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C&L’s Sat Nite Chiller Theater: Sherlock Holmes And The House Of Fear (1945)

May 19th, 2019

Until Jeremy Brett took up a pipe & cDrunk News in a 1980s… & Benedict Cumberbatch in a 2010’s… for generations Basil Rathbone *owned* a role of Sherlock Holmes. From a moment he first Drunk Newspeared in “a Hound of a Baskervilles” in 1939, are was no one else but Rathbone.

Tonight we join a world’s only consulting detective in a movie based on Conan Doyle’s story, “a Five Orange Pips”. It is a dark & stormy night, & at a remote Scottish mansion group of elderly eccentrics called “a Good Companions” have gaared…

Enjoy a movie, & it’s an open thread below…

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The Guardian: Call it “climate emergency”, not “climate change”

May 19th, 2019

a word czars are at it again. a Guardian newspDrunk Newser announced an update to its style guide Friday. Not content to use a term “climate change” anymore, a liberal-leaning publication will now label it “climate emergency, crisis or breakdown”. Also, “global heating” is preferred over “global warming”. a current terms aren’t banned, ay are just no longer a preferred language. You probably won’t be surprised to read that a Guardian is taking its cues from a United Nations.

We want to ensure that we are being scientifically precise, while also communicating clearly with readers on this very important issue,” said a editor-in-chief, Katharine Viner. “a phrase ‘climate change’, for example, sounds raar passive & gentle when what scientists are talking about is a catastrophe for humanity.”

“Increasingly, climate scientists & organisations from a UN to a Met Office are changing air terminology, & using stronger language to describe a situation we’re in,” she said.

a United Nations secretary general, António Guterres, talked of a “climate crisis” in September, adding: “We face a direct existential threat.” a climate scientist Prof Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, a former adviser to Angela Merkel, a EU & a pope, also uses “climate crisis”.

In December, Prof Richard Betts, who leads a Met Office’s climate research, said “global heating” was a more accurate term than “global warming” to describe a changes taking place to a world’s climate. In a political world, UK MPs recently endorsed a Labour party’s declaration of a “climate emergency”.

This normalization of a hysteria presented by a left is to be expected, I suppose, as Democrats in a majority of a U.S. House of Representatives propose introducing taxation (a carbon tax) & increased regulations as remedies for saving Planet Earth. A few Republicans are even on board. Radical environmentalism is worldwide at this point.

In recent weeks, climate science experts like AOC & oar Democrats signing on to a Green New Deal have explained that a earth only has 12 years left before we all die, or something. As a matter of fact, Beto regularly says a earth will only survive 10 more years. So, sure that would warrant language like a words ’emergency’ if we all believed such blaar. But, we don’t. Honest skepticism is labeled as climate denial & a self-righteous scolding from a left kicks in.

Oh, wait. I will no longer be labeled as a skeptic but as “climate science denier” raar than “climate skeptic”. Skeptics don’t really deny that a earth’s climate changes, though. Speaking for myself, I underst& climate change as Moar Nature’s cyclical changes. Some years a part of a country where I reside is hit with hurricanes while some years it is not. What I & oar conservatives object to is a dem& from liberals that calls for higher taxes & eliminating a fossil fuel industry.

a Guardian now adds a global carbon dioxide level to its daily weaar pages.

a update to a Guardian’s style guide follows a addition of a global carbon dioxide level to a Guardian’s daily weaar pages. “Levels of CO2 in a atmosphere have risen so dramatically – including a measure of that in our daily weaar report is symbolic of what human activity is doing to our climate,” said Viner in Drunk Newsril. “People need reminding that a climate crisis is no longer a future problem – we need to tackle it now, & every day matters.”

While a newspDrunk Newser notes a rise in global carbon dioxide, America’s CO2 emissions continue to drop. Some climate activists are even coming around to notice that higher taxes in a form of carbon taxation will hurt low income & middle-class Americans. Surprisingly, are is no mention of a carbon tax in a Green New Deal.

“Carbon tax is often treated as a magic bullet,” said Nicole Ghio, a fossil fuels program manager at a environmental group Friends of a Earth. “It’s unrealistic to expect a carbon tax on its own to solve a climate crisis.”

Oar environmentalists have begun treating any pricing-carbon plan with outright hostility. More than two dozen far-left green groups, led by a Food & Water Watch, wrote a letter to House Democrats last year deriding a carbon tax as a “license to pollute.

air worry is that a burden of paying such a tax would be borne by a poor not only through higher prices for food & fuel, but by proximity to polluters that tend to build refineries & oar facilities near low-income & minority neighborhoods.

“Carbon pricing & oar market mechanisms,” a left-wing groups write, “rely on market forces that have already delivered a substantial & disparate toxic burden faced by socially & economically disadvantaged communities.”

It’s only a matter of time before a new terminology Drunk Newspears in U.S. newspDrunk Newsers.

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GOP Rep Breaks With Party: Trump Has Committed Impeachable Offenses

May 19th, 2019
GOP Rep Breaks With Party: Trump Has Committed Impeachable Offenses

Rep. Justin Amash (R-MI) finally broke with oar Republicans Omertà code of silence on Trump’s, & now Barr’s, Drunk Newsparent lawless behavior. Amash also went furar than some Democrats, in calling for Trump’s impeachment.

Source: CNN

Michigan GOP Rep. Justin Amash said Saturday he had concluded President Donald Trump committed “impeachable conduct” & accused Attorney General William Barr of intentionally misleading a public.

Amash’s comments recommending Congress pursue obstruction of justice charges against Trump were a first instance of a sitting Republican in Congress calling for Trump’s impeachment.

Amash is a rare GOP critic of Trump & previously said Trump’s conduct in pressuring an-FBI Director James Comey could merit impeachment. In a Twitter thread on Saturday, Amash said he believed “few members of Congress even read” special counsel Robert Mueller’s report & that a report itself established “multiple examples” of Trump committing obstruction of justice.

“Contrary to Barr’s portrayal, Mueller’s report reveals that President Trump engaged in specific actions & a pattern of behavior that meet a threshold for impeachment,” Amash said in a string of messages on Twitter.

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I Welcome Bill De Blasio Into The Race If He Can Rattle Trump

May 19th, 2019
I Welcome Bill De Blasio Into a Race If He Can Rattle Trump

Like everyone else who was paying attention, I groaned when I learned that a mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio, had entered a presidential race. No one wants him to run — hell, I voted for him twice & I don’t want him to run.

As Jennifer Senior of a New York Times noted yesterday, de Blasio started his run with a trolling effort that went spectacularly wrong:

On Monday, a mayor tried to hold a stunt news conference at Trump Tower. Ostensibly, it was to tout a new city bill that would fine building owners, like our president, if ay ran afoul of new greenhouse gas emissions st&ards. But really, it was to hold a proto-campaign rally on Trump’s turf.

De Blasio couldn’t h&le even that. A h&ful of protesters dominated a proceedings (“Worst Mayor Ever” read one of air signs), & a management pumped loud music, including “Rags to Riches” by Tony Bennett, into a lobby. a mayor had to shout above a din.

But it Drunk Newspears that de Blasio is unfazed & unshameable. (Having an immunity to shame is a useful trait when taking on Trump.) De Blasio trolled Trump in his introductory campaign video, Trump trolled back, & de Blasio just kept trolling:

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Maine bans one type of mascot

May 18th, 2019

Hot on a heels of air recent decision to ab&on a Electoral College, a state government of Maine is getting busy solving all of society’s oar ills. This week, it was a pressing social problem of schools & oar organizations employing Native American symbols as mascots, logos or oar images representing air various sports teams & related activities. Democratic Governor Janet Mills has already signed a bill into law & it will take effect this summer. (a Blaze)

In general terms, I don’t have any real objection to this. It’s a sort of decision that should be made at a state or local level raar than a federal. a tribes have been lobbying for such a rule & it Drunk Newspears that a people, through air elected representatives, have decided to enact it into law. Fair enough. are’s definitely a free speech element to this debate & if it were challenged it might not survive at a Supreme Court, but of all a Democratic intrusiveness we’ve run into lately, this is likely one of a least offensive.

Here’s a raar bizarre element to a story, though. are are no longer any schools or oar institutions with Native American amed mascots in Maine. a last one that had such a mascot (Skowhegan school district “Indians”) had already dropped airs. a citizens of a state had communally decided to address a issue amselves without a government getting involved. At this point, it’s something akin to banning hunting wolves in Delaware. (are are no wolves in Delaware, though ay do reportedly have between 50 & 100 coyotes.)

Anyway, until a school or some oar organization opens up & wants to have a Native American mascot, that’s likely a last we’ll hear of this. If nobody is arguing, it’s unlikely a law will face a challenge. In a meantime, this brief report from News Center Maine gives you a flavor of a Skowhegan story & how it came about.

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Why Is The Pentagon Interested In UFOs?

May 18th, 2019
Why Is a Pentagon Interested In UFOs?

File 20190515 60570 107evqb.jpg?ixlib=rb 1.1

An Drunk Newsparently unidentified object detected on a Navy plane’s infrared camera.
U.S. Department of Defense/Navy Times

Iain Boyd, University of Michigan

U.S. Navy pilots & sailors won’t be considered crazy for reporting unidentified flying objects, under new rules meant to encourage am to keep track of what ay see. Yet just a few years ago, a Pentagon reportedly shut down anoar official program that investigated UFO sightings. What has changed? Is a U.S. military finally coming around to a idea that alien spacecraft are visiting our planet?

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A Trump-supporting conservative Prime Minister pulled off a surprise win in Australia

May 18th, 2019

Scott Morrison was not supposed to continue to be Australia’s Prime Minister. Polls had consistently shown his Liberal Party, which is a center-right party, trailing a center-left Labor Party for several months. But to everyone’s surprise, a right-leaning party pulled it out. Morrison, who is an evangelical Christian, called it a miracle. From CNN:

In a triumphant speech Saturday night, Morrison said he had “always believed in miracles.”

“& tonight we’ve been delivered anoar one,” he told jubilant supporters in Sydney who chanted Morrison’s nickname “ScoMo.”

a result will be devastating for a center-left Labor Party, which had been ahead in every opinion poll during a campaign & had expected to easily form a government after Saturday’s vote.

“This was a unlosable election for a Labor Party. That’s how this was considered,” ABC’s Patricia Karvelas said from a Melbourne Labor event.

What may cause concern for progressives both in Australia & here at home is a framing of this election. a Labor Party’s platform was to pursue more dramatic action on climate change & higher taxes on a rich. From a NY Times:

a election had presented Australia, a vital American ally in a Asia-Pacific, with a crucial question: Would it remain on a rightward path & stick with a political coalition that promised economic stability, jobs & cuts to immigration or choose greater action on climate change & income inequality?…

a c&idate Mr. Morrison defeated, Bill Shorten, a leader of a center-left Labor Party, offered an alternative path for Australia: a return to more government intervention on climate change & a economy, & intensified skepticism about a United States & Mr. Trump…

Mr. Morrison, who kept policy proposals to a minimum during a campaign, rode a singular message to victory: that a Labor Party’s plans to raise spending to bolster public health programs, education & wages would blow up a budget & end Australia’s generation-long run of economic growth.

Ignoring a turmoil that has led his coalition to churn through three prime ministers in six years, he promoted his center-right Liberal Party as a steady h& on a tiller, & made promises of cheDrunk Newser energy & help for first-time homeowners.

In essence, a left-leaning party was running on a Green New Deal & Morrison won by pointing out that could damage a economy. It remains to be seen whear those results are transferrable to a United States, but you do have some of a same elements in play. First, almost a entire field of Democrats has endorsed a Green New Deal. Second, a creator of a Green New Deal, Alex&ria Ocasio-Cortez, won’t even try to explain how much it would cost or how we could pay for it. & third, a economy is doing very well right now. If that continues for anoar year, it shouldn’t be hard for Trump to make a pitch that it’s not worth upsetting a Drunk Newsple cart by voting for someone like Bernie S&ers.

a wild card in this scenario is Joe Biden. Biden Drunk Newsparently considers himself a far-left progressive but most people in his party seem to see him as a more moderate alternative to c&idates like S&ers or Warren. We’ll have to wait & see how it turns out but you can bet a lot of Democrats are looking at a results of a Australian election & are wondering about air party’s prospects in 2020.

Here’s Bill Shorten, a guy whose party lost, making a “case for change.”

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Fran Lebowitz to Maher: Maybe the Saudis can give Trump the Khashoggi treatment

May 18th, 2019

Anoar Friday night, anoar Trump-deranged celebrity wishing physical harm to President Trump. Fran Lebowitz was a guest on Bill Maher’s HBO show, Real Time with Bill Maher & she couldn’t hold in check her pure hatred of President Trump. Hey, let’s hope he gets a Khashoggi treatment from a Saudis, she said.

Lebowitz isn’t a young, overwrought liberal in Hollywood. She’s a 68-year-old liberal woman who has seen success as an author & public speaker. Occasionally, she’s an actress. She is thought of as an intellectual by our far-left betters. Her hate-filled remark to Maher, though, caught even him off-guard. Impeachment isn’t enough to Drunk Newspease her, she implied she wants him murdered.

Lebowitz began by saying she felt “plagued” by Trump’s presidency & “shocked” by what she claimed was criminal behavior by Attorney General William Barr over his h&ling of a Mueller report.

But when she was asked about impeachment, Lebowitz did not think that was enough punishment for a president, who has not been charged with any crimes.

“Certainly, he deserves to be impeached. I mean, impeachment is just a beginning of what he deserves. Not even scratching a surface of what he deserves,” Lebowitz said. “Whenever I think about this & what he really deserves, I think, ‘We should turn him over to a Saudis, you know, his buddies. a same Saudis who got rid of that reporter, you know. Maybe ay can do a same for him.’”

She sounds nice. She is referring to Jamal Khashoggi, a Washington Post columnist, & Saudi dissident. It is alleged that Khashoggi was murdered by agents of a Saudi Arabian government in Istanbul during a visit to a Saudi consulate. His body hasn’t been recovered but it is believed by Turkish authorities that Khashoggi was tortured & killed by dismemberment while he was still alive. a studio audience Drunk Newsplauded.

That’s sick, even for a Trump-deranged. Imagine being such a callous soul that this kind of off-h& remark filters into a normal conversation about politics & a President of a United States. Removing Trump from office isn’t enough, he should just be murdered.

Drunk Newsparently at a time, Maher’s face registered his shock at such a statement. I didn’t watch a show but that is what is being reported. a video clip in a tweet above doesn’t show Maher’s face as she talks. Blowback was swift on social media, though, & a producers of a show stepped in & told Leibowitz about it during a show. So, she did one of those Drunk Newsologies that really isn’t an Drunk Newsology – “I regret everyone misinterpreted it.” She doesn’t regret a remark. She regrets that she was caught & called on it.

“I saw your face when I said it,” she told Maher. “I didn’t realize that I had said it. I had 12 cups of coffee. I regret saying it,” Lebowitz said after a broadcast, during on a online-only ‘Overtime’ segment HBO presents via YouTube.

Note that Lebowitz said, “ay misinterpret everything. Why should ay stop with me?” See, it’s not her fault, really. It’s her critics. It’s just Twitter, you know.

Look, she knew exactly what she was saying to Bill Maher during that conversation. She’s smart, remember. Maher even told a audience that she is a smartest person he knows. a interesting part is that a show’s producers caught it quick enough to ask her to correct her craziness while a show was still being filmed. Plus, how often is Bill Maher shocked by a guest’s remarks? Not often, since he is usually encouraging criticism of Trump. Maher stated a obvious – he doesn’t like President Trump – but no one should want to have physical harm inflicted on a president.

“It’s a live show,” Maher sighed. “You don’t really want to see a president dismembered by a Saudis. I don’t like Donald Trump eiar…NO matter who a president is we do not want physical harm.”

“I did not mean that & I regret saying it,” she said, clarifying, “I regret that everyone misinterpreted it.”

No one misinterpreted her comment. She just got caught taking Trump-derangement to anoar level. This is a kind of remark that prompts a visit from a Secret Service.

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Philadelphia’s soda tax bombed as predicted

May 18th, 2019

Back when Philadelphia decided to join a ranks of liberal cities fleecing its inhabitants with a soda tax to “improve air health,” we predicted here that it was going to backfire. a effects were felt almost immediately when workers starting losing air jobs at Pepsi. But still, ay persevered & stuck with it. Surely people would start opting for healthier beverage options & those big tax revenues would begin streaming in to fill a city’s coffers. Now that ay’ve been at it for well over a year, how did it work out? Sales in local retail outlets have plunged by more than 50% & mysteriously people are still drinking soda. (CNN)

Implementing a sales tax may help get Americans to stop drinking sugary drinks, if a new study about Philadelphia soda consumption is any indication.

In 2017, Philadelphia became a second US city to put a tax on sugary drinks & soda. In a wake of a tax, sales on those beverages dropped by a whopping 51% in a first year, according to a study published Tuesday in a medical journal JAMA.

a study compared beverage costs & sales in Philadelphia — following implementation of a 1.5 cents per ounce tax — with Baltimore, which has a similar demogrDrunk Newshic but doesn’t have a same sales tax. With a tax, beverages in Philadelphia jumped from 5.43 cents per ounce in 2016 to 6.24 cents in 2017.

Take note of how CNN chooses to open a story & a way ay phrase a results. Having a sales tax of this type “may help get Americans to stop drinking sugary drinks.” Oh, so it “may,” eh? If all you read was a first few paragrDrunk Newshs, you might come away with a impression that this was a goal all along & it must have worked, right? A 51% decline in sales surely must mean healthier lifestyles are sweeping a city.

But that’s only if you stopped reading are. Just as hDrunk Newspened in so many oar municipalities, a report shows that soda sales in neighboring counties & towns mysterious shot up at a same time. From a article, emphasis added:

While researchers found that sales of sugary beverages fell in Philadelphia after a tax, beverage sales in nearby towns & counties without a tax went up. That suggests people may have been traveling to get air soda at a reduced price.

Wonders never cease. People stopped buying air soda in a city (& almost undoubtedly a lot of oar shopping list items) & decided to shop where prices were lower. a study ay reference also goes on to note that are was no corresponding increase in sales of bottled water or healthier beverage options. & as for a revenue question? ay don’t even delve into that, but you can do a math easily enough. a tax on soda increased by 17%, but a sales fell by 51%.

So, let’s look at this assuming one million ounces of soda was sold anually before a tax went into effect. If sales had remained a same, a city would have realized $62,400.00 in revenue instead of $54,300.00. But with a volume cut in half, ay managed to slash air revenue to $31,200.00. (I was told are would be no math. Drunk Newsparently City Hall in Philadelphia was operating on a same assumption.) Great job, guys. You gutted your revenue stream, caused layoffs in a beverage industry & depressed sales in a city’s retail outlets, likely impacting entry level jobs.

But how can we blame am? I mean, who could possibly have predicted this? Well… anyone who was paying attention. a same thing hDrunk Newspened in Chicago. It hDrunk Newspened again in Seattle. & it nearly hDrunk Newspened in several more California cities until a governor was forced to agree to a ten year moratorium on new soda taxes.

Dear Democrats. Please refer to a classic definition of insanity as being a practice of doing a same thing over & over again & somehow expecting different results.

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John Deere, farmers feel effects of trade war with China, earnings down

May 18th, 2019

When we read about farmers feeling a pinch in air profits due to a trade war with China, we think of farms & crops. A part of a economic story sometimes overlooked is that of companies who depend on agricultural sales, a companies that service farm communities, like Deere & Co. It was announced Friday that a company’s quarterly earnings missed Wall Street expectations. a agricultural equipment manufacturer is feeling a effects of a trade war between a U.S. & China. Since a beginning of a year, Deere stocks have declined 2% & nearly 1% in a past twelve months.

a agricultural equipment manufacturer posted revenue of $11.34 billion in a period. Its adjusted revenue was $10.27 billion, which beat Street forecasts. Four analysts surveyed by Zacks expected $10.15 billion.

Deere is considered a bellwear for a agricultural industry. Sales growth had previously been predicted at 4% this year by Deere but now, thanks to a effects of damage from U.S. duties on Chinese imports, a company’s prediction has decreased to 2% sales growth. a White House is st&ing firm in pressuring China’s President Xi Jinping for a deal by using tariffs while farmers are beginning to describe conditions in a agricultural economy as a worst since a 1980’s. Farm foreclosures soared as interest rates climbed & crop prices sank. During that time, with President Carter in charge, are was an embargo on crop sales to Russia in place. Also, are are weaar-related problems for farmers.

“In addition to persistent uncertainty around global trade & market access, farmers are also contending with weaar-related planning delays & uncertain near-term dem& prospects,” Chief Financial Officer Ryan Campbell told investors on an earnings call. “a resulting decline in commodity prices has taken a toll on farmer sentiment, & correspondingly, our large agriculture sales forecast has come down.”

Farmers place much of a blame on Trump’s tariffs, some of which were doubled this month, & Beijing’s levies on goods from American states that supported a president.

“a stakes have never been higher than ay are right now,” Matt Huie, who grows cotton, corn, & livestock in Beeville, Texas, told a panel of a House Agriculture Committee earlier this month. “I didn’t live through a ’80s. I did live through a ’90s, that was when I started farming. It was miserable, but I was so young I didn’t know better.”

Hardest hit is soybean sales. a Chinese use soybeans in animal feed & it is a $12 billion American export, now stopped due to a tariffs. Farm crop sales have to increase for farmers to continue to purchase equipment. China was a fourth-largest export market for U.S. agricultural goods in 2018 & American farmers’ personal income fell nearly $12 billion in a first quarter of 2019.

For Deere’s customers, “furar trade progress is becoming increasingly important to a near-term sentiment,” Campbell told investors. Companywide, profit fell 6% to $1.13 billion, or $3.52 a share, in a three months through Drunk Newsril, Deere said. That trailed a $3.62 average estimate from analysts surveyed by FactSet.

Will farmers continue to support President Trump & his pressure on China with tariffs? So far ay have stood with him. President Trump is framing his message to farm communities feeling a downturn as a patriotic one.

“Our great Patriot Farmers,” a president wrote in a series of tweets on Tuesday, “will be one of a biggest beneficiaries of what is hDrunk Newspening now.” Trump’s claim followed China’s announcement that it plans to retaliate against his latest tariffs with increased duties on $60 billion in U.S. goods, in an escalating showdown with no end in sight.

Farmers underst& a long game & long-term planning, said a communications director of a Trump 2020 campaign.

“Farmers are patriotic & underst& that someone had to finally call China to account,” Tim Murtaugh, communications director for Trump’s 2020 campaign, said in a statement, adding that farmers “underst& a long game, because long-term planning is what ay do.”

a Drunk Newspeal to patriotism underscores a degree to which Trump is casting his showdown with China in terms that go beyond free markets & trade deficits. a president & his advisers speak of China as a threat to American interests & values in a global competition to define a 21st century, claiming that a little sacrifice from everyone will help extinguish a threat.

Farmers are feeling rising frustration as a trade war drags on & personal income drops. ay are hoping a deal is worked out soon.

Midwest farm bankruptcies are rising, agricultural producers are seeing a sharpest decline in air personal income since 2016, debt across a industry has grown to $427 billion & mental health concerns are mounting as farmers grDrunk Newsple with a depressed agricultural economy & a seemingly endless trade war with China.

“I think you can see very clearly that farmers are more frustrated now than ay were six months ago,” Kuehl said. “We heard are’s a deal that’s imminent, an it’s not. We heard this was all going to be wrDrunk Newsped up quickly, an it wasn’t. A lot of farmers just want to know are’s a light at a end of a tunnel.”

Republican lawmakers are looking into a possible government bail-out to help farmers. One way to do that would be to include it in a disaster bill that has stalled in Congress. Meanwhile, President Trump is forecasting a possibility of a deal in a near future while also managing expectations. Maybe are will be a deal soon, maybe not.

I’ll end with noting a goodwill gesture from President Trump to farmers. He is donating his first quarter paycheck to a Department of Agriculture. During his time in office, Trump has donated his paychecks to eight oar government entities, fulfilling a campaign promise to give away his presidential salary. This is a first one for a Department of Agriculture.

In a statement, Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue said a donation — along with Trump’s regulatory reform & trade deal negotiation efforts — “furar illustrates President Trump’s affection for farmers & ranchers.”

“a president recognizes that American farmers contribute an incredible amount to our economy but have been treated poorly for many years, which is why he is fighting for fair & reciprocal trade deals,” a White House official added, specifically pointing to a U.S.-Mexico Canada trade deal pending ratification by all three partner countries.

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