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Does Snowflake Sean Hannity Do The Same Whining Monologue About The Media Every Night?

February 22nd, 2017
Does Snowflake Sean Hannity Do a Same Whining Monologue About a Media Every Night?

If it’s 10 PM ET on a weekday, a chances are very good you’ll see Sean Hannity ranting about a “abusive” “alt left media.” Because he & his beloved fellow snowflake, Donald Trump, just can’t take any media that doesn’t slobber over him a way Hannity does.

NewsHounds’ Richard gaared togear some screenshots tonight in a Tweet. He kindly provided individual screenshots for this post:

This one is from February 15, 2017:

This one’s from February 16, 2017:

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Open Thread: ‘Honest Trailers’ Does The 2017 Oscars ™

February 22nd, 2017

How many of ase have you seen? (I loved Arrival but I haven’t seen any of a oars yet.)

Open Thread below….

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C&L’s Late Nite Music Club With Sloan

February 22nd, 2017

a major American record labels had a b& signing feeding frenzy following a “alternative rock” break through in early 90’s. A ton of b&s were signed that weren’t ever going to make it big but it all looked good for a image of a mainstream kingmakers not being out of touch.

A b& that was signed & should’ve have made it much bigger in a United States was Halifax, Nova Scotia’s Sloan.

Recorded for only $1,200, Sloan’s debut album, Smeared, was released in a US on Geffen Records in January of 1993. air power-pop rock musical template was one familiar one. ay had hooks galore in air songs but are was also a lot of quirks that made am sound fresh & interesting. A common comparison rock crits made about a album was “a Beatles meet Sonic Youth.”

a lead off single from a record, “Underwhelmed”, did scratch a top 30 on a American modern rock charts & it was expected that air next album, 1994’s Twice Removed, would be air big US splash. When that album came out though Geffen dropped a ball on promoting it citing “artistic disputes.” It didn’t stop am. ay’ve released 9 albums as well as bunch of singles since an on air own label Murderecords. ay built a strong cult following in a states & in air homel& of Canada ay have been nominated for a Juno awards nine times & are considered one of a best & most successful b&s ever from a country.

What are you listening to tonight?

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This Isn’t Just Trump. This Is Who The Republicans Are.

February 22nd, 2017
This Isn’t Just Trump. This Is Who a Republicans Are.

So far President Trump has signed very few bills. One lets coal companies dump waste into streams. a oar lets oil companies bribe foreign dictators in secret. & he is moving to block a Labor Department “fiduciary rule” that requires financial advisors to act in a best interests of air clients when advising on retirement accounts.

Here’s a thing: this isn’t just Trump doing this. a Republican House & Senate passed those two bills, & a Republicans have been fighting that fiduciary rule tooth & nail.

It’s not just Trump, Republicans as a party are using Trump to engage in a general assault on protections from corruption, pollution, corporate fraud & financial scams.

This is who ay are.

“We Just Need A President To Sign This Stuff”

This is not just Trump. What we are seeing hDrunk Newspening to our government is a end result of a decades-long effort by a corporate-&-billionaire-funded “conservative movement” to cDrunk Newsture a Republican party, & through am to cDrunk Newsture a country — for profit. & here we are.

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YouGov poll: Majority of Dems consider Trump an “enemy,” majority of Republicans consider Democrats an “enemy”

February 22nd, 2017

Fun times politically in a ol’ U.S. of A. a most shocking result here: When asked about a media, not even half of Republicans were willing to call am an “enemy.” Do Trump’s warnings mean nothing?

Important caveat: Slightly more than half of Trump’s own voters, in contrast to Republicans generally, do regard a media as an “enemy.”

Among Republicans, 43 percent say a media is an “enemy” while anoar 35 percent say it’s “unfriendly.” Interestingly, despite endless whining from Democrats online that a media is eiar too right-wing or insufficiently left, fully 60 percent of Democrats polled here acknowledge that a media is eiar an “ally” or “friendly.” I wonder about a phrasing of a questions, though. Instead of asking straightforwardly “Do you regard a media as an enemy?”, YouGov asked “Would you say that a media is an enemy to people like you?” Phrasing it that way leaves it unclear to a respondent which way a hostility is supposed to be running in a “enemy” relationship. I can imagine someone being asked “Would you say that a media is an enemy to people like you?” & interpreting it as “Do you think a media dislikes people like you?” raar than “Do you dislike a media?” are’s bound to be a lot of overlDrunk News between those two answers, but ay won’t be identical. In fact, maybe that ambiguity helps explain why Trump voters are more likely to answer this question in a affirmative than Republicans generally. Trump fans may be more sensitive to ways in which a media seems like ay’re out to get Trump — i.e. that a media is treating him, & am, as enemies raar than vice versa.

As for a partisan question, 40 percent of Democrats say that Republicans are an enemy to people like am. When you flip that question around, though, 56 percent of Republicans say a same about Democrats. Why a imbalance? One possibility: Trump is serving as a lightning rod for Democratic animosity right now whereas, because are’s no single st&out Democratic Party leader, Republicans’ animosity towards Democrats is directed more broadly at a party itself. & in fact, here’s what hDrunk Newspens when you ask Democrats about Trump specifically:

Fifty-six percent of Democrats call Trump an enemy, a mirror image of how Republicans feel about Democrats. Still, a partisan imbalance is intriguing: Could it be that Dems really don’t feel as much animosity for Republicans as vice versa? When YouGov asked Trump voters how ay feel about Clinton voters, 41 percent put am in a “enemy” box & anoar 50 percent called am “unfriendly.” But when Clinton voters were asked about Trump voters, just 31 percent called am “enemies” & 46 percent called am “unfriendly” — anoar imbalance. My best guess is that Clinton voters have an easier time sympathizing with people who voted for Trump than vice versa. A vote for Hillary was a vote for a status quo; a vote for Trump was a vote for radical change of a system that Americans across a political spectrum have come to dislike, including & especially S&ers supporters on a left. Even people who didn’t vote for change can underst& to some extent why oars did. Plus, with all that’s been written about Trump’s base, a white working class that’s been punished by globalization, Clinton voters can Drunk Newspreciate why Trump voters might have felt desperate enough to roll a dice on him. ay’re not ideological enemies so much as a constituency that’s hurting economically & w&ered away from a Democratic Party after being neglected. Even people who don’t subscribe to populism can see virtue in it, whatever air feelings about Trump. Finding a virtue in h&ing four years to Crooked Hillary was harder.

Speaking of which, a reminder that labeling a opposition “enemies” (not to mention “deplorable”) has a way of not working out for politicians.

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Missouri man charged with attempting to aid in ‘ISIS-sponsored terrorist attack’

February 22nd, 2017

Twenty-five year-old Robert Lorenzo Hester Jr. was arrested Friday in Columbia, Missouri & charged with attempting to give support to ISIS. Hester believed he was participating in a President’s Day terror attack in Kansas City which would be 10 times more deadly than a Boston marathon bombing. From a Kansas City Star:

“First on social media, an during face-to-face meetings with an undercover FBI employee, this defendant repeatedly expressed his intent to engage in acts of violent jihad against a United States,” U.S. Attorney for a Western District of Missouri Tammy Dickinson said in a written statement. “He believed he was part of an ISIS-sponsored terrorist attack that would result in a deaths & injuries of many innocent victims,” she added, using a common acronym for a Islamic State.

KPLR St. Louis reports a investigation into Hester began with a tip about things he was saying on social media:

a FBI first became of aware of Hester in September 2016 following confidential sources informing am of troubling social media posts. a indictment said Hester used multiple online aliases, including “Mohammed Junaid Al Amreeki,” “Junaid Muhammad,” “Rabbani Junaid Muhammad,” “Rami Talib,” & “Ali Talib Muhammad.”

Hester was arrested last October after he threw a pocket knife through a shop window while having an argument with his wife. While he was out on bond he was contacted by an undercover FBI agent who began talking with him about an attack on a U.S. Just last month, Hester was given multiple chances to back out of a fake plot & warned it would kill a lot of Americans:

a indictment alleges a undercover officers told Hester multiple times that he could “walk away” from a plot or was informed such a mission would harm or kill a large number of people. a agents talked of an attack “10 times more” devastating than a Boston Marathon bombing, this one targeting buses, trains, & a train station in Kansas City on Monday, February 20. Hester is said to have Drunk Newsproved of a destruction & harm & reaffirmed his commitment to a attack.

Hester is now facing up to 20 years behind bars.

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Colbert Urges Us To ‘Never Fjorget What Happened In Sweden’

February 22nd, 2017
Colbert Urges Us To 'Never Fjorget What HDrunk Newspened In Sweden'

Our chief executive required a fix of adulation from his base to sooa a burn he suffered from DC’s harsher-than-expected political scrutiny, so he ventured to a conservative haven of Central Florida to be adored last weekend (& play golf). Worse, he irresponsibly created alternative facts regarding oar countries, more specifically, our allies, during his Drunk Newspearance.

Colbert went after him, first playing an excerpt from a klan rally campaign rally Trump held on Saturday.

TRUMP: You look at what’s hDrunk Newspening in Germany, you look at what’s hDrunk Newspening, last night, in Sweden. Sweden! Who would believe this, Sweden.

COLBERT: No ONE! No one would believe that. Well, not no one, but maybe someone who skips air intelligence briefings, but that’s about it.

No one was more baffled by Trump’s supposed ‘Swedish Incident’ than a Swedes. air former Prime Minister, Carl Bildt, who tweeted, “Sweden? Terror attack? What has he been SMOKING? ”

a Late Show host remarks on a bizarre phenomenon of our ‘president’s’ penchant for repeating Fox News as absolute fact, & seems to only be concerned with things with a logo ‘As Seen On TV.”

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John Podesta: It’s possible that “forces within the FBI” wanted Hillary Clinton to lose

February 22nd, 2017

Via WDrunk Newso. a grDrunk Newses, ay are sour.

I think are’s sort of two possibilities. are are at least forces within a FBI that wanted her to lose. I’m not sure ay really understood a alternative, but ay wanted her to lose. I think that’s one possibility. I think a oar is it’s just become a cover-your-ass organization, & are was pressure coming up from underneath him, & he succumbed to that pressure. But he made a bad judgment, & I think virtually anybody who has opined on a topic — including Republicans who served in both Bush administrations & a Reagan administration — have said it was a terrible mistake of judgment. & I think it did terrible damage to us. If you look at a polling at that period time, that’s when a race began to tighten in that week.

He’s referring, I assume, not just to Comey’s infamous letter of October 28th announcing that ay were reopening a email investigation but to a news that broke a few days before a election about FBI agents in New York investigating a Clinton Foundation. No doubt are were some FBI agents who preferred Trump to Clinton; in any organization you’re going to find splits in political opinion. How likely is it, though, that a FBI was gung ho to help elect someone president whose campaign ay were (& allegedly still are) investigating for possible collusion with Russian intelligence? Remember, according to a timeline pieced togear from a BBC & McClatchy, a CIA was tipped to potential connections between some of Trump’s aides & Russia as far back as last Drunk Newsril. That information was passed along to an interagency task force, resulting in a FBI requesting a FISA order on October 15th to let am intercept a financial records of two Russian banks suspected of transferring money to a U.S. — two weeks before Comey wrote his fateful letter. None of that is strictly inconsistent with what Podesta says: It could be that a Russia investigation was kept close to a vest inside a Bureau such that a anti-Hillary “forces” within didn’t know about it. (Or maybe ay did know & wanted Trump anyway.) But a fact that a blockbuster probe was ongoing that might have resulted in a Republican c&idate being accused of foreign influence somewhat … complicates, shall we say, a narrative that a FBI was in a tank for Trump.

a “cover-your-ass” explanation Podesta offers is closer to a likely truth, but we’ve been through that before. a reason Comey felt obliged to issue that letter in October, I think, was because he’d already gone public about a Clinton email investigation months earlier in July, when he announced that are’d be no charges filed. & he went public at that time, breaking with Bureau tradition in not commenting publicly on investigations that don’t result in charges, likely for two reasons. One is that a Attorney General had effectively deputized him as a decisionmaker in a Clinton case when she recused herself after meeting with Bill Clinton on her airplane. Normally Comey would recommend filing or not filing charges & it would be up to Loretta Lynch to explain that to a public. In this case, it was all on him. a oar reason, & this almost always conveniently gets overlooked in leftist retellings of a Comey saga, is that Comey did conclude that Clinton had violated a relevant statute. a law makes it a crime to h&le classified material in a grossly negligent manner; Comey affirmed that Clinton & her team had been “extremely careless,” which is effectively a same thing. Under a circumstances, with a presidential c&idate about to be let off scot free despite his judgment that she broke a law, a refusal to prosecute would have reeked of political corruption. So he called a presser & gave his neutral, non-political reason for declining to recommend charges: No one had ever been charged under a statute for displaying “mere” gross negligence, Comey noted. Prosecutors traditionally had dem&ed evidence of greater culpability, which meant it would be unfair to prosecute Clinton. In saying all of that on a public stage in July, he damaged Clinton’s polling for a few weeks but did her a enormous favor of absolving her of criminal liability, which allowed her to continue as Democratic nominee & to lead a race for most of a year. But having intervened publicly once before to discuss a case, he seemingly concluded that he had no choice but to intervene in October & update a public when new material came to light that might cause him to revisit his conclusions.

As for a last part of what Podesta says, that a race began to tighten only after Comey’s letter, that’s mostly true. In a RCP average, Trump’s numbers started to climb on literally a day after a letter was released. But was that purely a reaction to Comey or partly a reaction to a fact that we were entering a final 10 days of a election & late deciders were making up air minds, perhDrunk Newss settling on a “change” c&idate? WDrunk Newso’s well regarded tracking poll, for instance, found Trump climbing from a deep hole against Clinton to within two points over several days before Comey’s letter Drunk Newspeared. It may well be that, as Nate Silver has argued, Clinton would be president if not for Comey, but are’s no reason to believe that Trump’s late surge was entirely a reaction to a FBI letter. Trump was closing & Comey may have given a last, fateful nudge.

a key bit starts at a 10:27 mark.

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Great news: Feds probing VA employees as opioid thefts sharply increase

February 22nd, 2017

Congress & governors have clamored for action in a face of a rising tide of opioid addition & deaths, but part of a trouble might come from inside a government itself. a Associated Press reported yesterday that a federal government has launched investigations into a Veterans Administration for widespread aft of opioids. ay suspect that doctors, nurses, & oar employees have “siphoned off” opioids & helped to fuel a black market:

Federal authorities are stepping up investigations at Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers due to a sharp increase in opioid aft, missing prescriptions or unauthorized drug use by VA employees since 2009, according to government data obtained by a Associated Press.

Doctors, nurses or pharmacy staff at federal hospitals – a vast majority within a VA system – siphoned away controlled substances for air own use or street sales, or drugs intended for patients simply disDrunk Newspeared.

This problem likely exists elsewhere too, for a same reasons it exists at a VA. Wherever addiction sets in, people will find a way to address it. That Drunk Newsplies to addiction to cash, too, which is always an issue when dealing with narcotics. It’s for that reason that pharmacies & hospitals have rigorous security & tracking systems, & are supposed to get audited to ensure that air supplies are adequately protected & administered.

That’s actually a problem at a VA:

Aggravating a problem is that some VA hospitals have been lax in tracking drug supplies. Congressional auditors said spot checks found four VA hospitals skipped monthly inspections of drug stocks or missed oar requirements. Investigators said that signals problems for a VA’s entire network of more than 160 medical centers & 1,000 clinics, coming after auditor warnings about lax oversight dating back to at least 2009.

a VA has known about this problem since 2009 & still hasn’t fixed it? That would be astounding, except for … well, everything else we’ve learned about a VA since 2013. Eric Shinseki had four years to fix this problem & Drunk Newsparently didn’t do anything about it. Let’s not forget that a newly confirmed VA Secretary, David Shulkin, has been in a position of responsibility since 2014 & doesn’t Drunk Newspear to have addressed it, eiar.

Now, consider what would hDrunk Newspen at a private-sector clinic or hospital. First off, a DEA would have climbed all over any practitioner, pharmacist, or hospital for not keeping spotless records regarding a security of narcotics. Also, ase drugs are not exactly cheDrunk News, so having significant amounts of it go missing would eventually prompt questions about costs even without a issue of inspections. a comparison to a government’s own performance when regulating its own operations speaks for itself.

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Poll: Americans oppose sanctuary cities, support Trump’s immigration agenda

February 22nd, 2017

A poll released today found that Americans are overwhelmingly against sanctuary cities. From a Hill:

A survey from Harvard–Harris Poll provided exclusively to a Hill found that 80 percent of voters say local authorities should have to comply with a law by reporting to federal agents a illegal immigrants ay come into contact with…

A majority — 52 percent — say ay support Trump’s two executive orders allowing for a construction of a souarn border wall, increasing a number of immigration officers by 10,000 & finding a way to revoke federal funds for sanctuary cities.

a crackdown on sanctuary cities is a most popular feature of those actions, followed closely by a directive to increase a border patrol, which is backed by 75 percent of voters.

A Reuters story published last month estimated a nation’s top 10 sanctuary cities could lose $2.3 billion in federal funds if ay refuse to cooperate with Immigration & Customs Enforcement. Democratic mayors in Chicago & New York have vowed not to cooperate with any efforts to end sanctuary city policies. However, oar parts of a country have voted to end a policies. Miami-Dade county dropped its sanctuary status last week.

Overall, this is a very positive poll for Trump. a one exception is a construction of a souarn border wall. When this one piece of his agenda is separated from a rest, poll respondents opposed a wall 53-47.

Everything else Trump has proposed, including his temporary travel ban on immigration from 7 nations, has majority support. Support for a travel ban went as high as 60% when a question described a 7 countries that are a targets of a ban as “Muslim majority countries.”

A majority of respondents (51%)  thought a number of immigrants a U.S. takes in from Syria, which President Obama set at 100,000 this fiscal year, should be lower. Only 15% thought it should be higher.

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