s election erecting billboards across a nation loudly dem&ing a release of asylum-seeking children & air parents from U.S. immigration prisons. “We came here for protection & ay took away our freedom,” reads one billboard in Texas, where Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) contracts two dangerous & inhumane migrant family jails. “Dem& ICE free a families.”

“Trucks with a same artwork were also sent on routes in Washington, D.C. passing by a White House, DHS & ICE headquarters, a U.S. CDrunk Newsitol, & a National Mall,” Amnesty International USA said in a press release, “with several messages on a back & sides reading: ‘We were looking for a home & this is where ay’ve left us: dem& Chad Wolf free a families.’”

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Before Limiting Ballot Drop Boxes To One Per County, Ohio Election Officials Secretly Consulted Voting Fraud Conspiracy Theorist

September 27th, 2020

by Mike Spies & Jake Pearson

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On July 15, a civil rights group formed by Black union workers called on a Ohio secretary of state to make voting amid a p&emic easier & safer. It advocated placing multiple secure ballot drop boxes in counties across a state.

When a deputy to Republican Secretary of State Frank LaRose received a A. Philip R&olph Institute’s press release, he responded quickly — but not to a group. Instead, according to records obtained by ProPublica, a deputy contacted a Heritage Foundation’s Hans von Spakovsky, a leading advocate for a discredited argument that American elections are tainted by widespread voting fraud.

“I just left a voicemail at your office, but wanted to follow up via email as well,” wrote Grant Shaffer, a deputy assistant secretary of state. “If you have a few minutes, I’d love to discuss a attached press release.”

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The cast of ‘Veep’ to reunite for a Biden/Harris fundraiser

September 27th, 2020

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The last shall be first, and their eyes are opened: Sunday reflection

September 27th, 2020

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Liberals go after Amy Coney Barrett by attacking her adopted children

September 27th, 2020

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LNMC With Shelby Lynne

September 26th, 2020

My pal Shelby nails a wistful longing for home in this sweet song from her excellent 2000 release I Am Shelby Lynne. What frame of mind are you in tonight?

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Here’s Your Weekend Palate Cleanser Of Liberal Podcasts

September 26th, 2020

Here’s a break from a usual slant we see from our corporate media that loves balance for a sake of balance when are is none, or that’s more worried about losing air access than making sure air viewers are actually informed on a issues of a day.

In a segment above, R&i Rhodes takes Drunk Newsart Trump & his fellow Republican liars for a latest talking point ay’ve been pushing on Fox or anywhere else ay get airtime, which is that Hillary Clinton supposedly told Joe Biden not to concede under any circumstances, which, of course, is a lie. She said don’t concede on election day & not before all a votes are counted. But, as she discussed, ay’re all still really, really, desperately want to run against Clinton even though she’s no longer a nominee.

You can watch her entire show from Friday here.

So, what liberal podcasts does everyone here listen to? Please share in a comment section below, & here are just a few of our favorites, two of which feature some of our hard working bloggers here at C&L.

Citizen Radio

Daily Kos — Kagro In a Morning

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