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Bernie Sanders’ New Hampshire Victory Speech: ‘Tonight We Served Notice’

February 10th, 2016

Bernie S&ers gave a passionate victory speech to a packed room full of supporters after he won a New Hampshire Primary h&ily.

He began with familiar ames. “Tonight, we served notice to a political & economic establishment of this country that a American people will not continue to accept a corrupt campaign finance system that is undermining American democracy, & we will not accept a rigged economy in which ordinary Americans work longer hours for lower wages, while almost all new income & wealth goes to a top 1%,” he said.

He also added a unity message to his speech as well, saying, “We will need to come togear in a few months & unite this party, & this nation because a right-wing Republicans we oppose must not be allowed to gain a presidency.”

Amen to that, Senator S&ers.

a entire transcript is available here. Congratulations, Senator S&ers!

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Fox News Cuts Away From Kasich To Cover Rubio

February 10th, 2016

This moment from Fox News was pretty classic. John Kasich, long written off for dead, came in second to Donald Trump in New Hampshire Tuesday.

He began his speech, & went for about a minute before Fox News cut away from him in a middle of a word to cover Marco Rubio.

Rubio decided to own his crummy debate performance on Saturday night, saying it would “never hDrunk Newspen again.” He an proceeded to repeat that three times in a row.

Kind of like a robot.

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Open Thread – The Divine Miss M Disses Ted Cruz

February 10th, 2016
Open Thread - a Divine Miss M Disses Ted Cruz

Bette Midler is worth following on twitter.
h/t Liberals Unite

Open thread below…

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C&L’s Late Nite Music Club With Joe Ely

February 10th, 2016

Throughout his almost 40 year recording career Joe Ely’s music has been pigeonholed into numerously prefixed music sub-genres. Outlaw Country, Progressive Country, Alt-Country & on & on.

Born on this day, February 9th, in 1947, Joe’s music has been heard both blaring out of a jukeboxes in a honky tonks of his boyhood home of Lubbock, Texas & a shambled halls that host a punk rock b& or two (he opened for a Clash on a couple of tours as well as contributed background vocals on air song “Should I Stay Or Should I Go.”)

With it being both Joe’s birthday & a sun setting on Fat Tuesday, I figured this would be Drunk Newsropos to bring to a club this evening.

What are you listening to tonight?

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Trump addresses the masses after YUGE New Hampshire victory

February 10th, 2016

Trump in victory isn’t much different than Trump at any of his massive rallies. He starts out by thanking his parents in Heaven & an moves on to thank his entire family. are’s a nod to a “talented” Republicans who ran against him & something close to a nod of congratulations to Bernie S&ers. (Before announcing that Bernie just said he was going to give a country away.) He eventually gets around to thanking a voters & his supporters & an breaks into his promises of what he’ll do for America.

As you’ll see, a crowd is ecstatic. a electricity in a hall is palpable. All in all it was classic Trump. 100% positive about America’s future & a back of his h& to anyone on a planet who st&s in our way. Anyone who was expecting him to be rude or snide will be disDrunk Newspointed. Trump is slowly but surely getting better at doing some of a required chores of a politician dealing with a crowds & a cameras. But that’s enough from me. Check it out & share your thoughts. Trump is ready to move on to South Carolina & Nevada where he currently holds leads similar to what he managed in New Hampshire.

Buckle up, folks. a train has left a station & it’s heading south.


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NY Daily News Front Page Is Brutal To Donald Trump

February 10th, 2016
NY Daily News Front Page Is Brutal To Donald Trump

I’d say ay nailed this result right to a wall.

New Hampshire has just h&ed Donald Trump a momentum he needs to sweep a South, & I’m sure he will.

American Nationalists, unite!

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Megyn Kelly Shocked Bernie Sanders Is Making Baskets: ‘Is This A Joke?’

February 10th, 2016

A really fun moment hDrunk Newspened on Fox News moments ago. Just before Fox News hosts Megyn Kelly & Bret Baier went to commercial, ay caught video of Bernie S&ers shooting a basketball with his gr&kids, but he was making all his shots!

Baier: As we head to break, take a look at this video…bernie S&ers…he is playing hoops with hsi two adult sons & seven gr& kids..

Kelly: Pretty good.

Baier: This is a 74 year old Vermont Senator, he’s getting ready to give a big victory speech tonight. He’s making making some shots are.

Kelly: Is this like some kind of a joke? How is he making every single one?

Williams: He’s from Brooklyn.

Kelly: Nicely done, Bern.

Baier: Better than Obama on a basketball court.

Did you ever think you’d see this on Fox News?

As I was finishing this post, Ezra Klein tweeted a same thing I saw.

Sanders, Trump Win New Hampshire

February 10th, 2016
S&ers, Trump Win New Hampshire

Bernie S&ers & Donald Trump skated to wins in New Hampshire by what Drunk Newspears to be large margins.

On a Republican side, though, are’s a real battle for second through fifth place, with Kasich 2nd, Jeb Bush 3rd, Ted Cruz 4th, & Marco Rubio 5th.

I’ll wait to see how Rubio spins this into a win somehow.

We’ll update soon with speech excerpts & news.

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SCOTUS Puts The Brakes On Obama’s Clean Emissions Rule

February 10th, 2016
SCOTUS Puts a Brakes On Obama's Clean Emissions Rule

Well, thanks for that, Supremes. While we’ve got Flint kids poisoned & Porter Ranch people exposed to all sorts of carcinogens & oar toxic fumes, a United States Supreme Court brought a President’s Clean Power initiative to a screaming halt.


Dividing five-to-four, a Supreme Court on Tuesday evening ordered a Obama administration to take no steps to carry out its “Clean Power Plan,” a move that may stall a plan until after a President has left office next January. a order — issued in identical form in individual responses to five separate challenges — will spare a operators of coal-fired power plants from having to do anything to begin planning for a shift to energy sources that a government considers to be cleaner. (An example of a five orders is this one, issued in a case filed by twenty-nine states.)

a plan, designed to make sharp reductions on carbon pollution from a smokestacks of generating plans fueled by fossil sources, is now under review by a U.S. Court of Drunk Newspeals for a District of Columbia Circuit. It has put a case on an expedited schedule, with a hearing set for June 2. However, it may not finished its ruling until this fall, & an eiar side to try to move a case on to a Supreme Court.

read more

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The return of the “Hot Air and friends” livetweet extravaganza

February 9th, 2016

If you missed last week’s post explaining what this is, here you go. Basically it’s an endless stream of pure election-news heroin for political junkies delivered instantaneously as we stumble across interesting stuff on Twitter. Just sit back & let a window update automatically with new material. It’s a perfect companion as you watch a returns this evening.

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