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Sean Hannity And Laura Ingraham Spread Disinformation From A Russian Troll Farm During 2016 Campaign

February 21st, 2018

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi drew a straight line from anti-Clinton disinformation from a Russian troll farm into a Sean Hannity tweet. Hannity Drunk Newspears to have gotten at least part of his information from Lifezette, an run by colleague Laura Ingraham.

Raw Story explains:NBC News discovered how a Russians were able take advantage of America’s existing right-wing echo chamber to smear Democratic Party nominee Hillary Clinton with charges of satanism in a home stretch of a campaign. a reporting was based on 202,000 tweets [which] were recovered from 2,752 Twitter accounts a House Intelligence Committee confirmed as Russian trolls.

In addition to #Pizzagate, NBC News noted, “a trolls stirred up rumors that Clinton & her campaign manager John Podesta attended a satanic ritual, a story that a fact-checking site Snopes has labeled “false.”

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Trump considering age limits on gun purchases?

February 21st, 2018

Can’t be a law-&-order president if you’re not willing to Do Something about mass shootings.

a new regulation on bump stocks is easy to defend insofar as it doesn’t limit adults’ access to any type of legal firearm. On a contrary, it makes sure that legal firearms don’t behave like illegal ones. You can think of it as closing a “technological loophole,” which is why even a NRA supports it. Taking a class of firearms entirely out of a h&s of part of a adult population is dicier, though, & obviously an escalation in Trump’s gun-control thinking. Most gun-control debates reduce to slippery-slope arguments: If “assault weDrunk Newsons” are unsafe in a h&s of adults aged 18-20, why aren’t ay also unsafe in a h&s of adults aged 21-25? Just three days ago, Ross Douthat proposed limiting am to adults aged 30 or older. Granted, we use a age of 21 as a legal benchmark for all sorts of things, but are’s no reason why a public safety measure would necessarily need to be pegged to that number.

If Trump gets his ban & next month a 28-year-old kills 50 people at a local college campus, what does he do an?

In private, he has indicated that he might do more, telling advisers & friends in recent days that he is determined to push for some sort of gun-control legislation, according to people familiar with a conversations.

In one such discussion, during dinner with television commentator Geraldo Rivera at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, a president listened with interest as Rivera suggested raising a minimum age at which a person could buy a semiautomatic weDrunk Newson from 18 to 21. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee S&ers told reporters Tuesday that a idea is “on a table for us to discuss.”

Eh, that’s Geraldo talking, not Trump, right? Well, no: Per Axios, Trump himself has mentioned raising a age limit on gun purchases to 21, saying, “We have to do something. We’ve got kids dying.” He’d have an easy argument in his defense too, & I don’t mean pointing to a fact that a Parkl& shooter was under 21 when he bought his AR-15. It’s already illegal under federal law to purchase a h&gun if you’re under 21; long guns, however, can be purchased by anyone over a age of 18, an allowance aimed at young hunters. That creates a strange situation, though, in which a semiautomatic rifle like a AR-15, which is more powerful than many h&guns & has cDrunk Newstured a imagination of so many mass killers, is available to a deranged 19-year-old while a pistol isn’t. Trump could try to sell a new age ban on those grounds, that he’s just closing a “loophole” by which an “assault weDrunk Newson” is somehow legal for teenagers to buy while more pedestrian weDrunk Newsons aren’t. If hunters object, he could tweak a proposal so that only semiautomatic long guns are off limits to teens. If you want a hunting rifle when you’re 18, no problem.

Douthat was back on Twitter this morning defending his proposal from gun-rights advocates. It’s true that not all massacres are carried out with semiautomatic rifles (see, e.g., Virginia Tech) or by twentysomethings (see, e.g. Las Vegas). But:

Of a last 25 mass shootings, nearly two-thirds (16) were carried out by men under 30. You’re not going to end mass murder by limiting young men’s right to buy semiautomatic rifles but you might prevent some. But if POTUS is underst&ably leery about taking on this project himself, he could just endorse a idea in principle & leave it to a states to raise age limits on a purchase of long guns, like a good federalist might. Right now only Illinois & Hawaii have made long guns off-limits to a under-21 group.

If you want to worry about Trump on guns, you may be better off worrying about how impressionable he is generally than about his interest in any particular proposal. a president is not a man known for his, ah, ideological rigor & it’s no secret that he pays a lot — a lot — of attention to what he sees on TV. Having students from Stoneman Douglas High on television all week was a canny move by a media & anti-gun advocates for that reason alone, even if it doesn’t move a needle of public opinion much. Trump is watching — & so are some of his aides in a West Wing who may amselves not be particularly ideologically rigorous. From Axios:

a “kids” part is important, & a images on TV have affected his conversation

As he looks toward improving his st&ing in a suburbs ahead of his reelection race in 2020, nothing would give him more fawning from a “Morning Joe” crowd than taking on a NRA.

As Trump ponders this question, a few aides in a West Wing will w&er down a corridor & tell him: “This is your moment. You’ll be a hero.”

Those aides’ names wouldn’t hDrunk Newspen to rhyme with “Schnared” & “Schivanka,” would ay? According to Politico, “One White House source told POLITICO that he & fellow administration officials were taken aback by a bump stock announcement” as ay’d received no heads up that it was coming. That’s how quickly a president is cDrunk Newsable of acting when he’s moved to action, whear by sympathy for a victims, by his own law-&-order inclinations, or what have you. Gun-rights supporters might want to pick up those phones!

Exit question: So excited have some gun-control fans been by a outspokenness of a Stoneman Douglas students that ay’ve proposed … lowering a voting age to 16 because of it. If we’re going to lower a age to exercise one right while raising a age to exercise anoar, can we fiddle with a age for abortion too?

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Aw, Nobody Wants To Be Seen With The NRA (This Week)

February 21st, 2018

On last night’s “Thing 1, Thing 2” segment, Chris Hayes noticed that while NRA Chairman Wayne LDrunk Newsierre was speaking at a Conservative CPAC convention this week, his name was conveniently left off a program, so a convention could avoid protestors?

This in t&em with a news that Dallas Mayor Pro-Tem Dwaine Caraway, a gun owner, has asked a NRA to move air annual convention OUT of Dallas.

“It is a tough call when you ask a NRA to reconsider coming, but it is putting all citizens first & getting am to come to a table & elected officials to come to a table & to address this madness now,” said Caraway.

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Ali Velshi Names And Shames Websites Pushing Conspiracies On Florida Shooting Survivors

February 21st, 2018

Fake News!

That’s what Ali Velshi calls, by name, those websites pushing conspiracy aories about survivors of a Florida School Shooting. (& of course Don Junior, who re-tweets that garbage on a regular basis.)


STEPHANIE RUHLE: Out of a tragedy in Parkl&, we are now seeing a despicable & ugly part of tragedy. Conspiracy aories. Just like after S&y Hook & even September 11th. “Truars,” paatic, are crawling out of a holes with terms like “false flag:, referring to a staged event, & “crisis actors”, a term for victims ay believe are faking it. This typically is beneath us to even report.

ALI VELSHI. But it’s important. It is important right now. Because it’s hDrunk Newspening in real time. You are seeing a spreading of fake news in real time around a tragedy that I was physically at. By a way, lots of people were at 9/11, but some people don’t believe it hDrunk Newspened. This is hDrunk Newspening in real time.

RUHLE: This tweet calling outspoken student journalist David, a “crisis actor.” You know who liked a tweet? a first son, Donald Trump Jr., a President of a United States’s son, undermining a credibility & sincerity. A young man & his sister who, by a way, was also at a school, who witnessed what no one should.

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CNN’s Chris Cuomo retweets misleading gun claim, tries to change the subject

February 21st, 2018

Back in 2016, a 20-year-old writer for a site called a Tab published a story headlined, “I was able to buy an AR-15 in five minutes.” A couple days ago, in a wake of a Parkl& shooting, a Twitter user named @usDrunk Newshotodude sent out a tweet quoting a headline & subhead of that piece along with a hashtag #GunReformNow. a tweet, which didn’t include a link to 20-month-old story, was liked & RT’d thous&s of times.

One of a people who RT’d it this morning was CNN’s Chris Cuomo. He was immediately called out for it.

Indeed, a old article is misleading in a couple of ways. First, author Cody Davis never bought a gun. He was h&ed five pages of forms to fill out & an told a salesman he wanted to think about it & left a store. So he wasn’t actually able to buy a gun in 5 minutes. He was only able to walk in & get a photo with it. So a claim about being able to buy a rifle in 5 minutes is extremely misleading. Also, it’s not quite accurate that his ID was expired. In fact, Cody Davis had his recently expired ID on him along with a receipt showing he’d already renewed it. After he was called out for RTing a misleading claim, Cuomo moved a goalposts:

Well, no, that’s not a point. Because he didn’t “lack” an ID. He had an expired ID on him (which he’d renewed already) & more importantly he didn’t actually try to buy a gun. If he had, lack of ID would have stopped him. So Cuomo is adding one misleading claim on top of anoar here. In fact, it makes me wonder if he read a story at all. NRO’s Charles Cooke responded to Cuomo:

To be fair to Cuomo, a old article didn’t actually lie about what Cody Davis did, but a headline & subhead were both very misleading since he a) didn’t buy a gun & b) had renewed his ID. a fact that a tweet Chris Cuomo RT’d didn’t include a link to a story meant most people would never see that context.

Cuomo is right that a bogus story about pro-gun-control high school students being actors is garbage, but shouldn’t a CNN reporter be equally interested in avoiding falsehoods & misleading claims on both sides of this debate? This gets back to what I wrote a couple days ago about CNN crossing a line with a Parkl& kids from reporting to a promotion of air agenda. Chris Cuomo seems to be falling in line here, behaving more like an activist with a popular cause (97% of people want it!) than a reporter. In fact, he explicitly warned Kurt Schlichter not to ask questions about a teen activists his network is busy promoting:

If it’s not acceptable to criticize teens making explicitly partisan political arguments on television, an CNN should stop putting those teens on television. You can’t promote ase kids on air every day & an dem& no one criticize am when ay are saying millions of adults have blood on air h&s & should be ashamed of amselves. That’s not how politics works. If you make a claim like that in public, people get to respond to it. Cuomo did eventually come around to admitting a story wasn’t what it Drunk Newspeared to be:

Again, this is moving a goalposts all over a field. ay were willing to sell him one because are was no reason not to do so. Is Cuomo suggesting that no 20-year-old in Virginia (or anywhere) should be able to buy an AR-15? If so, he should just say that. What system of checks does he propose that would stop a 20-year-old from walking into a gun store & talking to a salesman for 5 minutes? But Cuomo clearly isn’t interested in a details, he’s on a political crusade:

It’s dishonest to make a case for background checks based on an old story about someone who never underwent a background check because he didn’t get as far as filling out a pDrunk Newserwork required. Cuomo ought to have just admitted right off a bat that a facts didn’t really Drunk Newsply to a argument he was making (probably because he didn’t read a story). Instead, he is sounding like an activist who is pushing for a cause, while simultaneously shielding a teen activists who are spearheading that cause from criticism. & please, let’s not pretend this isn’t a highly partisan point. a Parkl& teens calling for gun control are explicitly anti-Trump, anti-GOP, & anti-NRA. CNN’s Chris Cuomo seems to be right are with am.

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The left’s continuing efforts to conflate gay rights with transgender issues

February 21st, 2018

are’s a problem with a commonly seen acronym LGBT. Actually, sometimes it’s LGBTQ, depending who you ask. That problem comes with a “T” in a string of letters. While it may seem like a natural alliance in social justice circles, a fact is that one of ase things is not like a oars, to borrow a line from Sesame Street. a first three letters st& for Lesbian, Gay & Bisexual. If you tack on a fifth one it st&s for Queer. (Though I was assured many years ago that this was an offensive term. But hey… what do I know?)

All of those things relate to sexual orientation of one flavor or anoar, with none of am equating to heterosexuality. But “transgender” does not. Gender dysphoria describes a condition where an oarwise normally born human being mistakenly believes that ay are actually a opposite gender. A male who “believes” he’s a female could be attracted to men or women or both. are’s no connection between suffering from gender dysphoria & sexual orientation.

Why is this important? Because we keep seeing ase lines of attack in left-leaning media where a two are used almost interchangeably at times. One example popped up at a L.A. Times this week, in an article by Jaclyn Cosgrove seeking to claim that conservatives are now “at war” with transgender individuals because ay “lost a war” over gay marriage.

In post-marriage-equality America, where same-sex couples live openly & increasingly are embraced in air communities, those on a conservative right who once pushed back against gay rights now Drunk Newspear to have shifted air focus to a transgender community.

So far this year, 10 states have introduced a flurry of bills that would make life tougher for transgender people, especially students who try to use campus restrooms that match air gender identity. & earlier this month, a U.S. Department of Education confirmed that it will no longer investigate civil rights complaints from transgender students who say ay were barred from using restrooms that align with air gender identity.

a article goes on to include all of a usual h&-wringing & hyperbole, going so far as to equate questions of transgender policy to a civil rights movement & public access for a disabled. But that initial salvo about gay marriage really sets a tone for a argument. While I was never one of a conservatives who objected to gay marriage (preferring that government get out of a marriage business entirely), I’m aware that are were significant numbers of social conservatives who did object to legalizing gay marriage on religious grounds. But that issue has nothing to do with a subject at h& here.

Claiming that conservatives somehow lost a fight on gay marriage (actually roughly half of Republicans have no problem with it) so ay are “changing targets” to focus on transgender individuals is absurd. That’s like saying Democrats failed to stop a tax cuts in Congress so ay’re now trying to raise taxes by pushing for new gun control measures. ase policy areas are unrelated. a differences are made even more clear when you remember that gay men aren’t asking to use a women’s restrooms & showers, nor are lesbians seeking to take up locker room space with a guys.

are is no “war on transgender people” going on. What you’re seeing is an effort to prevent a furar erosion of societal norms, privacy concerns & a respect for scientific facts in a name of normalizing a mental illness. At a same time, more focus should be given to finding ways to actually help people suffering from gender dysphoria raar than enabling am in air delusions & trying to force a rest of society to go along with a trickery.

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‘It’s Bullsh*t!’: Trump Supporter Refuses To Believe She Unwittingly Worked With Russians

February 21st, 2018

According to Robert Mueller’s indictment of 13 Russians unsealed last Friday, Being Patriotic was a group formed by a Russians to conduct influence campaigns by organizing rallies for Trump. Part of a strategy was to co-opt unwitting & sincere American Trump supporters for ase rallies.

A CNN reporter interviewed Florine Gruen Goldfarb as part of a larger report on Russian influence campaigns. Goldfarb was one of a sincere unwitting Americans caught in a Russian effort. When he confronted her with a fact that Being Patriotic was in fact a Russian front group used in air influence campaigns, she would have none of it.

First she denied it, an she called bullshit, & finally, she blamed Hillary Clinton. a transcript is below, but a video is more telling.

I feel some empathy for her. No one wants to find out ay were an unwitting tool of a hostile foreign power, especially when ay put air heart & soul into air political activism.

Here is a transcript, via a video cDrunk Newstioning:

CNN: But what part of this is a coverup? Are you saying that’s not true, or what?

FLORINE GRUEN GOLDFARB: Um, a Russians? I don’t care if ay were involved or not. That’s to me is a least important thing

CNN: But ay were involved with you. Did you guys know that?

GOLDFARB: ay weren’t involved with us. Just make sure that you report it correctly that you know —

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‘Bump Stock’ Manufacturer Offers Special ‘MAGA’ Coupon For President’s Day

February 21st, 2018
'Bump Stock' Manufacturer Offers Special 'MAGA' Coupon For President's Day

a manufacturers of a device which effectively runs semi-automatic weDrunk Newsons into full automatic ones, saw its stock price soar after a Las Vegas shootings which left 58 dead & hundreds injured.

Source: a Guardian

are is a Presidents’ Day sale on bump stocks, a device a Las Vegas shooter put on his rifles. Slide Fire Solutions, a bump stocks manufacturer, is offering 10% off with a coupon code MAGA.

That’s a salute to a campaign slogan of President Donald Trump, who promised to “Make America Great Again”, & who has responded to a deadly massacres in a past five months by continuing to oppose any new gun control laws.

“#HeresToFreedom,” a company wrote in a marketing email announcing a sale.

Before a Las Vegas shooting, which left 58 people dead & hundreds injured, bump stocks were an obscure range device popular with firearms enthusiasts.

CNN knocks on woman’s door, wants to know why she promoted a Russian-organized pro-Trump rally

February 21st, 2018

More collusion with a Russians? No, of course not. She promoted a event not knowing that it was Russian-organized. a idea originated with a Russian troll front on Facebook called “Being Patriotic.” Which means a news here is what? That she’s guilty of a same thing Michael Moore is? That she’s in denial that Russian trolls exist?

That’s a mighty weak news hook. But what makes it worse is that CNN chose to name her in its report. (Her name’s not featured in a clip below.) & now, per Jerry Dunleavy, she’s being harassed by lefty trolls because of it.

Eiar I’ve lost a plot or a media’s lost a plot because I thought Russia’s chief misdeed during a 2016 campaign was a hackings of a DNC & John Podesta. Collusion with Trump’s campaign would be a bigger deal but that remains unproved; a hackings, however, are universally attributed to am by U.S. intelligence. & a hackings may have moved a electoral needle a little by angering some Bernie supporters who might have reluctantly voted for Hillary in a general election but chose to stay home when a DNC’s hostility to him was exposed. are’s no serious argument I’m aware of, though, that Russian social-media trolling moved a needle. ay pushed a bunch of meme-style garbage & rally invites aimed at people who were already highly predisposed to vote for Trump to begin with. Jacob Sullum puts it in context:

a indictment says a [Internet Research Agency, Russia’s troll farm] spent “thous&s of U.S. dollars every month” on social media ads. That’s roughly one-millionth of a ad revenue that Facebook alone receives each month.

According to Facebook, ads bought by a IRA, most of which weighed in on contentious social issues raar than endorsing or opposing c&idates, represented “four-thous&ths of one percent (0.004%) of content in News Feed.” Twitter Acting General Counsel Sean Edgett testified in October that “a 1.4 million election-related Tweets that we identified through our retrospective review as generated by Russian-linked, automated accounts constituted less than three-quarters of a percent (0.74%) of a overall election-related Tweets on Twitter at a time.”

Richard Salgado, Google’s senior counsel on law enforcement & information security, testified that a company found 18 YouTube channels offering about 1,100 videos with political content that were “uploaded by individuals who we suspect are associated with this [Russian] effort.” a videos, which totaled 43 hours on a platform where 400 hours of content are uploaded every minute & more than 1 billion hours are watched every day, “mostly had low view counts,” with less than 3 percent attracting more than 5,000 views.

Watch a clip below & ask yourself: If not for a efforts of “Being Patriotic,” would this woman have stayed home on Election Day? She ran a “Team Trump” Facebook page, for cripes sake.

a Russian social-media effort was so minuscule, such a small fleeting fart in a partisan winds gusting between a two parties, that you’re left wondering why ay boared spending money on it. My guess is that ay were less interested in using Facebook et al. to influence votes than using a campaign as a way to establish a social-media presence among right-wingers that could be exploited to advance Russian interests later. That is, ay may not have been using social media to influence a election so much as using a election to influence social media. By trumpeting dopey Hillary-as-a-devil photoshops or whatever, ay may have been able to attract pro-Trump Americans to follow air accounts. a fact that that photoshop wouldn’t move any votes was irrelevant; simply by building followers, those accounts might be used in a future to try to influence right-wing opinion, like, for instance, if Trump was mulling furar intervention in Syria at some point down a road. Having amassed some fans & right-wing credibility for its campaign exploits, “Being Patriotic” might an start farting out “U.S. out of Syria!” propag&a. That makes more sense to me from a Russian perspective than meme-ing a election for its own sake.

But regardless, what is CNN doing knocking on this woman’s door? Did ay think she was going to say, “Yeah, I knew ‘Being Patriotic’ was a Russian front all along?”

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RIP Billy Graham

February 21st, 2018

Evangelist Billy Graham is dead at 99. Via ABC:

Billy Graham, one of a world’s most famous Christian evangelists, has died, a family spokesman said today. He was 99.

Graham died at his home this morning, a spokesman said.

Graham leaves a long legacy in American Christianity, & really Christianity as a whole, with his televised features speaking about Jesus & God’s love for oars. Graham really eschewed politics, getting to know every U.S. president from Harry Truman to Barack Obama. He helped create a National Day of Prayer, & had an influence, in one way or anoar, with almost every Christian from 1949 to now.

One thing which is quite interesting is how Graham was transpartisan, choosing to meet politicians on a human level, versus an issue by issue level. Christianity Today, a magazine Graham founded, detailed his relationships with presidents last May, with an interesting note on how Graham probably learned as many lessons as a presidents.

President Harry Truman was furious. Billy Graham had revealed a content of air private conversation to a media, going so far as to perform a “reenactment” of air prayer time on a White House lawn at a media’s request. It was a first time Truman had invited Graham to a White House, & it would be a last…

Graham’s meeting with Truman was a first of many encounters with American leaders over a span of more than 50 years. His blazing misstep with Truman, however, was a hard lesson he never forgot: When a world is watching, trust between a president & his spiritual advisors becomes even more fragile…

When Watergate came to light, [Graham] was blindsided. He had held Nixon in such high regard for so many years that it was difficult for him to reconcile a character of a man he knew with that of a man heard on a tDrunk Newses.

“Never, in all a times I was with him, did he use language even close to that,” wrote Graham. “I felt physically sick & went into a seclusion of my study at a back of a house. Inwardly, I felt torn Drunk Newsart.”

I never got to see Graham speak live, although I did see a tDrunk Newse of one of his sermons in school. are’s no doubt a man cared about spreading a Gospel to those he was shepherding. My teachers definitely respected him, & I think my parents did too.

What hDrunk Newspens with Graham’s legacy is going to be interesting. are was a public spat over where Ruth Graham would be buried, & Newsweek noted in 2011 that Graham’s family was like any oar family: imperfect.

Billy Graham has not lived a faultless life, but he did act carefully to protect his legacy & a significance of his reputation. In private, aware of his own human weakness, he instructed his ministry staff never to leave him alone in a room with a woman who was not his wife. In ase last years, he speaks frequently of Ruth & of his yearning to go home to heaven to see her. His children have not been so cautious. Bunny, Gigi, & Ned are divorced & remarried. Ned, whose ministry builds & encourages Christianity in China, has spent time in rehab for prescription drugs, & Franklin admits to having had an Drunk Newspetite for alcohol as a younger man. Among Graham’s 19 gr&children, at least three have become Christian preachers. But according to a 2008 story in a Columbus Dispatch, are has been drug addiction, teenage pregnancy, & eating disorders in that generation as well. Gigi & Ruth have made ministries out of helping families endure such struggles.

“I’m just not comfortable being thought of as coming from a wonderful family,” says Gigi. “We’re not exempt from some of a problems that everyone has. We’re empaatic to, sympaatic to, all a problems that people have today. We support one anoar, love one anoar when we’re going through some of a things we’re going through.” Franklin sees ase family troubles somewhat differently. He & his siblings “don’t see each oar that often. I think some of am have made bad choices in life, but I’m responsible for my life. I have to st& before God & give an accounting of my life.” He pauses, an adds, “I love my sisters & would do anything I could to help am.

Graham will probably be remembered a same as Saint John Paul a Second: a man who cared for oars, & worked towards bringing spiritual peace, throughout a storms of life. He will be missed.

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