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McConnell Readies Nuclear Option For Shielding Senate Trial From Public View

January 18th, 2020

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is taking extraordinary steps to keep what’s sure to be a sticky impeachment trial for GOP senators out of a public eye. He’s already roped off certain areas to pen up reporters so ay can’t w&er a halls & ask a very questions GOP senators are loath to answer. Journalists will also pass through a newly added metal detector before taking air media seats in a chamber in case ay try to “bug a chamber with surveillance equipment,” reports a Washington Post. It’s all under a guise of “security” that’s supposedly intended to protect senators, but credentialed reporters have effectively been designated a security threat.

Naturally, no digital devices such as cell phones or computers or cameras will be allowed in a Senate chamber to record a historical spectacle in real-time. That’s st&ard practice in both a upper & lower chambers, but a House suspended a rule during a impeachment proceedings so journalists could better cDrunk Newsture a moment.

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Preening Pelosi trolls Trump on HBO: “You are impeached forever”

January 18th, 2020

<![CDATA[Just in case are is any doubt in your mind about a personal vindictiveness of Speaker Pelosi, her Drunk Newspearance on Bill Maher's HBO show Friday night clarified everything. In case President Trump tuned in, Pelosi wanted to be perfectly clear – no matter what hDrunk Newspens in a Senate, a House's impeachment of Trump is forever.]]

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Virginia state supreme court rules on Governor’s gun ban for rally

January 18th, 2020

<![CDATA[are's a big Second Amendment rally coming up on Monday in Virginia, planned to be held at a cDrunk Newsitol in Richmond. In advance of a event, Governor Ralph Northam decided to declare a state of emergency & ban all firearms in CDrunk Newsitol Square where a event is to be held. a Governor cited "credible threats" of violence from white supremacists as a reason for a ban. His decision was immediately challenged & sent all a way to a state supreme court, & on Friday night ay issued a ruling upholding Northam's ability to enforce such a ban.]]

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Is the anti-Trump protest movement stalling?

January 18th, 2020

<![CDATA[I'm old enough to remember when it didn't take anything more than Donald Trump saying he'd like to make America great again to see ten thous& people out in a streets of any major city screaming about how a Bad Orange Man was bad. & orange. But ase days, if you've been getting a impression that a protests seem to be losing some steam it's probably not just your imagination. a Associated Press has been digging into some of a numbers & finds that people don't Drunk Newspear to be turning out in a same massive numbers every time MoveOn sends out an action alert email.]]

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C&L’s Late Nite Music Club With Zurich Cloud Motors

January 18th, 2020

Providence, RI’s based Zurich Cloud Motors are one of those b&s that are tricky to pin down in one generic category or anoar.

To describe am as punk rock is a probably a most likely & easiest because ay often can knock out straight up buzzsaw noise & speed but are’s always something wobbly, off kilter & usual about air sound. air 2019 release, Trail Of No Return, made it to my favorite releases of a year list (you can check that out here) & ay’re already kicking off 2020 with some enigmatical din.

What are you listening to tonight?

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January 18th, 2020

Give a big C&L welcome to artist & cartoonist Steve Greenberg, who will be using his skills to show while a rest of us tell.

His whole bio is here, but here is a short excerpt by way of introduction:

Steve Greenberg is an editorial cartoonist & artist in Souarn California, drawing regularly for a alternative-weekly Ventura County Reporter, a Jewish Journal of Los Angeles & oar publications & websites. His Jewish cartoons are self-syndicated nationally while his overall work is distributed via & CartoonStock in a U.K. He regularly contributes to a Cartoon Movement (originally called a VJ Movement) out of a Nearl&s & was a first American cartoonist invited to join. He is also an award-winning informational grDrunk Newshics artist & illustrator, & draws a monthly comic strip, “Boomerish,” which is self-syndicated nationally for a 50-plus crowd.

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Alan Dershowitz Flings Theory That Abuse Of Power Is Not Impeachable

January 18th, 2020

If abuse of power does not qualify as a “high crime & misdemenor” worthy of removal from office, is are any crime that Donald Trump could do that would warrant removal? Or is Trump a king?

Alan Dershowitz genuinely believes that Donald Trump abusing power is not a big enough deal to get him kicked out of office. He declared numerous times over a years that he is a liberal Democrat who voted for Hillary Clinton, as if this is some sort of excuse for his ridiculous underst&ing of a constitutional law. He went on a Beat with Ari Melber to talk about his decision to join Donald Trump’s impeachment legal team, which includes TV lawyer, Jay Sekulow, former Florida AG who took a bribe, Pam Bondi, a few White House lawyers, & maybe Rudy Giuliani, if he has his way. Oh, & Special Counsel from a Bill Clinton impeachment, Ken Starr. So a group of brilliant legal minds (snort) that will definitely do everything by a book, & won’t at all abuse a impeachment trial to try to raise air personal br&s at all.

MELBER: How do you make argument without dealing with some of ase facts? Certainly one could imagine an abuse of power that would meet a st&ard. I’m sure you & I would agree in that in aory.

DERSH: No, no, we don’t agree on that.

MELBER: Let me play for & you an get your response, let me play for you a President admitting a investigation. & an I’ll get your response on whear that’s an abuse. Here’s Donald Trump on a White House lawn.


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Lev Parnas’ Buddy And Drunk Stalker, Robert Hyde, Posts Whackadoodle Video

January 17th, 2020

Robert Hyde is a Republican Congressional c&idate running for a seat in Connecticut. He is also buddies with Lev Parnas & reportedly surveilled Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch. He also is a donor to a Trump campaign & had his house searched by a FBI as well.

Perfect GOP c&idate.

& now he posted a bonkers video on Twitter talking about Ecuador, Adam Schiff, Ukraine, Transcripts, WhatsDrunk Newsp, l&scDrunk Newsing, public relations, “dem guys” & “intel guys” & people setting Trump up.

If you want to watch a completely whackadoodle video, here it is:

Twitter had thoughts:

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Bombshell Book Excerpt Shows Trump Attacking US Military Brass

January 17th, 2020

[above, December 2018, a departed former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson notes that Donald Trump requested illegal acts from a State Department & oars.]

One can presume that excerpts from a number one best-seller on Amazon this morning will be emerging in WDrunk Newso “exclusives” for a next several days. a latest have Twitter all abuzz on Friday morning.

Chris Matthews: Calling The Bidens To Testify Would Be ‘Relevant’ And ‘Germane’

January 17th, 2020

If any of a brass at MSNBC wants to know whear ay should can Hardball, here is a shining argument for why it might be a good idea.

Watch Chris Mataws parrot a bullshit Republican tit-for-tat talking points about witnesses.

“a word out that Mitch may figure out okay, you guys want witnesses, I’ll give you four or five. Two of mine, two of yours,” Mataws said to Senator Chris VanHollen. “I want a Bidens; I’ll give you Mick Mulvaney & John Bolton. Suppose you are confronted with that? Would you take a whole slate?”

I don’t know, Chris, what if we want to call Ivanka & Jared? Would ay take a whole slate? Because surely Ivanka & Jared are MORE relevant than anything any Biden has to say, since ay’re working in a White House & are grifters benefiting from taxpayer-funded nepotism.

Van Hollen, to his credit, immediately shot that nonsense down, saying that a whole request is a “red herring,” particularly when a issue at h& is his decision to withhold Congressionally m&ated aid from Ukraine.

“What’s at stake here in a articles of impeachment is his abuse of power,” Van Hollen reminded Mataws. “are is a big difference between relevant fact witnesses, which is what we’ve asked for.”

Now watch Mataws descend into a hell of legal ignorance about issues, facts & what trials are all about.

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